Lettres de Ben Laden - texte

Lettres de Ben Laden - texte

ben laden mortVoici le texte intégral des lettres de Ben Laden récupérées par les américains après qu’ils l’aient tué.

Ben Laden semblait avoir perdu le pouvoir au sein d’ Al Qaeda et vouloir avec ces lettres garder une sorte de pouvoir moral.

En mai 2010, Ben Laden voulait  faire abattre l'avion de Barack Obama ou du général américain David Petreus au cours d’un voyage en Afghanistan ou au Pakistan.

Pour Ben Laden, Obama est "à la tête des infidèles" et sa mort provoquerait l’arrivée l’arrivée du vice-président Joe Biden à la tête des USA. Ben Laden pense que  "Biden n'est absolument pas préparé à assumer la présidence (...), ce qui conduira les Etats-Unis dans une crise".

Certaines lettres de Ben Laden montrent des débats et des divisions chez d'Al-Qaïda à propos par exemple de la violence incontrôlée du Mouvement des talibans du Pakistan ou les privilèges que s'est arrogé d’ Hakimullah Mehsud.

Dans une autre lettre, Ben Laden rejette une demande des shebab somaliens d’apparaître sous la bannière d'Al-Qaïda, et cela lui vaut les critiques d'un autre chef d'Al-Qaïda, sans doute Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Ben Laden recommandait à AQMI de ne pas tuer les otages français avant les élections et tant que Sarkozy aidait à renverser Kadhafi. Ben Laden pensait aussi que Sarkozy oeuvrait pour les musulmans Clignement d'œil

Les lettres de Ben Laden montrent quelqu’un d’obsédé par les médias.

Texte intégral des lettres de Ben Laden  si bien sûr les américains n’ont pas changé quelques mots (la version arabe est sur http://s3.amazonaws.com/CTCReports/Arabic.zip)

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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Praise be to God, Lord of the universe, and peace and prayers be
upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions
Now then...
To the noble brother, Shaykh Mahmud, may God protect him
Peace be upon you, God’s Mercy and Blessings
I hope you receive this message of mine while you, your family,
children, and all of the brothers are in good health.
- With regard to what you had mentioned in a previous message,
that some brothers may go to Iran as part of a plan to protect
the brother, thus I see that Iran is not suitable. Also, when
choosing the areas where the brothers will be inside Pakistan
it’s necessary to take into consideration that they are not
areas that encountered floods or may encounter them in the
- With regard to the brothers coming from Iran, thus I see, at
this stage, that they be at safe locations outside the areas
being attacked.
- Regarding what’s related to Pakistan, thus I didn’t take a
look at the report you mentioned. However, the opinion in
general is to be concerned with calming things down and focusing
efforts on the Americans.
- With regard to what pertains to appointing the brothers in the
administrative positions, thus I see that they pledge an
allegiance that would include some points, which would protect
the work and its secrets. Therefore, I hope that you all
deliberate concerning the matter and inform me of your opinion,
and amongst the proposed points, for example:
1- Listening, obedience, and Jihad so as to bring back the
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2- Protect operational secrets.
3- Protect the work he is going to be responsible for, and
provide advice to the leadership.
- Regarding what brother Basir mentioned relating to Anwar al-
‘Awlaqi, it would be excellent if you inform him, on my behalf
in a private message to him, to remain in his position where he
is qualified and capable of running the matter in Yemen.
Therefore, he shall continue, by the blessings of God, as he has
the characteristics that makes him capable of that.
Additionally, the presence of some of the characteristics by our
brother Anwar al-‘Awlaqi is a good thing, in order to serve
Jihad, and how excellent would it be if he gives us a chance to
be introduced to him more.
- Also, I hope that he be informed of us still needing more
information from the battlefield in Yemen, so that it is
feasible for us, with the help of God, to make the most
appropriate decision to either escalate or calm down. And with
regard to informing us of the situations by them, thus I hope
that brother Basir writes me his vision in detail about the
situations and also asks brother Anwar al-‘Awlaqi to write his
vision in detail in a separate message, as well as brother Abu-
Sufyan Sa’id al-Shahri, to send his vision in detail and
How excellent would it be if you ask brother Basir to send us
the resume, in detail and lengthy, of brother Anwar al-‘Awlaqi,
as well as the facts he relied on when recommending him, while
informing him that his recommendation is considered. However, we
would like to be reassured more. For example, we here become
reassured of the people when they go to the line and get
examined there.
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Also, I hope that brother Basir be informed that the media
appearance is his task, and in general, they should reduce the
appearance during this period unless necessary, and if necessity
calls for one of the brothers to issue a speech, thus Basir
should review it before it’s broadcasted in the media. It shall
be pointed out, whereas you didn’t point out, that the speech of
brother Sa’id al-Shahri that was issued about the apprehension
of one of the sisters in Saudi was not appropriate at the time.
With regard to what you mentioned in a previous message,
regarding your opinion to reduce the correspondence, thus we are
concerned with the security aspect, yet I have a tape for the
nation that includes instigation of the people of Iraq and
preaching to the Awakenings to return to the Mujahidin. I am
going to send it, God willing, the next time, thus you can
arrange with the courier to have the card that’s going to
contain this statement delivered to the media section directly,
and if a necessary matter develops, we are going to attach to
you a message that will be sent to you by the media section.
- Attached with this message is a visual statement to the
American people that I hope a copy of it be given to the
International Al Jazeera and the Arab Al Jazeera. I also hope
for it to be translated (voice over) to English and to be
delivered to the Al Jazeera channel prior to the anniversary of
9/11, to be broadcasted during it. Also, two copies of it are
attached, one of which is recorded and the other written.
- We sent you, along with the messages that preceded this, a
statement regarding the floods of Pakistan. Its broadcasting to
media was delayed, thus perhaps it’s for a good reason. However,
in any case, I had attached the content of this card to this
- Note: Please broadcast the flood statement before the American
People statement, as the American People statement to be during
the anniversary of 9/11.
- Attached is a message from my son Khalid to brother ‘Abd-al-
Latif, and a message to the brothers in the media section.
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In conclusion, I ask God, the Glorified and Almighty, to protect
you and to make you successful towards what He loves and is
satisfied with, and the last of our prayers is praise be to God,
Lord of the Universe, and peace and prayers be upon our Prophet
Muhammad, his family, and all of his companions.
Peace be upon you, God’s Mercy and Blessings
17 Ramadan 1431 Hijri (TN: 27 August 2010)
(TN: End of translation)

Full Translation begins:
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In the name of God the merciful the compassionate
1- Evaluating the material of the speech and the benefit of the
Shaykh's appearance in the present stage:
As for the material of the speech, it is fine and not specified
on the midterm elections, but is good for publishing in any
time, God knows best. But I have a warning about what was
mentioned of a statement by (a previous president of yours) who
is the person? If what is meant is what was referred to
(Benjamin Franklin), who was mentioned by Shaykh Ayman in one of
his statements, we should remind that (Benjamin Franklin) was
not a president, but a "statesman" and one of the founders of
the United States and its Constitution. I have not heard about
what is quoted from him, but from Shaykh Ayman. I do not know
the source of the story, or its popularity amongst the
Americans. But such a mistake may be used to slander the Shaykh,
and accuse him of talking about something he does not master
(politics). The evidence is his mixing between the presidents
and non-presidents. Although plenty of the Americans may also
think that (Franklin) a president, because of his picture on the
currency that usually carries the photos of the presidents. But
this mistake is not usually committed by those talking in
politics, analyzing and discussing. It is a common mistake among
general people and not between specialists.
All of this, if the one desired is –"the previous president"
(Benjamin Franklin). If another person was intended, then there
is no need for my previous words.
As for the benefit of exposing the Shaykh at this stage, we
should look at this matter from all angles. We should also
consider the following points:
- Irrespective of the passing of the mid-term elections, the
timing now is very suitable for the Shaykh to show with this
speech. This is because all the political talk in America is
about the economy, forgetting or ignoring the war and its role
in weakening the economy. Just as what a Pakistani journalist
residing in America has said, that the press conference held by
Obama after the midterm elections, all the questions were on the
bad economy, and the means to get out of the crisis.
Nevertheless not one of the journalists dared to embarrass Obama
by questioning him about the influence on the American budget
and the national economy of spending the billions yearly on the
two wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.
- It is all right if the Shaykh appeared now, then appeared in
the 10th anniversary of the attacks of Manhattan and Washington.
Every exposure of him, as long as it is not daily or semiweekly,
should have an influence. The repetition of his
exposure, irrespective of the vicious campaign that is waged
against al-Qa'ida, everywhere, is by itself something that
attracts attention.
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- We should not forget that there are millions of admirers of
the Shaykh in the Islamic world, who are eager for his
appearance to ensure his health and that he is well. Those
should be targeted in our speeches and messages, before the
Americans and Europeans, who do not listen to or evaluate what
is being said.
- We should also not forget the Mujahidin brothers in the
fronts, who are passing through crucial times and facing
disaster after disaster. They also will be happy to see the
Shaykh again; his appearance will raise their morale with the
help of God. I would think that it is suitable for the Shaykh to
address a video speech to the Mujahidin in all the arenas,
consoling, urging them to endure, confirming their steps and
guiding them. The message that he sent when Shaykh Sa'id -may
God bless his soul- was strong and influential, so may God
reward him well. Many people do not read, and even if they read,
they are more influenced by visuals.
The bottom line, since there is no security precaution from
having a video appearance, and there is no error or something in
the speech which may need reconsideration, and as long as the
Shaykh is satisfied to publish it after the elections -being
silent is a sign of acceptance– I see that it is produced with
no hesitation or delay, and God knows best.
2- The Issue of preparing for the Tenth Anniversary, and how it
will be marketed in the Media, and How to Exploit the Media in
As far as the American channel that could be used to deliver our
messages, whether on the tenth anniversary or before or after,
in my personal opinion there are no distinct differences between
the channels from the standpoint of professionalism and
neutrality. It is all as the Shaykh has stated (close to
professionalism and neutrality) it has not and will not reach
the perfect professionalism and neutrality, only if God wants
From the professional point of view, they are all on one levelexcept
(Fox News) channel which falls into the abyss as you
know, and lacks neutrality too.
As for the neutrality of CNN in English, it seems to be in
cooperation with the government more than the others (except Fox
News of course). Its Arabic version brings good and detailed
reports about al-Sahab releases, with a lot of quotations from
the original text. That means they copy directly from the
releases or its gist. It is not like what other channels and
sites do, copying from news agencies like Reuters, AP and
I used to think that MSNBC channel may be good and neutral a
bit, but is has lately fired two of the most famous journalists
–Keith Olberman and Octavia Nasser the Lebanese – because they
released some statements that were open for argument (The
Lebanese had praised a Shia Imam Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah after
his death and called him "One of the marvels of Hizballah" it
seems she is a Shia.)
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CBS channel was mentioned by the Shaykh, I see that it is like
the other channels, but it has a famous program (60 Minutes)
that has some popularity and a good reputation for its long
broadcasting time. Only God knows the reality, as I am not
really in a position to do so.
ABC channel is all right; actually it could be one of the best
channels, as far as we are concerned. It is interested in al-
Qa'ida issues, particularly the journalist Brian Ross, who is
specialized in terrorism. The channel is still proud for its
interview with the Shaykh. It also broadcasted excerpts from a
speech of mine on the fourth anniversary, it also published most
of that text on its site on the internet.
In conclusion, we can say that there is no single channel that
we could rely on for our messages. I may ignore them, and even
the channel that broadcast them, probably it would distort them
somehow. This is accomplished by bringing analysts and experts
that would interpret its meaning in the way they want it to be.
Or they may ignore the message and conduct a smearing of the
individuals, to the end of the list of what you know about their
cunning methods.
But if the display -in the next anniversary for example- of a
special type, like a special interview with Shaykh Usama or
Shaykh Ayman, and with questions chosen by the channel, and with
a good camera, we might find a channel that would accept its
broadcasting. But they would accept this time, so as to get an
exclusive press scoop: The first press interview of Shaykh Usama
or Shaykh Ayman since 10 years ago! Particularly if the Shaykh
is the one to be interviewed. This is because of the scarcity of
his appearance during the last nine years. Because of the poor
photographic quality of the last two releases –I do not know the
photo quality this time- this led those believers in conspiracy
theory to speculate if the person was the Shaykh, and you may
have seen the program (Ben Ladin, alive or dead?) that was
broadcast by Al Jazeera.
Accordingly, a high quality speech (HD) may receive some
interest by some channels in the tenth anniversary. If the
quality of the new Shaykh's speech is high, relative to the two
previous speeches, you may think to compress it or take some
measures to decrease the quality, to be similar to the previous
ones, and I am talking seriously.
In general, and no matter what material we send, I suggest that
we should distribute it to more than one channel, so that there
will be healthy competition between the channels in broadcasting
the material, so that no other channel takes the lead. It should
be sent for example to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN and maybe PBS and
VOA. As for Fox News, let her die in her anger. That is if there
was no agreement with a specific channel to publish a specific
material, or conduct an interview, or the like.
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As for the second method, which I suggest, it is close to what
the Shaykh mentioned of communicating with 'Abd-al-Bari Atwan
and Robert Fisk. I suggest that we send the material-or
materials-to a group of writers and professional or independent
journalists, who have shown interest in al-Qa'ida issues, from
different countries. In Britain, the two journalists Atwan and
Fisk, and probably others, in America Brian Russ, Simon Hirsh
and Jerry Van Dyke and others, in Canada Eric Margolis and
Gwynne Dyer. In Europe, the Norwegian journalist who spent some
time with the students in Kroner and released a film that was
condemned in the West because he shows that the students are
humans that have families and children and that they laugh and
eat as the rest of the people. In Pakistan, Hamid Mir and Salim
Safi, the owner of the program (Jerga) at Geo channel, also
Rahimullah Yusuf Zia and Jamal Ismail, and at Al Jazeera …. (Put
their names here if they exist). In Egypt, Dr. Muhammad 'Abbas
and others, in Jordan Dr. Karam Hijazi, in Yemen 'Abd-al-Ilah
Haydar Sha'i -if he is released by the government and is still
concerned with al-Qa'ida issues, and so on. It would be good if
we send it to 30-50 of those journalists and writers. We would
inform each that he has been chosen to be amongst a group of
international journalists and writers, and that they will
receive special media material on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
It will be favorable if the message sent to them also includes
what was mentioned by the Shaykh, of reasons that call them to
be interested in this material and to cooperate in publishing
its mission for the world, plus other convincing arguments.
There would be a password and a site address to download the
materials at the right time, let it be 5 days before the
anniversary, for example. This is easy -as I think- on our
brothers working in the networking.
Suppose that one-third of those corresponded with are
interested, then we would have 10 international journalists that
will display our mission in the newspapers and channels.
If the experiment works, then I suggest to repeat it on every
important occasion, and any instant we want to increase the
number of those informed about some message or statement.
To rely only on Al Jazeera and the Jihadi forums on the internet
is not useful. Al Jazeera channel, now seems to put requirements
like other channels and agencies and papers to cover al-Qa'ida
announcements. Namely to include a threat or to claim
responsibility for an act. As for the messages of diplomatic
tone, like the two Shaykh's messages about the flooding, is not
suitable for publication in their media, as this face of al-
Qa'ida should not be exposed to people.
As for the Jihadi forums, it is repulsive to most of the
Muslims, or closed to them. It also distorts the face of al-
Qa'ida, due to what you know of bigotry, the sharp tone that
characterizes most of the participants in these forums. It is
also biased towards (Salafists) and not any Salafist, but the
Jihadi Salafist, which is just one trend of the Muslims trends.
The Jihad Salafist is a small trend within a small trend.
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By the way, Dr. Muhammad al-Misa'ri has excellent comments on
Jihadi forums, although his forum (al-Tajdid) is not any better,
actually worse as it seems to me. Al-Misa'ri was also correct in
his analysis about Iraq, in comparison with other Jihadi arenas.
To end the suspicion I would say: Whoever read my comments on
the Dr.'s book knows that I said something similar to what he
mentioned about the forums and the Islamic State of Iraq. All of
that before the al-Misa'ri announcement that he issued after the
killing of the State Emirs. My comments on the Dr.'s book were
two months earlier, so I did not stem my thoughts from al-
Misa'ri at all. But, there was some agreement on opinions –only
on these two issues. (As for the other issues, like his
definition of unification, some Fiqh theses, his exaggerated
stiffness with Shia, those adhering to the buried, rejuvenators
of myths and pagan appearances, not at all).
I would like to emphasize that I was at ease with declaring the
State for a long time. I was not at ease with al-Zarqawi's -may
God bless his soul- moves, which he took in the name of al-
Qa'ida. All of this is known to the Shaykhs Ayman, 'Atiyah and
Ubayd (Munir). My stand is not a new one, but I followed the
official stand of the organization, being afraid not to create a
seduction, and because I used to accuse my own opinion. This is
to note now, although I have accepted my own stand, I do not
discuss this topic except with the scholars like you and
sometimes with my brothers at al-Sahab. After all, it is but a
set of advice and opinions, I wish you give it some
consideration and discuss it, may God lead you and me to the
right opinions. I am not biased in my opinion, neither do I ally
with or differ from accordingly. If there was some sharpness in
introducing the matter, it is the style that I am used to in
conversation and in writing. I am, however, trying to make my
style more flexible and less sharp, and help is from God.
3- Showing the Fairness of our Case to the Whole World and the
European Peoples in Particular and the Obstacles placed in front
of that:
The virtuous Shaykh has talked about the importance of exposing
the justness of our case to the world and the Europeans in
particular, and that is when talking about the preparation for
the tenth anniversary to Manhattan battle. The Shaykh has
emphasized that context –as concerned the Europeans- in previous
messages and statements.
I was -in response to those directives, and after consulting
brother Ubayd- starting to prepare a message to the Irish, and I
started searching for the information and materials necessary
for that to be collected. This was after I noticed the sympathy
of the Irish people to the Palestinian issue, and the soft
treatment by the Irish Judicial system of the Muslims accused of
terrorism, and also not participating with its troops in Bush's
Crusade wars (although it is participating within the European
Union forces in training the Somali army). Also, what helped to
prepare the message was the last economic crisis that affected
Ireland a lot, thus forcing its youth to look for sources of
living in the outside. The other matter is the increasing anger
in Ireland towards the Catholic Church
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after exposing a number of sex scandals and others. The people
there are moving towards secularism, after it was the most
religious of atheist Europe, and why do not we face them with
Also I was thinking of preparing an Arabic message to the
Christians of the Arab region, calling them to Islam, and to
caution them from cooperating with invader enemies of Islam who
oppose the Islamic State. They should welcome the Islamic
advance, as did their forefathers when the Muslims liberated
Jerusalem during the time of 'Umar Ibn al-Khattab – May God be
satisfied with him.
Then the attack on the Catholic Church in Baghdad took place,
launched by the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq that
we support, which is –if we like it or not– known to people as
(al-Qa'ida in Iraq). This attack halted me, and I thought twice
about my two project messages. As actions are more effective
than words, their act and the contacts they carried during the
attack, and the statement they issued later, do not help to gain
people's sympathy. This attack came days after the declaration
by the Catholics of the Middle East, of their disagreement with
Israel in a way that made the Jews and their allies angry, the
Catholics refusing to utilize the Bible to justify the
occupation and seizing of Palestine.
Also the Catholics were historically the prominent enemies of
the Jews, amongst the other Christians. They were also the
original enemies to the Evangelist Protestant who were the
vanguard of the Crusades. Their public in general, these days,
is more sympathetic and understanding of the Muslims, than other
Protestant and Orthodox Christians. I do not eliminate the
animosity, and do not say that if they had the chance they would
not fight Muslims as did the Anglo-Saxon Protestants. I also do
not deny the animosity of the Pope and other church heads to
Islam and Muslims – why not, Islam is the biggest threat for the
continuity of their power, particularly in Europe. I do not deny
that they send missionaries here and there, asking Muslims to
apostasy. But I am talking about the public and present
situation, and the size of animosity, and the size of the
missionary activities. We cannot compare their efforts against
Islam to the efforts of the Evangelist Protestants or the
efforts of the Coptic Church and other spiteful Orthodox.
Even in Bosnia, we saw the Catholic Croats standing next to the
Muslims against the Orthodox Serb. I have seen lately, in a
report about Venezuela, a picture of a wall, with (Islam is the
heritage of all) written on it.
The conclusion is that, in general, the Catholics are a fertile
ground for call of God and to persuade them about the just case
of the Mujahidin, particularly after the rage expanding against
the mother church (Vatican) as a result of its scandals and
policies refused by many of its public.
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But the attacks on the Christians in Iraq, like the Baghdad
attack and what took place earlier in Mosul and others, does not
help us to convey the message. Even if the ones we are talking
to have some grudge against the mother church, they will not
grasp in general the targeting of their public, women, children
and men in their church during Mass.
From the strangest matters of this case, and what was reported
by the media, was the threat of the attackers to kill the
hostages and start an all out war against Christians in Iraq and
the region unless the Coptic church (Orthodox) released Wafa
Qastantin and Kamelia Shihata that are detained in one of its
Monasteries. It is well known, to whoever has any knowledge of
the Christians and their factions, that there are no ties
between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches. There is
historical animosity between the factions, as each side
considers the other an innovator. Because we are living in the
age of peaceful coexistence and dialogue exchange, they would be
spilling each other's blood, as they used to do in the past.
To make the analogy: this operation -from the Christians point
of view at least- as if an armed group belonging to a given sect
have assaulted a Sunni mosque in al-Fallujah –not the Awakenings
mosque- but a regular mosque-they captured the praying audience
and threatened to kill them and rage an overall war on the
Sunnah in Iraq, if the rejectionists Shia would release Sunni
prisoners in the Husayniyahs (TN: Shia prayer rooms) of Sadr
city in Baghdad or the visiting sites of (The Iranian city of
Qum) Does this satisfy any sane person? Were we going to
understand the motives that armed group or who is behind it, or
who is allying with it?
Is it not, this policy of (Islamic State of Iraq) is exactly the
Bush policy that rebuffed Europe and the wise men of the world.
Bush said (either with us or with the terrorists) and did not
leave a space for neutrality. Here this group in Iraq is telling
the Christians (Either with us or with al-Maliki government and
no space for neutrality. Either you pay the "Jizya" (TN:
nonbeliever tax) to our fictitious state that cannot defend
itself, and has no chance of defending you, or we will destroy
your goods). Is this is the justice that we are talking about,
and that the Shaykh talks about in his statements and messages?
Where is the proof that the Christians of Iraq have stood with
the government or the Americans as a sect? In my opinion –and I
could be mistaken- the issue has no relation to the cooperation
between the weak and marginalized Christian groups with the
government or the Americans. But it has a relation that the
(state) group who believes the authenticity of their fictitious
State and are biased to what was stated by 'Umar al-Baghdadi. He
claims that the Iraqi Christians should sign another contract
according to the rules of the Islamic State and pay the "Jizya"…
Against what? Nothing.
It is irrelevant to rely on the statements of the scholars (the
root in the blood of the infidels is the resolution unless a
pledge or safety or Islam). This is out of place and outside the
discussion. We are here talking about the interest and the
priorities not about the roots of the issue.
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How beautiful what Shaykh Usama mentioned lately -when talking
about a media speech- that the strong statements that were
mentioned by the ancestors were said during days of dignity and
control, and therefore it is not fitting to the era of
vulnerability. And I say: so are some of the rulings of the
scholars concerning Jihad, as they were released when Islam was
strong, mighty and defensible. So it cannot be implemented on
the days of weakness like our present days. (I mean here what
was mentioned by some –for example- favoring or stating the
necessity of demolishing churches and burning the devious
religious books and things like that that may not fit our
today's Jihad. Because the nature of our fight differs from
theirs, and we have different priorities, defending against the
assailant for example, while the scholars were talking about the
demanding Jihad, etc…)
Praise to God, where is the stand of the Islamic State of Iraq
on Christians, from the stand of Shaykh Usama in his speech (The
Solution) three years ago? Where is their stand from the message
of Shaykh Ayman's address to the Copts in -as I think- the book
of acquittal - ? ( I reviewed the book and found it actually in
chapter 14 under "notes on what is mentioned in the tenth
series" and I recommend that it be read, as it shows the extent
of violation of the stand of (Fictitious Iraqi Caliphate) to the
stand of the two Shaykhs Ayman and Usama). Where does this stand
go, from the flexible stand of Shaykh 'Abdallah Azzam, from the
Christians in the Arab lands (look at the interpretation of "al-
Tawba Surah" and the resistance he encountered from the
attending youth)? Where does their stand go from the position of
Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who refuses the idea of
detonating the churches - caution: Just exploding a church, even
if it was empty, how about if it is full of people?
Strange -I swear- the conflict between the statements of our
leaders and scholars, and the acts of those allied with them -or
you may say: those claiming to follow them!
In summary, a position must be taken on these behaviors and not
well studied or well understood stands by groups of Muslims
before the infidels. The position of the leaders and the
organization must be clearly defined.
I do not see any obstacle or bad act if al-Qa'ida organization
declares its discontent with this behavior and other behaviors
being carried out by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq,
without an order from al-Qa'ida and without consultation. I see
that this is done immediately or lately, favorably sooner. I see
that the organization should declare the cutoff of its
organizational ties with that organization (TN: Islamic State of
Iraq). The relations between al-Qa'ida organization and (the
state) have been practically cut off for a number of years. The
decision to declare the State was taken without consultation
from al-Qa'ida leadership. Their improvised decision has caused
a split in the Mujahidin ranks and their supporters inside and
outside Iraq. What is left between al-Qa'ida organization and
(the State), but the link of faith and Islam, which urges us to
submit advise and apply the rule of propagating virtue and
preventing vice, and the support of good deeds.
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This is the only solution facing al-Qa'ida organization,
otherwise its reputation will be damaged more and more as a
result of the acts and statements of this group, which is
labeled under our organization (the blessed with God's will).
And among the repulsive issues -and certainly forbidden- the
targeting of mosques with explosives and others- as what is
happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan and sometimes in Iraq. We
still need to clarify our justified issue to the Muslims before
we clarify it to the Europeans (look at the next chapter for
more on this topic)
I have read a new article by Robert Fisk expressing his reaction
–and other people's reaction- to the attack on the church in
Baghdad, and allow me to translate to you the most important
parts and gist the rest:
The title of the article: The West makes it easier for al-Qa'ida
to attack… November 6 2010
The speed with which the Baghdad church massacre by al-Qa'ida
has frightened the peoples of the Middle East is a sign of just
how fragile the earth is beneath their feet. Unlike our western
television news, Al Jazeera and al-Arabiya show the whole horror
of such carnage. Arms, legs, beheaded torsos, leave no doubt of
what they mean. Every Christian in the region understood what
this attack meant. Indeed, given the sectarian nature of the
assaults on Shia Iraqis, I am beginning to wonder whether al-
Qa'ida itself –far from being the center of world terror, as we
imagine– must be one of the most sectarian organizations ever
invented. I suspect that there is not just one al-Qa'ida but
several, feeding off the injustices of the region, a blood
transfusion which the West (and I am including the Israelis)
here feeds into its body. (That is as if Fisk is comparing these
strange injustices to blood transfusion, just as a blood
transfusion revitalizes the sick or wounded, the same token
these tyrannies did not rejuvenate al-Qa'ida).
In fact, I am wondering if our governments do not need this
terror - to make us frightened, very frightened, to make us obey
to bring more security to our little lives. And I am wondering
whether those same governments will ever wake up to the fact
that our actions in the Middle East are what is endangering our
security. Lord Blair of Isfahan always denied this -(Fisk in
that sense compares Blair to the representatives of the old
empire, during the Iraqi invasion Fisk used to say "Lord Blair"
the owner of "Kut al-Amara." Now as the winds of war are
directed towards Iran, he is calling Blair as "Lord Blair Sahib
Isfahan")- even when the 7/7 suicide bomber carefully explained
in his posthumous video that Iraq was one of the reasons
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he committed the slaughter in London -and Bush always denied itand
Sarkozy will deny it if al-Qa'ida fulfills its latest threat
to attack France.
Now, as for al-Qa'ida, it is "All Christians" in the Middle East
who are to be the targets as well, scattering these threats like
cluster bombs around the region, up to two million of Egypt's
Coptic community have to be protected at the two week Luxor
religious festival. This is surrounded by hundreds of state
security police, after the al-Qa'ida claim that that two Muslim
women are being held against their will by the Coptic Church.
That may have originated with a decision by the two women to
divorce their husbands -by conversion to Islam- thus to end
their marriage, since the church in Egypt does not allow
(Then Fisk talked on the problems evolving between the Sunnah
and Shia in Lebanon, after the demand by Hizballah group to the
government to reject the results of the international
investigation concerning al-Hariri assassination. Then they
discussed the acceleration of problems between Muslims and
Christians in Lebanon, after the desecration of a Christian
grave in Jiya, in southern Beirut. He also mentioned the
statements of passionate Shia and Christians concerning the
attack on the church in Baghdad).
The West does not have the necessary force to help the
frightened Christians. The acts of faith-based politicians –the
Christian faith- have brought about a new Christian tragedy in
the Middle East.
(Then he mentioned a belief of the Americans that he met in the
state of California that Christianity was a Western religion,
rather than an eastern. Al-Qa'ida denied its responsibility for
grave desecration in Lebanon, because of its triviality. But al-
Qa'ida has a presence in Lebanon, as was stated by Bashar al-
Assad, the Shia Iranian and Hizballah ally, which makes him an
enemy to the organization of Bin Ladin. Then he mentioned a
statement to al-Hayat newspaper by Bashar, where he said):
"We are talking about al-Qa'ida as if it has a presence as a
strong and unified organization. This is not true, but it is
present as an intellectual trend calling itself al-Qa'ida. This
organization is the result of a situation and not a cause. It is
due to anarchy and weak development, it is the result of
political mistakes that represent some kind of political
heading. To say that this organization is present everywhere, in
Syria and all the Arab and Islamic states, that does not mean it
is widespread nor does it have popularity."
But al-Assad cannot acquit his regime nor the regimes of other
Arab states, whose security regulates all the political meetings
other those conducted by the state representatives. This forced
the Muslims, beginning a long time ago, to talk politics in the
only institution that they visit,
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namely the mosque. The supreme irony this week has been to hear
our lords and masters praising the helpfulness of the Wahhabi
regime in Saudi Arabia for alerting the West to the aircraft
package bombs, when it was this same Saudi Arabia that nurtured
Usama Bin Ladin and his merry men over many years. (This is a
reference to the legend of Robin Hood, and its hero, who
disobeyed the British king during the Crusades and started to
block the roads. He was famous for stealing from the rich and
distributing it to the poor, and his gang was called "The Merry
Because the Middle Eastern dictators also like to scare their
populations (as if he wants to say that Saudi Arabia created al-
Qa'ida to frighten its people) Egypt's poor are disgusted by
their ruling elite. But that elite wants to ensure that there
are no Islamic revolutions in Cairo. And the West wants to
ensure that there are no Islamic revolutions in Cairo, or Libya,
or Algeria, or Syria, or Saudi Arabia, and you name the rest.
The immediate problem is that al-Qa'ida is trying to undermine
these regimes, as well as the West. (They mean al-Qa'ida). So
they lump Iraq itself –whether it is a democracy is a bit
irrelevant when it does not have a government, and is too busy
executing its old Ba'athist enemies to protect its own people–
along with the country's Christians and its Shia. And we are
continuing to stage drone attacks on Pakistan and bomb the
innocent in Afghanistan and tolerate the torture regimes of the
Arab world. And to allow Israel to steal more land from the
Palestinians. I am afraid that it is the same old story. Justice
will bring peace, not intelligence wars against "world terror,"
but still our leaders will not admit this.
AH The Article
4- It has Become Unbearable and the Avalanche have arrived: The
Tragedy of Tolerating the Spilling of Blood, Resources and
Honor, and our Duty towards this Dangerous Phenomenon
The series of targeting the mosques and public places, by some
who were referred to as the Mujahidin, is continuing and at its
highest strength those days. So that the claims are not vacant,
I will review some of the terrible events that I know, and what
I did not know was graver.
(Page 12 of 21)
- The detonation of a mosque near the village of Sharsada during
the Eid prayers, in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Aftab Ahmad
Khan Shirbow; instead, more than fifty of the village commoners
were killed, and that attack was ordered by Baitullah Mahsud.
- Detonation of a mosque in Khyber area, in an attempt to kill
(Haji Namdar) the head of the Organization for Propagation of
Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and an individual from the
students of (Wazir) tribe. He was not killed, but instead 15 of
the people who were in the mosque were killed. It was ordered by
Baitullah Mahsud. Haji Namdar was killed, after a number of
months, by bullets targeted him while he was in a meeting.
- The detonation of another mosque during Friday prayers, in
(Jamrud) area near Peshawar. More than fifty were killed in the
explosion and scores were injured. The mosque was close to a
barracks for government soldiers, and some of them were among
the ones killed, but the mosque is open to all. It is attended
by the regional people and the travelers, because of its
proximity to the main road.
- Numerous explosions in all the areas, targeting the invaders
soldiers or the soldiers of the agent's army or police officers,
or small government employees, or employees of private companies
with government contracts, on places most crowded with
pedestrians, residents and shoppers, without a reason to
justify. It would have been possible to attack them in a more
accurate manner, or attack them outside the markets and away
from the residential areas and crowded streets.
- An explosion at the celebration of doctors graduating in the
Somali capital, for the sake of killing 3 government ministers;
they were killed with a huge number of the graduates. The
Shabaab movement has denied their involvement in the operation,
and God knows best.
- Explosion on a public playground in the city of (Liki Marwat)
in Sarhad governorate –then- and 100 people were killed who were
attending the ballgame. The reason for targeting the playground
was the presence of a few individuals who belong to the
(Lashkar) or what is known as a (Peace Committee) that was
formed there. It was not proven that this committee has targeted
the Mujahidin even once. And now after this sinful operation, no
bearded person could enter the area without being investigated
for being a member of the Taliban. It was said that the person
responsible is a Taliban leader in Northern Waziristan, and his
name could be (Badr Mansur).
- Explosions at the checkpoints and control points in a number
of areas in an illegal way. These target the points at the peak
hours with the presence of cars and pedestrians. They could have
been targeted at other times, where the traffic is slow. There
is another issue; the suicide bomber could be heading to carry
an operation in another location, but he is intercepted at the
point or trying to search his car or his body, then he would
immediately explode himself not caring what could happen of
killings and injuries to the people around him. He should have
been supplied with a firearm to fight with until he died
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or he may have used it to get the people away from him before
exploding the bomb in a random way. I do not know who ordered
that, or gave a fatwa about its legality?
-Explosion in a restaurant at the town of (Jandula) in southern
Waziristan, in a failed attempt to kill (Turkistan Batani) and
members of (Qara Zayn al-Din) allied with him. Only two were
killed from the security guards of Turkistan and the rest
(around 10 dead) were from the general public who were inside
and outside the restaurant, from the tribes of Mahsud and
-Explosion in a market in the tribal Mohmand area, three months
ago, targeting a tribal (Jirga). The targeters thought that it
would take place inside the place, but it took place in another
place as a precaution. The number of killed was more than 100,
all or most of them shoppers that had nothing to do with the
movement. The Taliban movement claimed the operation as stated
by Ihsanallah Ihsan, who expressed sorrow for the fall of dead
among the public, and we thank him for his frankness, at least.
-The operation of exploding the Islamic University in Islam
Abad, where a number of female and male students were killed. It
was claimed by (Qari Husayn Mahmud).
-The targeting of the main mosque in Talaqan town, in the
Pakistani governorate Takhar. The cause of the explosion was to
kill the mayor (Wali) of Kunduz governorate (Engineer Muhammad
'Umar) and he was actually killed with thirty others of the
praying public.
-The explosion of the mosque of (Mawlawi Nur Muhammad) at Wana
in southern Waziristan tribal area, at the middle of Ramadan.
Al-Mawlawi was killed with about 30 of those studying the Qur'an
at the mosque. The Uzbek group was blamed, and the group of
(Hakimallah Mas'ud), for the responsibility of the attack.
-Lastly -but not least- the attack on the mosque in Dir Adam
Khel during Friday prayers, which resulted in 70 dead and scores
of injured. The one responsible -as it was said- is the so
called (Tariq Afridi) and the target was either one of the
tribal Shaykhs in opposition to (Emir al-Mu'minin Tariq Afridi)
or Talabani group members opposed to (Tariq Afridi) group who
were praying at the mosque. As there is a long record feud
between them, in assassinations and kidnappings. The group of
Tariq Afridi claimed that attack. The opposing faction is headed
by (Mu'min Afridi) and they said he is in good relations with
students of Wazir tribe and that he resides in Waziristan. All
these details were taken from the newspapers and I am not 100%
sure about the accuracy. But from what I know about the black
reputation of Pakistani Taliban, I am confident of what was
stated, particularly as these information verify each other.
They were stated by journalists aware of the Taliban affairs,
like (Rahimullah Yusuf Zia) and God know best. On the evening of
the same day, attackers threw a bomb inside a mosque on the
outskirts of Peshawar during
(Page 14 of 21)
the evening prayers. The target was one of the tribal Shaykhs
who opposed the Taliban, or the family of one of the policemen.
Five were killed, between them the imam of the Afghani mosque,
and many were injured.
Note: Tariq 'Azam and Wali al-Rahman Mahsud contacted the
newspapers one day after the attack on Dera 'Azam Khel, and
insisted on denying any responsibility for Taliban Pakistan
Movement from the act. They accused Blackwater Company to be
behind the incident. They claimed that the telephone calls that
were conducted with the journalists under the name of Tariq
Afridi were forged. What is funny is that Tariq Afridi, the man
accused of the operation, did not contact the journalists to
defend himself. Maybe his telephone was not working or there was
some problem with his number, or maybe he is more cautious than
Wali al-Rahman in using the phone. It should be mentioned that,
when calling the newspapers, 'Azam Tariq denied any relation
between Taliban Pakistan Movement and Faisal Shahzad, who tried
to blast Times Square in New York. Then there was a film
broadcast by ('Umar Studio) the media branch of Tahrik Taliban
Pakistan! So who would believe the statements of 'Azam Tariq
after that?
I would like to point out that (Umma Studio), I think a media
branch for the Uzbeks, have produced a film where they pledged
with all rudeness to explode the mosques, as revenge for the
attack on the Red Mosque, and to bombard other mosques at the
tribal areas. In that film there were training and battles at
Dir Adam Khel, Kohut, Ur Kazay and Mohmand and others. They also
threatened to kill journalists, and showed a photo of a
correspondent for Al Jazeera English, where the reporter was
denying the responsibility of Taliban movement for the market
explosions, while others were blaming the Taliban. But this
stand of his did not help him much with those sinners.
I conclude these statements, with two stories that show the
dangers of the situation and the ignorance that prevails amongst
the ranks:
First story: A year ago or more, a discussion took place between
me and one of the youth, from the sons of the Arab immigrants,
about these explosions that are taking place in the mosques of
Pakistan. I mentioned to him that this is not acceptable and
that the leaders of the organization and the students of science
do not see the mosques explosions and ask the people to stop it.
Even if the mosque is in a military or government compound, and
that they have issued statements about that. Even Shaykh 'Isa -
may God release him- I have heard him saying that he does not
agree on detonating Shia mosques in Pakistan, although he
considers them infidels, according to Pakistani scholars.
(Of course there are exceptions, as Shaykh 'Isa was planning to
attack the highest leaders of the military and government during
the Eid prayers, and it was conveyed to me that al-Qa'ida
brothers have attacked the military mosque in Rawalpindi. That
mosque requires –different from other government mosques- a
membership card to enter) The young man did not accept my story,
and replied that most -or maybe- all mosques now are mosques of
evil full of informers, spies and government employees and they
have no mercy on them, in accordance to a statement by Sayyid
Qutb in his interpretation of
(Page 15 of 21)
"In the Shadow of the Qur'an" and that talk was stated to him by
his father. I told him: fine, if you see that they are mosques
of evil, tear them down, but do not explode them when the
praying people are inside them. The discussion was ended and I
did not know if he was convinced or not.
Imagine; a young man ready to detonate a mosque with what it
includes, based on a generalization of what was stated by Sayyid
Qutb, may God bless his soul.
The second story:
A group went to Kurum tribal area to fight the army, and they
met with the local Taliban. They made an ambush for the enemy on
one of the main streets. The army patrol was delayed. One of the
people present asked (if the army did not come, what would we
do), the leader of the Taliban group said (let us attack the
Shia) the one asking replied (and if the Shia do not come), the
leader replied (let us attack the hypocrites) meaning the
general public and the passersby. The head of the outside group
was angered and disputed him, the local leader was embarrassed
and stated that he was joking. The head of the outside group
replied (how would you joke like that in front of your soldiers
and members?) This was conveyed to me by the brother who was
heading the outside group.
-Thereafter: this is a drop from a flood, and a little from
plenty, as I have tried to concentrate on events that I am sure
are true, according to Mujahidin and who are allied to them, or
whom I thought they were so. Otherwise the list is quite long;
also, I did not talk about events related to robbery, kidnapping
and other crimes committed by those corruptors.
It is known that taking over of mosques and spilling the
innocent, was known through history to be associated with the
worst groups and individuals, like al-Khawarij, al-Qaramitah,
al-Hajjaj Bin Yusuf, the Crusaders, the Mongols and Tamerlane
the national hero of Uzbekistan (although he is not from
Uzbekistan, but it seems that they liked his toughness and
brutality) then the Jews and the rejectionists. Then in this
period, the Americans, the Arab and foreign tyrants, like the
kings of Hejaz and Najd, Syria's rulers, and the Pakistani ruler
Pervez Musharraf. Now who are famous for such acts that are
counted on the side of the Mujahidin, like Hamas Movement and
Taliban Movement in Pakistan and Afghanistan?
I have no doubt that what is happening to the Jihadi movement in
these countries is not misfortune, but punishment by God on us
because of our sins and injustices, or because the sins of some
of us and the silence of the rest of us. I do not see that my
statement is an exaggeration and intimidation, as the Qur'anic
verses, the Hadith and the scholar's statements are plenty, and
there is no need to state them. Some were stated by Shaykh Abu
Yahya within his document (al-Rabiyun and the March of Victory),
and I have mentioned some of it in a draft of a statement I have
prepared on the subject, and will state it here afterwards, with
God's will.
You may say: (but we have denied those who have committed these
trespasses, and are still denying it and we guided them to the
right path at every instance and in all occasions). I would say
to them: yes, I know that, and you have done well, as some of
the information that I have mentioned about the detonations at
the mosques came to me originally from some scholars who
conveyed to me some of their experiences in advice and
counseling (which had faced failure, unfortunately, in most
cases, because of the narrowness of the visions of those spoken
to, their small minds, and the inclination of their hearts to
brutality, ruthlessness, excess and intolerance to the
statements of men and their banners).
I would say: You have done well, in what you have done in
efforts in this matter, but allow me to state my humble opinion
in the style that you are following in your denial. It seems to
me that this style does not rise to the level of the repudiated
acts and does not suit its type. You are sticking to secrecy in
your denial and advice, and see in that a prevailing interest,
and that pronouncing the denial is harmful,
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as it causes a break in the ranks, or an exposure of our weak
spots to the enemy to exploit it, and other arguments that may
have some consideration chances.
As for the possibility of breaking ranks, it is that: just a
possibility, and the fact that those conducting those acts,
maybe it is better for them not to be in the ranks of the
Mujahidin, as they are just like a polluted spot that should be
removed and sanitized and cleared from the ranks.
As for exposing our weak spots in front of our enemies to
exploit it, these attacks are –I swear– a greater shame and more
horrible weak points, and it has been exploited by the enemies
to a great extent. It has been exploited to distort the picture
of the pious and loyal Mujahidin. Now many regular people are
looking at the Mujahidin as a group that does not hesitate to
take people's money by falsehood, detonating mosques, spilling
the bloods of scores of people in the way to kill one or two who
were labeled as enemies. While they shy away from listening to
music or looking at a foreign woman – while those issues means
very little to the common public, who see it as trivial issues.
They are not, but no comparison to the sins that we are talking
about. From that juncture, the Shaykhs and sermon speakers
described the Mujahidin on their forums and life on the air that
they are free people of the era-or the (Qaramitah of the time).
They were able to persuade many Muslims of what they are
claiming. The blame –or most of it– is laid on our shoulders. We
contributed to that by not clarifying our stand on those
forbidden acts in a sufficient way. We also contributed to the
continuation of the perpetrators in their acts, by deferring the
accusation from the contributors and blaming Blackwater Company
I have learned that Shaykh Abu 'Abd-al-Rahman 'Atiyatallah –may
God save him- has mentioned in his draft fatwa about the markets
detonations last year, the possibility of having those acts
committed by some Jihadi groups. He stressed those with
aggressive rotten attitudes, however he deleted that paragraph
before publishing the fatwa, upon the advice of some brothers –
may God guide them.
Those who advised him to delete that part, they argued that we
should not admit that such acts were committed from within our
ranks: that means we have to impose a media silence! And this is
a mistake from many aspects: The matter is religious and a fatwa
and an order for virtue and a prevention of vice, and not a
simple (organizational secret) of the type that we may impose a
media silence on. Hiding the right, and delaying its details
when in need, has strong religious implications, as is well
known. Now that the matter is exposed known to all, near and
far, our silence will lead to be despised by people and
despising ourselves, as we look in front of all as "Mute
Satans." We see the forbidden committed, and make no move, or
look like compromisers, praising the killers while they are
alive, and condole them when dead, and count them as good doers,
irrespective of what we know about them of immorality. We look
in the best of cases as inattentive who are not aware of what is
happening around us.
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Going back to the issue of our attitude in denial and adoption
of secrecy, I would say: we are now facing a declared repudiated
act, announced being committed on the people with no shyness or
shame. It has engulfed the ranks like fire. The known repudiated
act is judged differently from that of which no one is aware
except the one committing it. The last type works on the
secrecy, and not to announce it -with some exceptions- while the
first type is where the denial is in the open. This benefits the
others who would be willing or planning to do it or imitate the
one doing it. And for other reasons, this disclosure of denial
is what we ignored here. This made our denial incomplete and not
qualifying to its basics, and God knows best.
At least, we should take our Prophet (PBUH) when he said: Oh my
God, I disengage myself from what Khalid did, three times. He
announced that until it reached us 14 centuries later, think
about it.
Remark: What is basically required is not calling the actors one
by one and to slander their personality that we might not know;
what is required is to deny the act and to rather carry a
renunciation, loving the actor for what it has in virtues and
hating him for what he has of vices and deviating from the path
of the Shari'ah. It would be required, in some instances, to
caution the actors openly and caution people from then. It is as
if this person or that organization became famous by committing
atrocities, by the public and the private circles (and what he
is famous for was true and proven) and if these acts were
repeated by him and he did not confirm by advice or warning.
I may add here that what is required in announcing the denial -
particularly at this stage– is the inability of the scholars for
a secret and direct denial. This is because of the bad security
situations, and what it requires in taking precaution from
meeting people and staying in the abyss of the house and so on.
This is in addition to what I have mentioned of our occasional
ignorance of those responsible for those crimes.
Building on what was said, and as a first step in that
direction, and for the sake of correcting the path and repenting
what has happened, and to call for victory and relieve the
affliction that is encountering us, I have prepared this paper.
I hope that God would help the scholars to study and review and
correct, or record similar statements - copying here is desired
for documentation and influencing the receiving side. They
should remember the words dispersed here and there, as those
embedded in the books and the speeches are not enough to explain
the problem. What we need is direct speeches, defined and
specialized on that subject.
This is the suggested text:
(Page 18 of 21)
Acquittal and Warning
In the name of God the merciful the compassionate
God almighty has stated: "And fight those who are fighting you
and do not be aggressive as God does not like the aggressors "
Qa'ida al-Jihad Organization has denounced, more than once, and
on the tongue of its Emirs and scholars and symbols and those
who speak in favor, any armed operation that targets the Muslims
in the places of their gathering, and any operation that does
not account for the sanctity of their blood, souls, bodies,
belongings or money. This acquittal includes the explosive
operations that takes place in the center of markets, streets,
restaurants, hotels that are packed with Muslims. It also
includes, as a first principal, the detonation of mosques on the
heads of the innocent praying public, shattering their bodies.
Associated with that is exposing the Qur'an and the religious
books to indignation and destruction.
The acquittal of the organization was not just an empty mediadriven
step, but the organization was and still is giving advice
after advice to those who commit those acts, directly and
through its special channels. By denying them those horrible
acts and guiding them to the right path, hoping to correct the
path and stop the repetition of what happened. These efforts
gave fruit in a few instances, and some people have returned to
the straight path. But there are some who insist on following a
wrong method and a distorted jurisprudence, for the sake of
taking revenge from whoever wronged him or let him down or stood
with his enemy, even if this revenge is carried out at the
expense of innocent Muslims. This spirit of blind revenge and
pre-Islamic (TN: religiously ignorant) intolerance is not from
the manners of the Mujahidin, who are loyal and honest in their
Here we are, announcing it again in the open: We denounce any
operation carried out by a Jihadi group that does not consider
the sanctity of Muslims and their blood and money. We refuse to
attribute these crimes to Qa'ida al-Jihad Organization. If it is
to be proven that those responsible for it are connected with
the organization, the organization will take the appropriate
measures towards them. This position and the judgment is not to
be changed if the act is carried out in the name of Jihad or
under the banner of establishing Shari'ah and the legal
measures, or under the name of promoting virtue and preventing
vice. As long as it is forbidden in God's religion, we are
disassociated with it. It is not acceptable to consider these
personal crimes as a pretext to deny the duty of the compulsory
Jihad duty, as a mistake does not justify a bigger mistake. We
warn those responsible for those crimes, of disgrace in this
lifetime and painful torture in the other. The consequences of
injustice are grave, and injustice is the darkness of the Day of
Injustice is one of the reasons behind defeat and
disappointment, and the befallen miseries and sedition by the
general public Muslims and the Mujahidin, as God has stated:
(And fear tumult or oppression, which affected noting particular
(only) those of you who do wrong and know that God is strict in
punishment.) For those who insist on this criminal and pre-
Islamic behavior should know that he is doomed to the same
destiny that faced leaderships and groups and other trends in
various arenas, after they shed the blood of Muslims, in bias to
their group, doctrines and banners, by arguments that were
weaker than the spider's web.
The Prophet (PBUH) has said (who left the obedience, and left
the group and died, his death is a pre-Islamic death. Who fought
under a blind banner, biased to a group or supports a group, and
then dies, his death is pre-Islamic. Who diverted from my nation
striking the good and the evil, and does not avoid the faithful,
and does not honor a pledge, he is not from me and I am not from
him) as narrated by Muslim.
(Page 19 of 21)
I am surprised from that one allows himself or others to
detonate a mosque full of praying individuals, or any other
place where Muslims gather, just for the sake of killing one of
the individuals present in that location. My surprise increases
when this takes place in areas famous in manufacturing various
firearms, where it is sold cheaply and could be easily
purchased. If that targeted person really deserves to be killed,
why not employ another method rather than the random attacks,
which is not tolerated by any mind or religion. Which does not
differentiate between and enemy and a friend, the child and the
old man, the man and the woman and the Muslim and the infidel?
Have you not remembered that you are fighting in the Muslim
towns and not in the infidel's fortresses?
And if you say that this barbaric style is known in your tribal
traditions, or your people's traditions, or tolerated by your
Shaykh or Emir, we would say: It is not allowed in our Islam,
and down with these traditions and opinions. A fight that is not
guided by the Shari'ah rules is not honored. If the fight
adheres to the tribal traditions and human opinions that violate
the Shari'ah, whose ruling is no different from the
constitutions and manmade laws, we should repudiate from and
those rules should not be followed.
My Mujahid brother: He who is satisfied with those acts, or who
orders them, or conducts them, is either an ignorant that needs
education, or an agent planted amongst the ranks for the benefit
of the enemies of the Mujahidin.
It is our hope that those in charge of those criminal acts that
distort the Jihad and the Mujahidin only represents a gang of a
few marginalized individuals. But we remind all about their duty
in propagating virtue and preventing vice, and punishing the
tyrant. As the Messenger of God (PBUH) said: (I swear by the one
whose soul is in his hands, you would order the virtue and deny
the vice, or God would send you a punishment from him, then you
would pray and he would not respond to you) narrated by al-
Tirmithi and streamlined by al-Albani.
Or as he said, peace and prayers be upon (If the people saw the
tyrant and they did not stop him, God would impose on them his
As stated by him, peace and prayers be upon him (Support your
brother if he is a tyrant or if he is under a tyrant. They said:
Messenger of God we would support who is under tyranny, but how
about the tyrant? He replied: by preventing him from being a
And therefore, every Muslim or Mujahid, if he knows about an
individual or leader from the leaders -even if he was his Emirwith
the intent of such banned and tyrant acts, which are
totally forbidden, he should advise him. If the person did not
yield to his or other people's advice, he should report him. But
not to the police of the idolater or his army or his security
forces, as these are a bigger injustice and a horrible mistake
and a criminal act. But to one whose knowledge and faith from
the Emirs of Mujahidin and their scholars he trusts to take the
suitable action against the perpetrators. This is in
implementation of the statement of God almighty: (O ye who
believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even
as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin).
(Page 20 of 21)
It is also banned on the Mujahid to obey his Emir in disobeying
God, as stated by prayers by God be upon him (No obedience in a
God's disobedience, obedience is only in doing favors). If the
Muslim is ordered in a matter that violates the Shari'ah, he
should not obey his Emir, even if his Emir was the drawn sword
of God Khalid Ibn al-Walid –may God be satisfied with– (TN: a
prominent army general in the early Islamic days). So how about
when the one issuing the order is in a lower status? If he is
mixed up about the order, and if it amongst the allowed or
forbidden acts, and he was unable to consult a scholar, he
should consult his heart, and to take care of his religion and
his other life. He should remember that the original judgment on
the Muslims souls, money and honor, the extreme forbidders. And
that their blood is never allowed to be spilled, nor money taken
or dishonor, or hurt him or branding him as an infidel, except
upon a legal proof clearer than the sun in the middle of the
God stated: (If a man kills a believer intentionally, his
recompense is Hell, to abide therein (Forever): And the wrath
and the curse of God are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is
prepared for him. O ye who believe! When ye go abroad in the
cause of God, investigate carefully, and say not to anyone who
offers you a salutation: "Thou art none of a believer!" Coveting
the perishable goods of this life: with God are profits and
spoils abundant. Even thus were ye yourselves before, till God
conferred on you His favors: Therefore carefully investigate.
For God is well aware of all that ye do( .The Women Surah 93-94.
The Prophet (PBUH) stated: (The believer is within the realm of
his religion as long as he did not target forbidden blood)
narrated by al-Bukhari.
The Prophet (PBUH) stated: (The Muslim is who the Muslims are
safe from his tongue and hand, and al-Muhajir is he who left
whatever God has forbidden).
Finally, I remind my Mujahidin brothers that conducting the duty
of Jihad and battle, and even dying for the sake of God, does
not make us safe from the anger of God, if we spoil our Jihad by
big sins and we did not seek repentance before it was too late.
As a good example of that, the story of the group of people who
were branded by the Qur'an for ridiculing God's verses, as they
went out with Muslims in Tabuk battle. Another example is the
story of the man who was killed in one of the Prophet's battles
(PBUH). People said (he is a martyr), the Prophet (PBUH) denied
him as a martyr saying: No, I have seen him in a robe in hell.
Then the Prophet (PBUH) said: To 'Umar Ibn al-Khattab: 'Umar go
and call on the people: Heaven is only entered by the believers.
'Umar said: I went out and called: That heaven is only entered
by believers. Narrated by Muslim.
So, not every martyr in this world is a martyr in the Day of
Judgment. Also, not all guilt is forgiven for the martyr of the
second life. From the guilt that is not forgiven is the debt of
money. As the Prophet (PBUH) said in the Hadith that was
narrated by Muslim in his Correct book: (The martyr is forgiven
of every guilt except the debt). Imam al-Nawawi –may God bless
his soul-have said: (In his statement of May God pray and greet
him (except the debt) is a notice on all the human rights. The
Jihad and martyrdom and other good deeds do not eliminate the
rights of the humans, but the rights of God violations are
forgiven). If the individual is martyred and there were a few
dinars of loan, he will be denied heaven until the debt is paid
–as stated in some reporting. Now how about he who has killed
scores or even hundreds of Muslim souls that he killed in
absolute injustice? He is more eligible to be denied the heaven.
(Page 21 of 21)
So let us take the initiative for repentance of our sins, the
smallest to the biggest, with increased pleading for pardon and
prayers, calling for God's victory and deferring his anger and
punishment, almighty. We should avoid any wrongdoings of all
types, and give justice to whom deserve it, before a coming day,
where money and sons do not help except those who face God with
a sound heart.
Our last request is to thank God, the Lord of Heavens, and may
God pray on Muhammad and his kindred and his followers.
AH The Declaration.
If you are satisfied with this declaration, I suggest that it be
reviewed by the wise men of Taliban Movements in both Pakistan
and Afghanistan and the groups in other arenas. This declaration
could be the beginning of a wider campaign in this context.
Brother 'Ubayd had a good idea, and I add my voice to his, and
that is to place at the end of every tape – which is sent
presently from "Saladin Grandsons" and whatever – that it should
contain in the future, programmed and Fiqh directives,
cautioning from the common errors in Jihad. We would incorporate
in it –for example- some Qur'anic Surah and Hadith that I have
quoted in the suggested declaration like: (You the believers if
you strike for the sake of God, make sure and do not say to
those greeting you that you are not believers) or (The believer
is within the realm of his religion as long as he did not target
a forbidden blood) or (The Muslim is who the Muslims are safe
from his tongue and hand, and al-Muhajir is he who left whatever
God has forbidden) or similar Hadith. Ahead of it we place (The
Mujahid Brother: remember the statement of God almighty…) or (To
the Mujahid: remember the statement of the Messenger of God
(PBUH)). We may place, instead of the Surah and Hadith, advice
from us, like: No to detonating mosques and markets) or
(spilling the denied blood and confiscating the stolen money is
a tyranny, and aggression causes God's anger and delays victory)
and so on.
There are other mistakes that may be confronted as much as
possible, that I may discuss in another paper.
Finally, let us thank God the Lord of the heavens, you God we
thank you and give witness that there is no God but God but you
and we ask for your forgiveness.

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In the Name of God…
To Most Generous Brother Mukhtar Abu al-Zubayr (var. al-Zoubair)
I hope that you receive this letter from me while you are fine
and well with all the brothers and followers…
We received your generous letter and I was happy reading what
this letter contained about most jihad groups having united to
join you; also about certain issues which occurred, of which you
debated two important issues: 1) the issue of declaring the
“country” (meaning the Islamic emirate); and 2) the issue of
unity with the brothers within the declaration of the “country.”
I see that there should be a practical working emirate on the
ground but without declaring it in the media or confirming it in
any paperwork, in order to avoid these documents leaking out to
the enemies – should it happen for any reason.
This is my opinion, but you are there on the ground and you see
all realities; whatever you see and witness live, the absent
does not see. Therefore, you would balance out between the pros
and cons on the issue of declaring or not declaring the
establishment of the emirate; or you may balance things out on
your side – as I see it – to make the declaration under the name
of the Islamic Emirate of Somalia, with its named emir to be the
Emir of the Islamic Emirate of Somalia.
Now, in relation to the issue of unity, I see that this
obligation should be carried out legitimately and through
unannounced secret messaging, by spreading this matter among the
people of Somalia, without any official declaration by any
officers on our
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side or your side, that the unity has taken place. But there
remains the situation of the brothers on your side and their
talking about their relationship with al-Qa'ida, if asked. It
would be better for them to say that there is a relationship
with al-Qa'ida which is simply a brotherly Islamic connection
and nothing more, which would neither deny nor prove.
And for the above matter, there are two reasons:
The first: If the matter becomes declared and out in the open,
it would have the enemies escalate their anger and mobilize
against you; this is what happened to the brothers in Iraq or
Algeria. It is true that the enemies will find out inevitably;
this matter cannot be hidden, especially when people go around
and spread this news. However, an official declaration remains
to be the master for all proof. Also, there will be fields open
to those who would like to provide rescue assistance to Muslims
in Somalia, to deny this reality which is not based on
definitive evidences. Therefore, such would minimize the
restraints on Muslims in the region of the emirate and likewise
on the emirate proper.
The second: The matter is that some Muslims in Somalia are
suffering from immense poverty and malnutrition, because of the
continuity of wars in their country; I have a determined plan of
action, using one of my sermons to press the merchants in the
countries of the Arabian Peninsula to support pro-active and
important developmental projects which are not expensive; we
happened to have tried these in Sudan. Therefore, by not having
the mujahidin openly allied with al-Qa'ida, it would strengthen
those merchants who are willing to help the brothers in Somalia,
and would keep people with the mujahidin.
The above are some of my viewpoints about what you proposed in
your loving letter, including the other issues which you had,
which Shaykh Mahmud („Atiyah) will answer you about.
And before closing: we pursue your news and victories through
the media; May God reward you blessings for all your efforts and
your jihad.
Regarding your strike against the African Forces, you must
review it enough to minimize the (damages) on Muslims from their
onerous attacks against Bakarah Market.
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Maybe your operations against them (TN: African Forces) could be
during their arrival to or departure from the airport and
without conducting your operational attacks against their
headquarters unless those operations were large or through
underground tunnels helping you reach the heart of the camp; and
with time, an external attack. Anyway, we hope that you review
this matter and may God empower and bless you with accuracy
against your target.
In closing: I press upon you as much as I press upon myself to
remain devout, patient, and persistent in upholding the high
moral values which were upheld by an “Emir of reconciliation”
toward his community, which is, with God's help, the dream of
the Emir in his pardon, his justice, his patience, his good
treatment of them, and his refusal to burden them with what they
cannot not handle.
I would like you to pass on my greetings to all those
respectable mujahidin brothers on your side for whom we pray to
God the Almighty to render them victorious against their enemies
and to protect them from the wickedness of traitors.
Our last supplications go to God, the Lord of the Universe, with
prayers and peace unto our Prophet Muhammad, all his lineage and
Peace to you and the mercy and blessings of God
Your Brother Zamaray
Friday August 7 2010
Attached is a book (titled) “Niqat al-„Irtikaz” (Fundamental
(TN: End of Letter)

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Praise God, He who promised and fulfilled, promised and forgave,
and peace and prayer be upon the gentleman of the honorable, his
perfect honored family and companions……
Honorable brother/ Azmarai, may God preserve you
Peace, mercy of God and His blessing be upon you. I hope that
you and those with you are in the best of condition. And may God
gather us on what is pleasing and satisfying to Him ,from glory
of the world and winning of the hereafter…
Furthermore, these are some thoughts that I am adding to the
letter which I previously had sent to you, last 12 of Dhul Al-
Hijja (TN: No year given, most recent would be 19 November
Concerning our friend’s letter (NFI) addressed to you; here is
what I think. It is that those brothers might have sent the
letter out of fear, too concerned about inflating the size and
the growth of Al-Qa'ida, with God’s blessing and strength. In
addition, they think that bearing the burden of this huge body
is overburdening, confining their energy, and exposing them to
problems with many other parties. Especially, they desire and
wish to walk toward development and construction. Therefore,
they are satisfied with keeping those who resort to them and not
exceeding that. I am afraid that this kind of perception, if
that is reality, will lead them to exercising pressure on us to
not to say so-and-so, or disassociate from so-and-so, denounce
your connections with so-and-so, or deny your ties with so-andso….
etc. Thus, I see it to be very essential for Al-Qa’ida to
confirm and declare its linkage with its branches, in order to
become a reported fact, there is no use in denying it.
Therefore, please reconsider your opinion not to declare the
accession of the brothers of Somalia so as not to be pressured
later on to announce our disassociation with them or with
others…..And God is the conciliator to all the best…..
There is another issue, which I would like you to look into
carefully; it is concerning controlling the affairs in general,
membership and the affiliation in particular. There is no secret
to you that, in the past, there were a lot of advantages and
faults. However, what I would like to emphasize in this letter
is the issue of individuals, those who pledge allegiance, and
the affiliates. Therefore, from the last experience it showed
that there were considerable variation between people and those
individuals who pledged the allegiance. The problem is that Al-
Qa’ida has become a broad field; each can enter, (TN: unclear
possibly, sufficient) to declare his allegiance, does not wait
to see whether he was accepted or not, even though the pledge is
a contract between contractors.
In the last period, great figures with high quality have
emerged, and also some figures have emerged did not benefit any
groups by their affiliation, yet some kind of bragging and
boasting appeared by joining Al-Qa’ida. And, the formulation of
specific titles have been published by their owners in the
network of information. This is a member of so-and-so, and that
one is in charge of so-and-so, and this is straying from Al-
Qa’ida familiarity. Moreover, if it comes from godly
individuals, then it will have some positive impact deep inside.
So what do you think if it comes from those individuals who are
not on the appropriate levels?
In addition, in the last period, some figures have emerged
collecting money in the name of Al-Qa’ida, and play at that… and
I think you might have heard about the brothers of “Al-Zayat”
(NFI) in general, some of them have abused the money to varying
degrees. Anyways, the important thing, honorable sir, is that
the issue needs to be controlled, to know who is member of Al-
Qa’ida, what his function is, what side he follows, what is the
way to impeach him, so as not to increase the friends of desire
and greed and seclude those friends of religion and morals. And
if the shortfall had sneaked upon the first generation, despite
being near to the vow during the prophecy period, don’t you
think it will sneak upon us?
Things were stable until our master 'Uthman (TN: Third Caliph) –
may God be pleased with him – started bringing his close
relatives to power, and the sedition that followed his death may
God be pleased with him, lasted what God wanted for it to last.
Then, when Muslims had recovered and things started settling
down during the year of the “Group”; our master “Mu’awiyah”
marched them in a satisfactory way, until he started seeking to
extract the succession of the nation in order to attribute it to
his son. Then the sedition of Husayn, may God be pleased with
him, followed by the sedition of Zubayr’s son, may God be
pleased with them both. Then sedition became widespread, the
effect of which still exists to this day.
Anyway honorable sir, the intention is that it is predictable,
with God’s permission and blessing, achieving victory is near,
and it follows the overflow of individuals, groups and their
haste to pledge the allegiance. Therefore, starting from now
please think about controlling the matter with a system that
deals with people, each according to his religion, piety and
contribution. And, governing the people with Shari'ah, which
brings those who are moral and righteous closer to each other.
Those who have groups established, nations, and whom victory
descends upon, they fend off people of ambition and prejudice.
God help us for all the best.
A final personal request, which is, I am asking you to pray for
me, and my family for health in my religion, the world, and good
In conclusion, I am asking God to assume you in His care,
preserve you, us, and all Muslims from all harm…
And I entrust you in God, Whose deposits do not go to waste.
Please destroy the letter after reading it, and may God reward
you with the best.
Your beloved brother
Muharram 06 (TN: No year given, most recent would be 13 December

To the good brother Hakimullah ((Mahsud)), the Emir of Tahrik-e
Taliban in Pakistan (TN: TTP - Taliban Movement in Pakistan)
There are certain important issues that we like to bring to your
1: We have several important comments that cover the concept,
approach, and behavior of the TTP in Pakistan, which we believe
are passive behavior and clear legal and religious mistakes
which might result in a negative deviation from the set path of
the Jihadists Movement in Pakistan, which also are contrary to
the objectives of Jihad and to the efforts exerted by us. Here
are some facts to consider:
2: Considering Hakimullah as the sole Emir for everyone to swear
allegiance to, whoever oppose him and isn’t a member of the
movement is an adulterer, the none differentiation between the
Jihad Emirate and the Great Imam post, and neglecting the daily
conditions of the Muslims; all of which according to the Shari’a
(Muslim laws) are a misconception of the real situation, and may
cause an inter-Mujahidin fighting.
3: (Of the passive behavior is) killing more people, taking them
as shields without basing their action on the Shari’a, killing
the normal Muslims as a result of martyrdom operations that
takes place in the marketplaces, mosques, roads, assembly
places, and calling the Muslims apostates.
4: The draft that was written by Hakimullah Mahsud is
unacceptable and we don’t approve it because it contains
political and Shari’a mistakes. We already sent our comments on
this draft.
5: We are sending the attached short list on what is acceptable
and unacceptable on the subject of kidnapping and receiving
money, and we hope that you and the Mujahidin in Pakistan will
approve it.
6: We want to make it clear to you that we, the al-Qa’ida is an
Islamist Jihadist organization that is not restricted to a
country or race, and that we in Afghanistan swore allegiance to
the Emir Mullah Muhammad ((‘Umar)) who allowed us to carry
Jihad. Those that call us as guests do that for political
reasons and don’t base this attribute on the Shari’a, and we ask
you and all the Mujahidin not to use this attribute.
7: We make it clear to you that the brother Badr ((Mansur)) is
one of the soldiers of the Qa’idat al-Jihad Organization who
swore allegiance to Shaykh Usamah ((Bin Laden)), is with us,
under our command, the Emir of a of a company of ours. Badr
Mansur and other members of our group are not to be approached
to join another organization or to deploy to other locations.
Good manners and group work mandate that such a request be
presented to his Tanzim (TN: al-Qa’ida) Emir and superiors.
8: We stress on the fact that real reform is the duty of all,
and to succeed we should look for and correct our mistakes and
take the advice of others.
We hope that you will take the necessary action to correct your
actions and avoid these grave mistakes; otherwise we have to
take decisive actions from our end.
We pray to God to grant us success,
Mahmud al-Hasan ((‘Atiyatullah)) and ((Abu Yahya)) al-Libi
27 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431 (3 December 2010)

Page 1
Brother ((„Abd-al-Hamid)), may God grant you success, these are
questions from the Jaysh al-Islam brothers (in Gaza) along with
responses to same from Shaykh Mahmud. For your reading, it may
be of benefit.
In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate
Peace be upon you, and God‟s mercy and blessings.
Praise be to God, and blessings and peace upon God‟s prophet,
his family, companions, and those loyal to him…to wit:
These are questions which we ask you, our brothers, to show to
the people of knowledge (TN: i.e. scholars), the crowns atop our
heads, so that they can furnish us with their opinions, God
First question: Is it permitted for funds to be taken from other
organizations as support for us in jihad, as in the following
Al-Jihad al-Islami (TN: Islamic Jihad) movement: Receives vast
sums from abroad (Iran, in particular), and some of their people
have adopted Shi‟ite thought, God forbid. However, they have
offered funding to us, in exchange for which we are to work with
them and participate jointly in qualitative operations, as a
sort of propaganda; the catch being that we would conduct the
operation with funding through them, and afterwards it would be
announced that we cooperated with them (TN: in the operation).
- The Fatah organization has also offered us funds purportedly
to (TN: support) jihad, but there is another reason, namely
their fear of becoming the target of our swords.
These funds would go directly towards the purchase and
manufacture of weapons, and to support operations which we will
conduct, God willing. When taking into consideration the
suffocating siege against us, whether by the Jews, God‟s curses
upon them, or by other organizations such as Hamas, who fear the
growth of our influence and dominion…
Second Question: Is it permitted to invest funds in the stock
market, buying and selling shares, for the goal of supporting
jihad, or investing some donation-derived funds in stock markets
and shares?
Third Question: Is it permitted to strike drug traffickers,
eliminate them, and kill them, or (TN: not)? The technicality of
the issue: Is it permitted to take the funds which they have
gained from drug trafficking, and is it permitted to make use of
the drugs which we obtain from them in:
1. Luring fallen addicts to serve as double agents against the
2. Selling them to Jews in order to harm them and take their
3. Bringing down Jewish soldiers, particularly border guards, by
means of drugs.
This, by God, the Lord of success
Your brothers in Jaysh al-Islam
Page 2
In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate. Praise be
to God, the Lord of all worlds. There is no power or strength
save in God almighty. He is our Lord almighty and in Him we seek
aid. We pray and wish peace upon the servant and messenger of
God, our prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions and
those who followed them in benevolence until Judgment Day.
First question: Is it permitted for funds to be taken from other
organizations, on the premise of supporting us in jihad, as in
the following example:
- Al-Jihad al-Islami (TN: Islamic Jihad) movement: Receives vast
sums from abroad (Iran, in particular), and some of their people
have adopted Shi‟ite thought, God forbid. However, they have
offered funding to us, in exchange for which we are to work with
them and participate jointly in qualitative operations, as a
sort of propaganda; the catch being that we would conduct the
operation with funding through them, and afterwards it would be
announced that we cooperated with them (TN: in the operation).
- The Fatah organization has also offered us funds purportedly
to (TN: support) jihad, but there is another reason, namely
their fear of becoming the target of our swords.
These funds would go directly towards the purchase and
manufacture of weapons, and towards supporting operations that
we will conduct, God willing. When taking into consideration the
suffocating siege against us, whether by the Jews, God‟s curses
upon them, or by other organizations such as Hamas, who fear the
growth of our influence and dominion…
What I understood from the question is that the brothers are
asking about the legitimacy of accepting funds from other
organizations, if such is offered and given.
Doubtless there are technicalities in this… based upon, first of
all, the intrinsic nature of these funds, permissible or
forbidden, and then what interest, legitimate or corrupt, comes
as a consequence to taking these funds.
So let us divide up the question on this basis, upon which I say
the following, (TN: in knowledge that) success is (TN: only
through) God:
If the money is intrinsically permissible, meaning it is not
forbidden money. In principle, accepting it is permitted, as
long as there are no other factors that prohibit this, as will
come (TN: later in this discussion).
Permissible money is (TN: money) that which we have no knowledge
of being forbidden; there are two types of impermissible money:
One of the two being: Intrinsically forbidden, such as wine,
pork, the meat of improperly slaughtered animals, and the like,
all of which can only be considered permissible to one in
exigent circumstances.
The second one being: Forbidden by virtue of the means by which
it was gained; there is much exposition and difference amongst
scholars (TN: on this topic).
If it is attested (meaning that it is something witnessed) that
the one who earned it did so illicitly, then the proper thing is
that it not be permitted to be taken, such as (TN: gains from)
theft or robbery, just as gaining it through an imperfect
transaction, such as profits from interest, and funds gotten
from trafficking in wine, drugs, and the like. It can neither be
eaten of, nor accepted… with exception of the “thuman” (TN: 1/8th
sales tax) on wine and pork can be…
Page 3
…taken from the people of the dhimma (TN: non-Muslim subjects of
an Islamic state), as our lord „Umar said: “Let them sell it,
and take the „thuman‟ from it.” This is a proper “athar” (TN:
one of the utterances of Muhammad or his companions), and is the
basis used by Islamic jurisprudents in this regard.
If it is not attested, and it is a matter of the mixing of
permissible and forbidden (TN: monies), then this is an issue in
which there are many differences and expositions, and we will
most probably mention these later.
If it is (TN: money taken) from an infidel, does it differ from
(TN: money taken) from a Muslim? Because the Prophet, God‟s
blessing upon him, and his companions ate of the food and gifts
of Jews and other infidels, and they did not ask them (TN: for
the nature by which they were obtained). Likewise, in the story
of our lord Ibrahim Khalil, which follows. This is also a source
for dispute amongst scholars, and it requires exposition.
This applied jurisprudence is within the realm of that which
needs exposition, by which I mean knowledge of (TN: the nature
of) the monies, what is permissible to take and accept and eat
of it, what is not permissible, from Muslim or from infidel, in
the event of attestation (TN: of its impermissible nature) or in
the event of mixture (TN: of permitted and non-permitted funds).
Jurisprudents speak of these issues in various chapters of books
on jurisprudence and in fatwas. Among the passages which I point
out to you to serve as a reference in this regard are as
- “Kitab al-Halal wal-Haram” (TN: “Book of the Permissible and
the Forbidden”); this is the fourth book in the “al-„Adat” (TN:
“Customs”) quarto within his “Kitab Ihya‟ „Alum al-Din” (TN:
“The Book of Reviving the Sciences of Religion”) by imam Abi-
Hamid al-Ghazali, God‟s mercy upon him. It is the basis for this
issue, and has no precedent of which I am aware. If (TN: he made
some) comments and researches on his choices within areas of
applied jurisprudence in this regard, he (TN: wrote at great
length) on issues of piety and the consideration of
- A collection of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah‟s fatwas,
particularly the 29th volume, which contains a number of fatwas
on this issue. It includes writing and gems found nowhere else.
- “Jami‟ al-„Alum wal-Hukm” (TN: “Mosque of Sciences and
Wisdom”) by Ibn-Rajab al-Hanbali, God‟s mercy upon him, in his
explanation of the hadith “That which is permissible is clear,
and that which is forbidden is clear.”
- Applied jurisprudence texts of Ibn-Miflah al-Hanbali.
- Al-Nawawi‟s collection regarding Sahib al-Mahdhab‟s statement
“It is not permitted to swear allegiance to one whom it is known
that all of his money is forbidden…”
In short, if we know, (TN: based upon) what has been decided in
this matter (the matter of monies), that the money being given
is not permitted to be taken and eaten of, then the matter is
clear… and if we do not know that it is forbidden, then either
there is suspicion, and caution is advised, or if it seems most
probable to us that it is permissible or if its permissibility
is certain, then it too is clear.
- If the money in and of itself is permitted to be taken, then
it remains to us to consider what comes as a consequence to
accepting and taking it, in which there are many scenarios which
(TN: can be) envisioned, including: if doing so brings shame and
degradation to a Muslim.
And: If doing so causes a Muslim to become obligated to an
infidel or a libertine, which draws him into affection and
adulation for them, and the like.
And: If dominion of the profligate or the infidel follows as a
consequence (interference in affairs, dictation (TN: of orders),
(TN: interference in) circumstances and the like).
And: If, as a consequence, an infidel or a libertine becomes
stronger, greater, and increases in influence, i.e.
strengthening the infidel or the libertine and aiding them.
Page 4
It might not be something as this: The infidel or libertine may
have some sort of benefit in giving it, which does not affect us
much nor does it harm Muslims. The infidel may offer a Muslim
money for the sake of kinship or the nation (for nationalist
motivations and the like) and none of the corrupt consequences
considered above will result. These are some of the things which
affect the issue.
If it is taking (TN: money) from a just and proper Muslim, then
this is clear. We will not discuss it and it is not a matter of
If the question is taking (TN: money) from organizations accused
by our religion of being either infidel or libertine clothed in
“innovation” or iniquity, and has committed grave offenses or
perhaps even blasphemy through corrupt interpretations (TN: of
Islam), and our judgment upon that in Islam still remains (TN:
the same)!
Doubtless that some of these are damages in which the infidel
and the libertine Muslim had some part in, and inevitably it is
known that the libertine Muslim is not equivalent to the infidel
in all aspects. For example: The internal ignominy brought upon
us by a libertine Muslim is not equivalent to the internal
ignominy brought upon us by the infidel. When a libertine Muslim
obtains some form of dominion over us, it is not equivalent to
dominion of the infidel over us, God forbid. All of these things
are considered in their measure, based upon which there occurs a
balance between the good and the bad.
As for exigency: As you know, exigency bears its own rules, and
those in exigency deem it necessary in order to strengthen God
almighty, and confines it to that situation (exigency is
evaluated by its own measure).
Likewise, dire need, i.e., that which is close to but has not
quite reached the threshold of exigency. In this event, the
makruh (TN: acts/things discouraged but not forbidden) and the
mushtabah (TN: acts/things of suspect permissibility) are
allowed. The difference between exigency and dire need being
that exigency justifies the prohibited (i.e. the forbidden), but
need lifts away the “discouraged but not forbidden” status and
the judgment of “suspect” (TN: from the thing) and brings
leniency of judgment and so, we lift the sin/crisis from the
individual in question whether or not a thing is “discouraged
but not forbidden” or cause for suspicion, as we can bear the
introduction of some ignominy in the interest of a greater good.
As long as we are in need of taking money, then it is considered
a “dire need”! God is all-knowing (TN: i.e. God knows better
than I).
This response is my analysis, in brief, and the brothers know
the circumstances, to which they (TN: can) apply what we have
mentioned above…
On to something of an exposition on what came about in the
It is clear that you are in dire need and financial straits...!
As the al-Jihad movement‟s funding comes primarily from support
(TN: provided by) the Rafidite (TN: “refuser”; common euphemism
for Shi‟ite) nation (Iran), which is not in and of itself
harmful, by which I mean that it is permitted to eat of what is
given of it and to accept it, God willing. It (TN: Iran) is to
us an infidel state, and accepting monies from infidel states
and kings is permitted, in and of itself, unless another
prohibiting factor arises.
The evidence for this being the hadith (TN: utterance) of
Ibrahim Khalil, God‟s peace upon him, and his acceptance of a
gift from an infidel king. In this story of Sarah, when the king
attempted to interfere with her, he was forbidden by God‟s will.
He then gave her money and made a gift to her of a female
servant (this being Hagar, peace be upon her). Ibrahim accepted
this, and benefited from it. This hadith is in the two “sahih”
(TN: the two texts containing properly attested hadith) and in
Al-Bukhari pronounced upon this:
Page 5
It was Abi-Hurayrah, may God be pleased with him, who said:
“The prophet, God‟s peace upon him, said, „Ibrahim, God‟s peace
upon him, was traveling with Sarah. The two of them entered a
village, wherein was a king or a tyrant. It was said that
Ibrahim entered with a woman of the finest sort. (TN: An
emissary) was sent to him, who asked, “Who is this with you?” To
which he replied, “My sister.” He returned to her and said, “Do
not put the lie to my words, as I have told them that you are my
sister. By God, there are no faithful on earth save for me and
thee.” He sent her to him (TN: the king), and he came to her,
and she began to perform ablution and pray. She said, “Oh God,
as I have believed in you and in your Prophet, and kept my womb
chaste to all save my husband, do not give the infidel dominion
over me.” (TN: Upon which) he started and ran. Al-„Araj stated
that Abu-Salmah bin-„Abd-al-Rahman stated: “Abi-Hurayrah stated
that she said, „Oh God, if he dies, it will be said that she
killed him.‟ He sent (TN: for her again), and then came to her,
and she began to perform ablution and pray. She said, “O God, as
I have believed in you and in your Prophet, and kept my womb
chaste to all save my husband, do not give the infidel dominion
over me.” He started and ran. „Abd-al-Rahman said that Abu-
Salmah said that Abu-Hurayrah said that she said “O God, if he
dies, it will be said „she killed him.‟ And he sent (TN: for
her) a second or a third time, and he said, “By God, what you
have sent me is naught but a devil. Send her back to Ibrahim and
give her recompense. She returned to Ibrahim and she said, “I
felt that God stayed the infidel and granted (TN: us) a servant
Al-Hafiz Ibn-Hajar, God‟s mercy upon him, said:
The (TN: morals contained in) this hadith are the legitimacy of
the brothers of Islam, the authorization of (TN: acceptance of)
offers, license to submit to the tyrant and the rapacious, and
to accept the gift of an oppressive king, and to accept the gift
of the polytheist, and response to a prayer of sincere intent,
and the Lord‟s satisfaction with he who is sincere in prayer and
proper in deed. The counterpoint to this can be seen in the
story of Ashab al-Ghar (TN: “owners of the cave”) in which (TN:
can be seen) the tribulation of the righteous in order to raise
their qualities (TN: “degrees”).
It is said that God revealed to Ibrahim, so that he could see
the king with Sarah, and that he obtained naught from her, he
mentioned this in “al-Tijan” (TN: “The Crowns”) and pronounced:
“He ordered that Ibrahim and Sarah be brought in to him; he then
bade Ibrahim outside the palace, and came to Sarah. God made the
palace as clear as a flask to Ibrahim, and he saw them and heard
their speech.” (TN: The moral of this being) that if one is
beset by grief, he must take refuge in prayer. (TN: Another
moral of this being) that ablution was practiced by peoples
prior to our own, and is not limited to just our people, nor
only to the prophets, so proved by Sarah, as the majority (TN:
states that) she was not a prophet. So ends his words; I mention
them in full for (TN: your) benefit.
Such is also found in al-„Ayni‟s exposition.
And this is the basis for this issue. There is more proof than
Including the prophet‟s companions‟, with the prophet‟s
knowledge, acceptance in exigency of the gift of the infidel.
And the Prophet accepted the gifts of infidels when no ignominy
would result, and so accepted some of the gifts of infidels, as
is found in many hadith, and he refused some of them, rejected
them, and did not accept them, and said “I refused the dross of
the polytheists,” as was relayed by Ahmad Abu-Dawud and al-
Tarmadhi. The meaning of “dross” being “their gift, present, and
the like.”
If you are not today capable of financing yourselves through
legitimate means devoid of that which is objectionable, then
accepting monies from other organizations, such as from some
Islamic movements including Hamas or al-Jihad al-Islami
movement, or even from nationalist movements who participate
with you in striking the Jewish enemy, then (TN: accepting these
monies) for the sake of using it to conduct jihad and to strike
the Jews is better than abandoning the jihad due to paucity of
So take it, if there is no other way, and strike the Jews…
Page 6
Consider this further, and you best know your situation...!
And aim well (TN: “aim and be close”)!
Because those movements (Jihad or Hamas, or even Fatah) are
exploiting these acts and adopting them as their own, it is less
damaging than would be the damage of abandoning the fight
against the Jews, and God is all-knowing.
And if God opens the path for you, and you are able to fund
yourselves and have no need for them, then abandon them, and
work independently on your own path, granted to you by God.
We ask God the almighty to open the path for you, guide you, and
strengthen you (TN: and purge you) of weakness, and make you
rightly guided guides…Amen.
The second question:
Is it permitted to invest funds in the stock market, buying and
selling shares, for the goal of supporting jihad, or investing
some donation-derived funds in stock markets and shares?
The response:
The judgment upon this also depends upon the circumstances and
regulations of these stock markets. I know nothing of the
circumstance and regulations of these stock markets which would
qualify me to speak about them. The methods of selling in (TN:
the stock markets) have many complications, and are full of
tricks, and I have no ability in this. May God strengthen us and
It is advised to ask some scholars who are specialized in this
area, after editing your question well, and explaining the
circumstances and regulations of the stock markets at which you
are able to trade. May God make you successful and aid you.
Third question:
Is it permitted to strike drug traffickers, eliminate them, and
kill them, or (TN: not)? The technicality of the issue: Is it
permitted to take the funds which they have gained from drug
trafficking and is it permitted to make use of the drugs which
we obtain from them in:
1. Luring fallen addicts to serve as double agents against the
2. Selling them to Jews in order to harm them and take their
3. Bringing down Jewish soldiers, particularly border guards, by
means of drugs
The response:
Praise God
As far as striking drug traffickers, eliminating them, and
killing them: Yes, there is a technicality (TN: to the issue),
which is according to the capability and authority of the
mujahidin. The guiding principle for this, which you must learn
and adhere to in this issue, is as follows: This is an issue
within the realm of “propagating virtue and preventing vice,”
the guiding principle for its legitimacy being that it not lead
to a greater vice.
Page 7
This is the guiding principle; keep it, and may God bless you.
And so: If the mujahidin in some area or region are capable of
carrying out hudud (TN: prescribed punishments for specific
offenses in Shari‟a law) and establishing Shari‟a law or more,
meaning that if they apply it, then the resulting outcome is in
accordance with Shari‟a law, and no greater harm or corruption
is consequent, then this is up to them.
But we may say that at such time, it is their duty, the basis
for which is this: It is (TN: their) duty to set up hudud, and
to propagate virtue and prevent vice, and to do so by deed.
This is as the mujahidin today are doing in some sub-districts
of Iraq, Afghanistan, Waziristan, and other places. For one in
such as your case, it is obvious that you are not in this
position, may God strengthen you and open the path for you.
What I believe (TN: is best) for you is not to do this, as I
fear that great corruptions may result, and you will open
yourselves up to things which are not within your power (TN: to
control), and you will be beset with problems while you are yet
weak. These sinful ones (if they be Muslims): There are
technicalities pertaining to the permissibility, or lack
thereof, of killing them. They are basically protected within
Islam, and it is not permitted to kill them, although it is
permissible in specific circumstances. Doubtless there is
another exposition on this aspect.
However, if you are capable of taking their monies, in some
cases, without there following any greater corruption, as we
mentioned, then this is to you, and you may spend the monies for
jihad in God‟s name.
And, in my conjecture, these cases are quite limited, if they
exist at all. Such as: You stumble upon their monies, or one of
their (drug merchants‟) convoys fall into your hands, and you
then take their monies (not the drugs themselves), and spend
them for jihad in God‟s name.
However, remember that the stipulation in this is always that it
not lead to a greater corruption. God is all-knowing.
The second portion of the question, by which you also mean: The
question regarding acceptance of gifts, presents, or alms from
drug traffickers who are Muslims. This is what I understood from
your question.
If this was the intended meaning, then: A man takes for himself,
and accepts from them for himself, as in accepting their gifts,
and eating of their food, then there is an exposition on this,
and there is a difference amongst scholars regarding (TN: this
point of) jurisprudence, as previously noted.
If their monies are solely derived from forbidden (TN:
acts/items) i.e. all of it is from that which is forbidden (TN:
acts/items) (such as drug traffickers), then most scholars (the
mass of them) state that it is not permissible to take from
them, or to eat of their monies (TN: sic)… some scholars choose
(TN: the position that) it is permissible, saying: their sins
are upon them, and nothing is upon he who takes of it. However,
the former is most likely, God is all-knowing.
If their monies are mixed, then it is permissible to eat of the
monies, and to accept what they give. However, it must be
restricted, so as not to exceed the portion of their monies
which are of the permissible sort.
Discourse on this issue is long, and (TN: you can) refer to some
of the sources which we have indicated above.
If these traffickers, however, who traffic in forbidden (TN:
items), such as drugs, give their monies as alms for jihad in
God‟s name, then it appears to me, and God is all-knowing, that
it is permissible to spend these monies for jihad in God‟s name
Page 8
Because these monies were derived from forbidden (TN: items),
then it is incumbent upon its owner to repent, and through
repentance, relinquishment of these monies so that they are no
longer in his possession. The way to do this being to place them
in a “bayt al-mal” (TN: treasury), where they are used for the
benefit of Muslims, including jihad and conquest in God‟s name,
or to be given as alms.
Some scholars state: They would destroy these funds, as they are
derived from forbidden (TN: items/acts).
This is quite weak, as God almighty has never ordered the
destruction of monies, but proscribed the wasting of it. And in
this case, destroying them would be a waste of the monies which
contains no benefit, as there is no obligation to destroy it
(nothing exists to indicate that this would be an obligation),
and the clear good stipulates that it be spent in the interests
of Islam and Muslims, and so should enter a “bayt al-mal” and
become part of the resources of the “bayt al-mal” such as monies
taken (seizure) from the corrupt, a punishment we have condoned,
and the like.
This is what Shaykh al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah, God‟s mercy upon him,
chose, and expounded upon in sections of his fatwas (he
expounded upon this issue in more than one fatwa in the 29th
volume, and in others as well).
If the (TN: original) owner of the funds has not repented, but
rather continues to commit sin, in this case the trafficking of
drugs, then it is the duty of Muslims to take him to task, and
it is the duty of the “wali al-amr” (TN: chief, or senior
member) of Muslims to take this in hand, in which case the
seizure of his money is permitted, to according to the most
proper statements of scholars, by the “wali al-amr”.
In brief: If the trafficker in wine or drugs donates some of his
monies for jihad in the name of God the almighty, it is
permitted to accept this and spend it on jihad in God‟s name,
along with the duty of continuing to preach to him and to all
men to submit to God, and to repent by abandoning vices and
turning away from the forbidden. This is (TN: in order to) be
cautious of assisting his trafficking in the forbidden. God is
If the mujahidin have no need of those (TN: funds), then perhaps
it is best to leave them alone.
As for your question:
1. Luring fallen addicts to serve as double agents against the
2. Selling them to Jews in order to harm them and take their
3. Bringing down Jewish soldiers, particularly border guards, by
means of drugs
All of this is not permitted…
The first is clear, as it is a proscribed means, the
proscription against which is clear: Giving drugs or wine to
people and contributing to and promoting this behavior to them…
all of this God has proscribed and forbidden, so by what
evidence shall we permit it?! Just because those in question are
“fallen addicts,” it is of no matter to the (TN: applicability
of) the verdict, and God is all-knowing. If they are Muslim
youths who have committed this grave offense (taking drugs),
then this is quite clear… if they are infidels…
Page 9
…then it is also not permitted to use this means with infidels,
according to all scholars… although some scholars have given
license in other issues in this same vein which differ from the
issue at hand, namely:
Such as Abu-Hanifah, God‟s mercy upon him, and his sanctioning
of transactions with ahl al-Harb (TN: “people of war”) (warring
infidels) in dar al-Harb (TN: “house of war”, i.e. lands not
under Islamic rule) with interest, as his companions mentioned
in “Bada‟i‟ al-Sana‟i‟” and others, and the mass of scholars
opposed him in this, and the statement of this mass is correct,
which is that this is forbidden from being done with ahl al-
Harb, just as it is forbidden with a Muslim or with one not of
ahl al-Harb, whether in Dar al-Harb or Dar al-Islam.
Like Sahnun, of the Malikite imams, who sanctioned paying
ransoms of wine or pork for Muslim prisoners of war, should the
infidels so request: Ibn-Jizzi in “al-Qawanin al-Fiqhiyah” (TN:
“Jurisprudence Laws” stated: “Should the enemy request a ransom
of a horse or a weapon, it is paid to him, unlike the case with
wine or pork.” Sahnun sanctioned using these two (TN: forbidden)
items to pay the ransom for prisoners of war, while Ibn-al-Qasim
forbade it for being injurious to Muslims, and he who was
ransomed with payment of wine or the like (TN: remains as one)
who never returned.
Like the statement of Shaykh al-Islam Taymiyah in his fatwas
“Leaving the Tatars or others to drink wine and to become
intoxicated is better than forbidding it to them, because wine
does not prevent them from remembrance of God, nor from
performing prayer, rather it prevents them from (TN: committing)
depravity and sin, and should they become sober, they would
become more corrupt,” as he mentioned in his “Kitab al-
Istiqamah”. This is a matter which pertains to the promotion of
vice and prevention of virtue, meaning to refrain from
discouraging them from this, if it is preferable (TN: to do so).
God is all-knowing.
As for the second (number two): This is an issue of selling
wine, drugs, and that which is forbidden in our Shari‟a to the
infidels for the purpose of harming them… the proper answer is
that it is not permitted.
All of this is forbidden, encompassed in forbidding the sale of
things there is no difference between selling to a Muslim or to
an infidel, neither in war nor in peace. This is proper, as
previously indicated.
As for the third (number three): The verdict for this is clear
from the preceding; it is also forbidden and not permitted, and
this is the basis: The forbidding of selling wine and the like
to infidels of the ahl al-Harb, and forbidding using them as
gifts to ahl al-Harb for the purposes of espionage and plying
them. All of these are forbidden means, and are not permitted.
As evidence of this:
The totality of evidence of forbidding the sale of wine and the
like, and forbidding giving or presenting them, or giving them
for the consumption to one who drinks it, or carrying it, etc…
There is much well-known evidence for this, which includes both
selling to an infidel and selling to a Muslim.
- Because this is contribution to sin and wrongdoing…
- Because it is a denigration to the image of Islam and its pure
and noble message, and is an impediment to God‟s will.
O God, unless there is exigency, and we have no other means by
which to free a Muslim from their hands; if they ask for ransom
of wine or drugs, for example, and Sahnun authorized it, as seen
in the precedent of paying ransom of wine and pork for
prisoners, then this may bear the semblance of exigency, as the
(TN: of the image of Islam) is safe from the damage of
denigration in this case, if the enemy requests this. God is
Whereas if you have decided that there is exigent need for this,
then you must weigh it, and limit it to exigent circumstances
alone, and is not (TN: to be treated as) a permitted thing...!
Page 10
Care must be taken to (TN: treat the matter) with secrecy and
discretion, for fear of the spread of corruption to those who
were faithful and for fear of denigrating the image of Muslims,
and alienation (TN: of the congregation); we place our trust in
God is all-knowing and all-wise.
Praise be to God, first and last, and God‟s blessings upon our
Prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions.
Written by ((„Atiyatallah))
Shawwal 1427 (TN: corresponding to the period of time from 24
October 2006 until 22 November 2006)

And before closing: I make mention to you (plural) of a very
important matter that came to me, which is changing the name of
(Qa‟ida al-Jihad), because there are several necessary and
attention-worthy reasons to change it, of them:
1. This name (Qa‟ida al-Jihad) was abridged by the people and
only a few people remember this name; it has come to be
known as (al-Qa‟ida) and this name reduces the feeling of
Muslims that we belong to them, and allows the enemies to
claim deceptively that they are not at war with Islam and
Muslims, but they are at war with the organization of al-
Qa‟ida, which is an outside entity from the teachings of
Islam and this is what was raised repeatedly in the past as
indicated by Obama, that our war is not on Islam or on the
Muslim people but rather our war is on the al-Qa‟ida
organization, so if the word al-Qa‟ida was derived from or
had strong ties to the word Islam or Muslims; or if it had
the name Islamic party, it would be difficult for Obama to
say that. It is clear from the past also that they (the
enemies) have largely stopped using the phrase “the war on
terror” in the context of not wanting to provoke Muslims,
because they felt that saying the war on terror could
appear to most people to be a war on Islam, especially
after they unjustly spilled the blood of innocent Muslims
in Iraq and Afghanistan. We ask God the Almighty to have
mercy on our Islamic brothers.
For example, the name of our brothers in the Shabaab
organization, Al-Arabiya (TN: news network) often
identifies them with the Shabaab movement, only it avoids
the name al-jihad or al-mujahidin.
2. The name of an entity carries its message and represents
it. Al-Qa‟ida describes a military base with fighters
without a reference to our broader mission to unify the
Building on what is presented, it would be nice if you
could discuss and come up with appropriate names that would
not be easily shortened to a word that does not represent
us. It would help if the name is a method of delivery of
our message to reach the sons of the Umma/nation. These
are some suggestions:
Taifat al-tawhid wal-jihad (TN: Monotheism and Jihad Group)
Taifat al-tawhid wal-difa‟ „an al-Islam (TN: Monotheism and
Defending Islam Group)
Jama‟at i‟adat al-khilafat al-rashida (TN: Restoration of
the Caliphate Group)
Jama‟at nasr al-Islam wal-aksa (TN: Support of Islam and
Al-Aqsa Group)
Jama‟at wihda al-Muslimin (TN: Muslim Unity Group)
Tanthim al-Jihadi li-tawhid al-Umma wa-inkathiha (TN: Jihad
Organization for Unification and Rescue of the Nation)
Tanthim al-Jihadi litahrir al-aksa wa-tawhid al-Umma (TN:
Jihad Organization to Liberate Al-Aqsa and Unify the
Hizb tawhid al-Umma al-Islamiya (TN: Islamic Nation
Unification Party)
Jama‟at tahrir al-aksa (TN: Al-Aqsa Liberation Group)
Jama‟at inkath wanahdat al-Umma (TN: Rescue and
Revitalization of the Nation Group)

(TN: this document is dated 26 April 2011)
Page 1
In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful.
Praise Allah and pray on his prophet,
To the esteemed brother, Sheikh Mahmud, Allah protect him
Islamic greetings,
I hope this message will reach you, the family, the offspring,
and all the brothers in good condition.
I received your first and then your second messages, Allah
reward you for the totality of what it contained. To start, I
want to talk about the most important point in our modern
history, the point of launching the nation‟s revolution against
the tyrants, and for which I ask Allah to make a start for
reviving the dignity of the religion and its glory.
What we are witnessing these days of consecutive revolutions is
a great and glorious event, and it is most probable, according
to reality and history, that it will encompass the majority of
the Islamic world with the will of Allah, and thanks to Allah
things are strongly heading towards the exit of Muslims from
being under the control of America, and the Americans worry
about that, which is great; the Secretary of State indicated in
her visit to Yemen that, “We worry that the region will fall
into the hands of the armed Islamists” and that warning was
directed to „Ali „Abdullah Salih and the remainder of the rulers
during the revolution in Tunisia, before the revolution in Egypt
that toppled Mubarak erupted. The fall of the remaining tyrants
in the region became a must with the will of Allah, and it was
the beginning of a new era for the whole nation.
These events are the most important events that the nation has
witnessed for centuries, as since the nation has entered its
current stage it has not witnessed any movements to save it that
are as large as the all-encompassing movements that were
launched with the grace of Allah these days, and it is known
that comprehensive popular movements inevitably change the
conditions, so if we double the efforts to direct and educate
the Muslim peoples and warn them from the half solutions, while
taking care in providing good advice to them, the oncoming stage
will be for Islam, Allah willing.
Page 2
Knowing that the movements calling for half solutions like the
Brotherhood have witnessed a spread of the proper ideology among
their membership in recent years, especially in the growing
generations, and one of the Brotherhood members discussed that
phenomenon in a lengthy question among the questions addressed
to Sheikh Abu Muhammad; also it was mentioned in many of the
media vehicles that there is a sizable direction within the
Brotherhood that holds the Salafi doctrine, so the return of the
Brotherhood and those like them to the true Islam is a matter of
time, with the will of Allah. The more attention paid to
explaining Islamic understanding, the sooner their return is, so
preserving the Muslim movements today and adjusting their
direction requires effort and attention, keeping in mind the
necessity of being kindly to the sons of the nation who fell
under misguidance for long decades.
That great duty, which is the duty of guidance and advice, which
is connected to the fate of the nation, does not find he who
fulfils it aware of the guidance that is disciplined with
jurisprudence. I have asked in the past that the faithful in the
nation select from among themselves a number of scholars and
wise men, who then form a Shura council that follows up on the
issues of the nation and provides guidance, opinion, and advice;
but after they delayed in conducting that duty, and the nation
entered that pivotal stage, it became incumbent upon us, the
mujahidin, to fulfill that duty and to plug that gap as much as
we can, which became one of the utmost duties after faith, so
that the nation is liberated with the will of Allah and the
religion regains its glory.
There is no doubt that the duties on the mujahidin are numerous,
except that this great duty should take the main share of our
efforts so that we do not shortchange it and expose the nation
shake-up today, to what the revolutions against the Western
occupation got exposed to in the past.
And we have to remember another important issue, which is that
Jihad in Afghanistan is a duty to establish the rule of Allah
(Shari‟a) in it, and it is the path toward conducting the larger
duty, which is liberating the one-and-half billion-person nation
and regain its holies. So while we are conducting jihad in
Afghanistan and bleeding down the head of the international
apostasy, until it reaches such weakness that the Muslim people
have regained some self confidence and daring, and removed some
of the oppressive pressure that was exhausting and failing
anyone who thought of crossing Americas agents, the pressure of
the supreme power that threatened to keep whom it desires and
remove whom it desires, and with the gradual deterioration of
that pressure, the comprehensive revolutions launched at the
hands of the people whose extreme majority are Islam loving.
Page 3
So we have to get into expanding the programmed and directed
media, and our efforts in directing the nation‟s research and
deciding on a specific plan that we all discuss, as the oncoming
stage is important and very dangerous and does not tolerate the
apparent differences in our directives. Initially I would see
that one of the most important steps of the oncoming stage is
inciting the people who have not revolted yet, and encouraging
them to get against the rulers and the methods, indicating that
it is a religious duty and a logical necessity, so the arrows
are concentrated on toppling the rulers without discussing the
differences on issues, while paying maximum attention to
spreading awareness and correcting the understanding, and we
send to the brothers in all the regions to pay attention to
spreading the book (understandings that must be corrected) by
Sheikh Muhammad Qutb).
And due to our efforts in plugging that gap and preparing a plan
to guide the nation, we must mobilize all the resources that
have expressive abilities in speech, poetry, visual, or audio
and devote them completely toward directing and guiding the
nation‟s youth; and we leave running the work in Afghanistan and
Waziristan to the resources that have field and administrative
abilities, and do not have expressive abilities.
Please inform Sheikh Yahiya and the other brothers who have
expressive abilities on the previous parts of the message, and
inform me of their opinions without missing any of them, as
every voice that can contribute in this stage should not be
General points after the second message:
- Enclosed is a statement to the nation in regard to the
revolutions. Please review it and if there are remarks on
parts of it by the brothers then there is no problem in
revising it. Then send it to al-Jazeera Network, noting
that I have enclosed a copy of it in a new card (TN: thumb
drive or memory card) with nothing else on it, so please
expedite its release and broadcast due to the importance
and developments of the events.
- Regarding the paper you sent that is titled, “Elements for
Research Regarding the Arab Revolutions,” it is very
important, so please start researching it and I might
comment on it and on all your media activities after the
revolutions in the next message, due to lack of time.
Page 4
Enclosed is a file titled, “Suggestions toward Resolving Crises
in Yemen,” if you could rearrange the ideas in it and reshape
them and publish it under your name, or if you do not see that
as appropriate, put my son‟s Khalid name on it and direct the
article to the scholars and dignitaries of Yemen. The situation
requires expediency in that as much as possible.
- It would be nice to remind our brothers in the regions to
be patient and deliberate, and warn them of entering into
confrontations with the parties belonging to Islam, and it
is probable that most of the areas will have governments
established on the remnants of the previous governments,
and most probable these governments will belong to the
Islamic parties and groups, like the Brotherhood and the
like, and our duty at this stage is to pay attention to the
call among Muslims and win over supporters and spread the
correct understanding, as the current conditions have
brought on unprecedented opportunities and the coming of
Islamic governments that follow the Salafi doctrine is a
benefit to Islam. The more time that passes and the call
increases, the more the supporters will be of the people,
and the more widespread will be the correct understanding
among the coming generations of Islamic groups.
- Regarding the operations that the brothers in Yemen are
intending to conduct using poison, please be careful of
doing it without enough study of all aspects, including
political and media reaction against the mujahidin and
their image in the eyes of the public, so please pay
attention to the matter.
- Regarding the communications with the brothers in Iraq,
please inform us on its progress and the reason for its
- Regarding the brothers coming from Iran, you are the more
knowledgeable of the security situation on your side and in
Baluchistan, so arrange for them the most secure places,
and Allah is the protector.
- Regarding what you mentioned about the British intelligence
saying that England is going to leave Afghanistan if Al-
Qa‟ida promised not to target their interests, I think
their stance is similar to the people of Damascus when
Khalid Ibn Al-Walid entered it, and they became sure of
being defeated, so they hurried to hold a peace treaty with
Abu „Ubaidah Allah be pleased with him, so I say that we do
not enable them on that, but without slamming the door
completely closed.
Page 5
- As far as the French hostages with our brothers in the
Islamic Maghreb, I want to warn that the atmosphere after
the French standing towards the Libyan people does not
condone killing the French, due to what will follow of
negative reflections, after it became evident that most of
the common people are supporting Sarkozy, so if we need to
kill them then that should be after the end of Libyan
events and their developments, and the better benefit as
far as I see is to exchange the woman with the best that
would benefit you and the brothers there, as far as the
men, if the brothers can wait, then they should keep them
until the elections, and if that is difficult then they
should exchange half of them and keep the other half which
should be the higher ranking and the more important ones,
and if that also is difficult then they should at a minimum
keep the most important man of them till the French
elections, and it is better that the negotiations not be
public and that they place a time limit on it so that the
French do not postpone the exchange till the elections (TN:
possibly after the elections) so that it‟s a winning card
in their hands, even though the remaining period to the
election is not that short.
- Regarding the British officer captured by our brothers in
Somalia, I say that we attempt to exchange him for our
prisoners with them, or with their allies, so if this
happens then it is what we want, and if they reach a road
block and they cannot keep him as a pressure card on France
to leave Afghanistan before Sarkozy elections, then he is
to be ransomed with money, and they be made aware of what I
said about the ramifications of killing the French in this
stage, even though the reaction to killing would be less if
the killing was from their side vs. if it is from Al-Qa‟ida
in Islamic Maghreb side.
- It would be nice to ask the brothers in Somalia to inform
us of the economical situations in the states they control,
as it is obvious that enabling people‟s livelihood is an
important part of the religion, and it is the most
important duty of the Emir, so there must be an effort to
establish an economical power, and I had in a previous
message to you written some economical suggestions to be
sent to the brothers in Somalia, then I did not receive
from you an indication that they were sent, so if they were
sent it is important to follow up on them, and they were
not send because of an obstacle, I have enclosed them in
the message to resend them to them.
- It would be good to send advice to the brothers in Somalia
about the benefit of doubt when it comes to dealing with
crimes and applying Shari‟a, similar to what the prophet
(PBUH) said, to use doubts to fend off the punishments.
Page 6
- As far as what you mentioned of the desire of some of the
brothers to go to the revolution fields in their countries,
I have written in my message to you before I knew their
desire the necessity of sending some qualified brothers to
the field of the revolutions in their countries, to attempt
to run things in a wise and jurisprudent manner in
coordination with the Islamic powers there, while studying
both sides of the benefits and which way is better before
any of the brothers go. First of all, there must be
confirmation of the safety of the route, that is for the
brothers whom we would ask to go, or the brothers who did
not insist on going, and for those whom you notice are
highly excited and cannot withstand staying, so those whose
conditions you accommodate and allow to go while doing the
best to secure the best safe routes for them.
- As far as Sheikh Bashir Al-Madani (Yunis), if the place in
which he is currently located is safe, then he should
postpone his travel until the regime in Syria or Yemen
falls, and as far as the brothers with him, they should be
dealt with as I have explained in the previous item.
- I read the message of Sahib Al-Tayib, and your response to
it, and it seemed to me that the message indicates that
some information has been leaked to Sahib Al-Tayib through
some of the scholars who are connected directly or
indirectly to the government, or though some of the
scholars who may have a personal opinion that follows the
public opinion of the importance of stability in the Gulf,
so they wanted to hint to Sahib Al-Tayib about the
seriousness of instigating the situation in the kingdom so
that he asks us about that, so he in turn only hinted at
it, that is one way of reading that message, so I ask that
you read it again in an analytical way and tell me about
what you come up with by reading it, and also enclose a
copy of it to Sheikh Abu Muhammad.
- Regarding brother Tufan and what you asked of reviewing his
writings, due to the many duties and shortage of time, I
will ask that Sheikh Abu Muhammad does that, so please
enclose the writings of the brother to him, but in general
I say that the stage now is to spread awareness in the
nation after all the flood of good, praise Allah, so it
should be given attention and good direction.
- Regarding Hamzah, Allah reward you for your effort in
getting him out, and as far as the options you presented, I
say the third option, which is that he should get out ASAP
to Baluchistan, where it is only a way to reach Sindh, so
he should not wait there except long enough to continue
travel, and should not meet with any of the brothers there,
and after he arrives in Sindh, he will contact a person in
Peshawar, whose number we enclosed in a message to Hamzah,
to agree on a specific location to meet in Peshawar.
Page 7
Then Hamzah will inform the person who will accompany him
of the place that he agreed to meet with his friend in
Peshawar to take him to it, and he is a trusted person, and
we informed him that Hamzah will contact him in the near
future, and his name will be Ahmad Khan. The method of
getting out will reach Hamzah in detail when he receives
his message, which is enclosed.
As far as him getting training until you arrange for him to
get out, I say that he stays low in this stage and
postpones the training to another opportunity, and that he
does not get out unless for important necessity, and if he
has to go out, then he should not take his son with him,
which is what I pointed out to Sheikh Sa‟id in the past
about distancing the non-concerned with the work as long as
there is danger, so children would be primarily included in
that caution, and I had asked for that after there was a
publication for Al-Sahab that showed a child standing next
to one of the brothers while the brother was preparing
explosives, so please draw the attention of all of the
brothers to that.
Note: This thumb drive (TN: the word used is the same
word used for telephone SIM card, so it is possible that
telephone memory cards, which are very small, are being
used for that purpose) contains a phone number of one of
our brothers contained in the message for Hamzah, so please
do not copy the message for Hamzah, and after Hamzah copies
the phone number on paper, destroy the card for fear of
- We were told that Hamzah sent you numbers of his brother
Muhammad, and enclosed with it specific messages, so that
one of the brothers would call him and relay the message to
him. So, if there are still communications, it would be
good that one of the brothers calls him from one of the
places that are safe to call from, and informs Muhammad
that Hamzah is telling him that his father wants him to go
with his mother and siblings to Qatar ASAP, and to live
there until the situation is resolved soon, Allah willing,
and that they put the effort in obeying Allah and seeking
knowledge, and that if it would be difficult to go to Qatar
then they should go to Hejaz (TN: Hejaz is another name of
Saudi Arabia), noting that Hamzah may have other points to
relay to them and also the words that are between him and
his brother Muhammad, so that Muhammad is assured that the
call was from his side.
- Regarding the card (TN: possible ID card) and the license
that are prepared for Khalid, please hand them over to
- Regarding the numbers that brother „Abdullah Al-Sindi
promised, please send them to us.
- Enclosed is a message from my son Khalid to brother
„Abdullah Al-Sindi, and a message from his mother to the
family (TN: means wife of) of Sheikh Abu ‟Abd-al-Rahman
Al-B.M. so please expedite.
- Regarding the message that you enclosed to Muhammad Aslam,
we transferred it to him, and regarding the sum of money
that you said you sent to him, he told us about it, and we
might keep half of the amount deposited with us and the
other half with him.
Page 8
- It would be good if you inform me about the funds arriving
for the mujahidin from inside and outside Pakistan, and to
mention the sums coming from each country individually, and
of the sums that you mentioned in your message with the
brothers in Somalia.
General points after the message before the first message
- Regarding what you mentioned in your previous message, that
the main idea with the brothers on your side was that death
is better than imprisonment, and accordingly, that a person
should not get out from the circle of espionage (TN: the
operating area of the drones), I say that the correctness
of the heading does not guarantee the correctness of what
comes under it, so when the heading is that death is better
than imprisonment was followed with the assumption that
leaving the area means imprisonment or capture; while in
reality it is proven the American technology and its modern
systems cannot arrest a Mujahid if he does not commit a
security error that leads them to him so adherence to
security precautions makes their technological advance a
loss and a disappointment to them. In addition to that,
adhering to security precautions is not an issue that a
person will commit a human error in, if he really
understands the importance of his mission and is capable of
staying in hiding until the situation opens up, noting that
there is a percentage of people who cannot do that, and
those need to be handled in a different manner than the
others, and it may be better to provide them with an
opportunity in the field.
- As for those whom you have observed as being disciplined
and capable, you arrange homes for them on the outskirts of
the city, to distance them from the people, which reduces
the security dangers, and they will be with trusted
companions, and the companions will have some work as
cover, as if they lived from it, especially for those who
live close by and have observing neighbors.
- And one of the most important security issues in the cities
is controlling children, by not getting out of the house
except for extreme necessity like medical care, and
teaching them the local language; and that they do not get
to the yard of the house without an adult who will control
the volume of their voices, and we with the grace of Allah
have been adhering to these precautions for nine years and
we haven‟t heard that any of the brothers were arrested
after the events (TN: possibly referring to 11 September)
while adhering to the precautions, and based on that, you
can inform the brothers that I say that anyone who can
adhere to the previous precautions should get out.
Page 9
To sum it up, we are tasked with what is better and more
beneficial for Islam and Muslims, and acceptance of what Allah
decides, and there is no doubt that there are different views of
what is better and more beneficial, especially with the
differences in the fields of work for the brothers.
Note: what I mentioned above of arrangements to get the
brothers out of the area is based on the picture you relayed to
me in your previous messages, except that you mentioned in you
last message that there is improvement in the security
situation, so if that continues, which is what we hope for, then
what I mentioned above will change according to circumstances.
- Regarding the companion, I wish that you expedite arranging
the matter, as there is a written agreement dated 15
January 2011, that after nine months from that date we have
secured a replacement for them to be in our company; and
you know that arranging for a safe location after picking
the suitable person takes time, so it would be good if you
inform me of the developments about the companion in every
message, and there is no problem if you mention that there
are no developments.
- Regarding your meeting with the brother to arrange the
affairs about the companion, you should never meet with
him, but things in general should be arranged through
correspondence. You mentioned in your last message the
incident in which brother Riyadh was martyred; maybe it is
an anomaly that happened, as the incident was contradictory
to the security precautions that I asked you to implement,
so please give importance to applying the precautions of
not meeting any more than two persons and to reduce
movements as much as possible.
- Regarding what you mentioned about Inspiration magazine,
please send to the brothers in Yemen with the pointers to
remember in that matter and explain to them the danger of
its effects, in order to avoid repeating it.
- Regarding what you mentioned about the file that you sent
in the past from brother Abu Al-Nur, you were right in what
you mentioned, and because of that I did not confirm all
that he said, but in general I wanted to encourage anyone
that would provide advice, and be keen on handling any
issue that is disagreed upon by the brothers in a quiet and
kind manner.
Page 10
- Regarding the operation that Taliban conducted, targeting
one of the tribes, and what you mentioned of them saying
that the tribe was hostile to the Taliban; even if that is
true, the operation is not justified, as there were
casualties of noncombatants, and due to its contradiction
to jurisprudence, so please continue you advising of Al-
Tahrik (TN: another name for Taliban).
- Regarding the message of my (late) son, Sa‟d , Allah have
mercy on his soul, I say that you delete the copies that
you have and I will attach in my next message a copy that I
will cut from it what deserves to be cut, then it will go
to Al-Sahab archives due to the important information it
contains, which exposes the truth of the Iranian regime.
- About what you mentioned regarding the picture of Sa‟d,
Allah have mercy on his soul, I say that you put his
picture while he was working in the shop in Al-Sahab
archives, but you do not publish any parts of it without
coordinating with us, as for the pictures of him killed,
they are not to be put in Al-Sahab archive.
- Regarding the serious warning that you included under the
file “serious warning,” Allah reward you, and it would be
better that you attach such important items inside the file
of your message to ensure that I receive them and read
- Regarding the French statement, and what you mentioned
about not being sure that al-Jazeera had broadcast it; they
have broadcast it and they interviewed some personalities
to analyze it.
- Regarding the poem, Allah reward you with all good; and I
say that you do not send it to the brothers.
In closing, I pray to Allah to protect you and guide you to
what he approves of.
(TN: Religious farewell)
Signed :
Your brother, Abu „Abdullah.
Monday 22 Jamadi al-Awal 1432 (TN: Monday 26 April 2011)

Page 1
Dear Brother 'Adnan (Hafiz ((Sultan))):
I also asked you in previous letters to quickly write to
((Karrumi)), ((Abu-'Umar)), and their people with decisive,
purposeful, guidance, because I am worried about the brothers
making political gaffes. You must have heard Abu-'Umar's bad
[speech] recently, and in my view [he made some] obvious
mistakes. There were some things that should not have been
said in a speech by a commander. The fact that they were
mentioned in his speech - especially in the context of
principles and being rewarded (TN: by God, for good deeds) -
indicates that they are extremists and implies they are deeply
entrenched and in a hurry [to act]... such things are a turnoff
and [show] lack of judgment.
I wrote to them myself and chastised them and came down on
them fairly hard.
I am afraid that if they continue using techniques such as
this, they will spoil [things and] alienate the people, who
could be won over by enemy after enemy. That would give our
enemies and rivals an opportunity to exploit [the people], and
they would wage a ruthless campaign of lies and malicious
slander to distort (TN: the image of Abu-'Umar and al-Karrumi)
and alienate [the people against them]. This requires closing
any doors we can on the enemy and cutting them off; however,
our brothers are making things worse by opening themselves up
to evil and hostility!
What I mean is: Do not let Mahmud ( (('Atiyah)) ) alone. I
want you to have open and private messages issued publicly and
in secret by 'Abd-al-Shafi (Kalim) - and even al-Sadiq (
((Zamrai)) ), if possible - to al-Karrumi, Abu-'Umar, and
their brothers, with guidance and advice. Send them direct and
semi-direct messages that clearly and specifically talk about
issues of "grassroots" politics, how to deal with the public
and other factions, avoid rushing things, and undertake
matters of great significance only [after obtaining] advice.
[They should also be advised to] make every effort to bring
people on board, to not describe any of the other mujahidin as
illegitimate, and so forth, as appropriate. Such talk is
premature, as people have different ideas, interpretations,
and views.
Please move quickly on this.
Dear brother, write [to them] yourself, since al-Karrumi knows
you and always asks me about you, calling you "(maternal)
Uncle so-and-so." Have 'Abd-al-Hafiz (TN: AKA ((Abu-Yahya))
al-Libi, senior LIFG religious scholar and member of al-
Qa'ida's Shari'ah Committee) write to the brothers, and he
should never tire of writing and pressuring them; also have
Ahmad (('Abd-al-'Azim)) write, as he is very influential with
them and they admire him a lot. Anyone else who is influential
[should write to them as well].
Another very important issue is that you must write to our
brothers in the Ansar al-Sunnah (AAS), who are waiting for
your responses to their earlier correspondence and grievances.
Ask for help from 'Abd-al-Hafiz and Ahmad (TN: AKA ((Abu-
Layth)) al-Libi, senior LIFG official and al-Qa'ida regional
commander), and also try to have a letter issued to them from
'Abd-al-Shafi. At the very least, write to them using normal,
polite language that would not cost them anything. They could
be very simple, positive words of promise and that things will
work out; that you will follow up [with them], offer advice
and guidance; that you have written to the brothers and will
[continue to] write. You should also urge them, the AAS, to
unite with their brothers, as 'Abd-al-Hafiz did on the tape
[recording]. You should mention that you believe duty requires
this, and despite the failings and problems that exist,
disunion is worse than all of that. On the contrary, together
with their brothers, God willing, they will be an agent of
reform and redemption, etc.
Of course, dear Brother, I have written to the AAS several
times, most recently two days ago. I am in touch with them,
offering advice and guidance to have them think better [of
us], and trying to patch things up and bring them and al-
Karrum closer together. But I protest to God so much about my
isolation and being alone - there is no power or strength save
in God - that I worry people will tire of me and [what I say]
will become old and worn out to them!!
But I protest only to God.
"For me God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of
affairs." (TN: quote from the Qur’an)
Page 2
(TN: The following begins as though it might be a separate
message from that on page 1:)
Dear Brother,
We need guidance from you on the issue of using chlorine gas
technology. It was reported that the brothers in Iraq have
used it, but this was implicitly denied in a statement issued
by the Islamic State of Iraq.
Also, the brothers where Mahmud is (TN: possible reference to
'Atiyah (('Abd-al-Rahman)) being in Iran) have the potential
to use [chlorine gas] on the forces of the apostates, Jalal
((Talibani)) and Mas'ud ((Barzani)), and have already
considered using it. However, I informed them that matters as
serious as this required centralized [coordination] and
permission from the senior [al-Qa'ida] leadership, because the
gas could be difficult to control and might harm some people,
which could tarnish our image, alienate people from us, and so
on. Like we say, "it's not our business," or, "we already have
enough problems," God help us.
They have put it on hold for now, but the best thing would be
for you, brother 'Adnan, to examine this issue with your
experts there and give us a clear pronouncement on that to
tell the brothers!
God bless you and help you.
-- I have not received any news from Karrumi since the last
message I sent you. I am expecting messages from them but have
not received any yet. On the whole, though, their reports on
the field and regarding trade are very good, and there is
progress, praise God. However, the fighting against them is
fierce in every respect, and I am constantly worried about
only a few mistakes. None of the enemies scare me, I swear. No
matter who they are, or how intimidating they may be, they are
even more despicable and trivial than that. But I do worry
about ours and our brothers' mistakes, bad behavior, and lack
of wisdom at times. That is why I always strongly urge you,
Brother, to work together, follow through, and offer lots of
guidance and assurance; perhaps God will deliver us and open
the way to our brothers.
At any rate, our brothers are fine and well, and their reports
from the field are promising. Many of the accusations against
them are pure lies and fiction, and the campaign against them
is fierce; they need help. We ask God to give them strength,
deliver them and make them victorious over the ungodly and the
unjust. Amen.
-- Maybe I will attach a file to this message with a selected
collection of articles, statements and other items from the
Internet, for your benefit.
-- We will try to make arrangements with the brothers in
Lebanon to have one of their representatives visit us in the
near future. God grant us success.
-- The al-Nasayib are well and doing fine. At the bottom I
will paste the latest message from them. They send many
regards, and have also requested some things from you.
-- Finally, many regards to you, the beloved one, and to
Mansur, ((Abu-Khalil)), and any other dear ones around you who
know us. Unfortunately, right now we are in a situation where
we can only say "hello" to those we know [personally], and
just barely!!
May God preserve, watch over and bless you all.
Peace be with you, and God's mercy and blessings.
Your admirer
9/4/(1432 H) – corresponding to 28 March (2011)
This is the message from al-Nasayib: (the brothers in Algeria)
Dear Brother, peace be with you, and God's mercy and
As for us, by God, we are fine, praise to Him, as is the whole
family. Things are steadily improving: morale is rising,
support is growing, and military activity has been improving
recently. Every week there is a bombing, an encounter or
ambushes. Overall, based on what I have been seeing, there is
a resurgence. We ask God to make things easier and [help us]
Page 3
surmount the difficulties. Regarding the enemy, they were
thrown off by the recent strikes and have responded with
continuous random shelling of the mountains. This has been
very good for the brothers, as much of the ammunition has not
detonated and the brothers are using it. The brothers are also
used to the scare-tactic combing operations, which have been
unsuccessful, thank God, except for last week, when five
brothers were martyred in an all-day encounter; we ask God to
accept them. Overall, the brothers have been impacted [most]
by ambushes in the north of the country using infrared sensors
(which were provided to the Algerian tyrant by the Americans).
As for the desert, the brothers are concerned about the
Russian Cobra helicopters (MI-34) with laser-guided missiles;
they are impacting on the four-wheel-drive vehicles, which are
indispensible in the Sahara Desert. Underlying that is the
problem of badly needed money for good-quality weapons to
counter these menacing helicopters; the mujahidin don't have
single one of them, nor a single missile. Brother, it would be
very good if the brothers there could let us know their
expertise in that regard, that is, ways to counter the 6-km
infrared sensors and MI-34 helicopters.
I cannot forget the response from the Libyan brothers along
the front lines. The commander in the east informed us that
four new brothers joined them last week, following a group of
about 30 brothers before that, and there are more who want to
come join. We ask that God enable our brothers to bring them
in and train them in Tabsa [Algeria].
Peace be with you, and God's mercy and blessings.

Page 1
In the name of Allah the most merciful the most gracious
Our honorable Sheikh, may Allah‟s mercy and peace and blessings
be upon you…
I ask our mighty God that you are in good health and I hope that
God grants you success and victory and support.
- With regards to the lists and suggested classification, and in
relation to the scholars (associated with knowledge), we did
send to you our opinion and the opinion of the brothers in the
“legitimate council.” In summary, we don‟t favor the idea of
classifications and lists with regards to the ones “associated
with knowledge,” because we are afraid of limitations and
mistrust and so on. And we do see the issue to be left as is. I,
personally, and the brothers, share the same opinion with
regards to increasing the criticism dose and revealing and
exposing scholars and evildoers. I pray to God not to increase
them (TN: scholars and evildoers), because with all thanks to
Allah, we have (a group of brothers who speak in our minarets)
the power and the credibility and trust and stability within the
nation‟s masses, which qualifies them to say few of the harsh
words which are accepted by them (TN: The nation‟s masses).
Also, large numbers of the rotten ones who are associated with
knowledge and Da‟wa are visible to the point that we can talk
with confidence about them and reveal their defects, etc.
The issue with regards to the ones associated with knowledge and
Da‟wa has more sensitivity than other issues.
But, with regards to the educated and writers and thinkers and
infidel reports and the masters of pen and paper who fight
against God and the prophet and the companions, those we agree
on publishing their lists and classifications. At the beginning,
it would include a group of the “rotten heads” with addition to
a profile on each person and personal photo if possible, and
then we will publish it with God‟s help.
I did request from our brothers in the Jihadi media net to begin
preparing these lists and folders and information so that it can
be useful to us, and God is the one who grants success.
And with regards to the discussion about “Al Rafidah” (TN: the
rejecters, or Shiites) and their danger, and the danger of the
Iranian al-Safawi al-Majusi (TN: Safavids), the discussion that
you sent us is pleasant and we are in the process of forwarding
it (we might alter few of the statements, or add suitable ones)
to the people of knowledge as suggested by you. With regards to
Hamid Al-((„Ali)), it is an easy matter, it is not complicated
for us to send it to him (God willing), but we also plan on
sending it to other brothers, and God is the one who grants
Of course, with regards to Hamid Al-„Ali and the individuals
around him, we say, ”Don‟t advise an orphan how to cry.” They
are concerned with the “Rafidah” (TN: Reference to Shiites) and
their danger is of great interest; in fact, they are overstated.
They used to write to us and blame us for being negligent with
regards to the “Rafidi” (TN: Shi‟a) issue, and blame us for not
envisioning the Iranian Rafidi danger and others, and they used
to say, “The “Rafidi” danger is greater than the American
danger!!” And so on…
Either way, we will work hard to send your discussion to Sheikh
- With regards to the Iranian relationship and the problem with
our detained brothers, we bring to you good news that they
released a group of brothers in the last month (one group at a
time), and all thanks to God the mighty. And the following
individuals arrived to us:
- „Abd-al-Muhayman Al-((Masri) and his family.
- Salim Al-Masri (from Jihad group) and his family.
- Abu Suhayb Al-((Makki) (originally from Yemen; during the
crusaders offensive he was accompanying Sheikh Aba Sulayman Al-
Makki Al-((Harbi))), and his family.
- Abu Suhayb Al-((Iraqi)), and his family.
- Al Zubair Al-((Maghribi)) (A brother who worked with the
Libyan fighting group), and his family.
- And on the way now (maybe he is in Quetta or close by, the
important thing is that he crossed the Iranian borders, and asks
God to keep him safe) Khalifah Al-Masri, and his family.
Page 2
And all thanks to God, the lord of both worlds.
They did send a message with the coordinating brother (a brother
from Baluchistan in Zahidan; he is the one who they hand over to
the brother and then he sends them to us) that they are going to
hand over the family of Azmarai soon or maybe within a week,
that is what they told him, so that he may make preparations for
their travel to us.
They told him (TN: the brother from Baluchistan in Zahidan) the
family (women, children, no men), that‟s what they told him…we
ask God to ease their matter and to bring them safely, and to
rescue everyone from the ones who are gone astray.
From our side, we are ready to receive them and working on
facilitating the matter, and God is the one who grants success.
And what I mean is that they speeded up releasing the brothers
during this period. And those brothers are mid-level brothers.
And they leaked to a few of the brothers who were released that
in the near future they are going to release more groups of
brothers. God knows.
And it is possible to include the following in the next group:
Aba Hafs Al-((„Arab)), Aba Ziyad Al-Iraqi, Aba „Amru Al-Masri,
and others…
And we ask God for the release of the others (old ones and young
And we think that our escalation efforts (which include
political and media “verbal” and the threat which we sent to
them, and the apprehension of their associate, the trade deputy
in the consulate in Peshawar; and other things they saw from us,
brought fear to them), could be one of the reasons for a speedy
process on their behalf.
But, they (the criminals) did not send any messages to us, and
they did not talk to any of the brothers about it. (TN: Could be
reference to releasing the brothers)
Of course, this is nothing strange coming from them; in fact,
this is their mentality and method. They don‟t want to show that
they are negotiating with us or reacting to our pressure, they
just do these acts to appear as if it is one-sided and as a
matter of initiative on their behalf.
We ask God to repel their evil… Amen.
- I did send to Aba Muhammad your forthcoming project about the
economic crisis, and he responded by sending a few remarks, and
I did see in his remarks plenty of similarities, including
removing a few statements which we saw unsuitable…etc.
Unfortunately, I think I misplaced his letter and I cannot find
it right now.
This is all I could think of, and may God bless you.
- Also attached are a few text files from the net. And if we are
able to, we will send you a hard disk which contains several
useful subjects from the net. Can we send a hard disk to you?
We ask God to care after you and support you…Amen
And may peace and God‟s mercy and blessings be upon you...
Your loved one
Page 3
Thursday 11 June 2009

Page 1
A Letter of Hope and Good News to Our People in Egypt
In the name of God. Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be
upon the prophet, his family, and companions
Beloved Muslim brothers wherever you are, God‟s peace, mercy,
and blessings be upon you.
This the fourth part of the Letter of Hope and Good News to Our
People in Egypt and I will dedicate it to the popular eruption
that is going on in the Arab world in general and in Egypt in
particular. In the last part, I promised to talk about the issue
of Southern Sudan, but I have decided to postpone this for
another part, God willing.
First, I would like to repeat the greetings to the free and
honorable people who erupted in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and
Yemen, and those who rose up and resisted the corrupt rulers,
the corrupters, the Zionist Arabs, the fighters of Islam and the
hijab, the spreaders of immorality, the collaborators with
Israel against al-Mujahidin, the imposers of the siege on Gaza
while supplying Nile water and gas to Israel, and the deniers of
medical treatment and trade in Egypt for the people of Gaza,
while allowing tens of thousands of Israelis to enter Sinai
without a visa to commit immorality in order to fill the pockets
of the greatest criminals with this illegitimate money.
Those are the corrupt and corrupting rulers who joined the
United States in her war against Islam and the Muslims in the
name of “terrorism,” and from whose airports and seaports
aircraft and warships deployed to bomb Muslims in Afghanistan
and Iraq, and who turned their prisons to torture stations in
the service of the crusade.
A greeting to every honest and free person who sacrificed his
life and his comfort to resist the corrupt and corrupting in
Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and all the other Muslim
lands. Greetings to those brave and free, and I pray to God to
have mercy on their martyrs, grant their families patience and
comfort, heal their wounded, and end their imprisonment.
My free, honorable, and zealous brothers, your Mujahidin
brothers are with you, facing your enemy, confronting the US and
her Western allies who appointed Mubarak, Zayn-al-„Abidin Bin-
„Ali, „Ali „Abdallah Salih, „Abdallah Bin-al-Husayn, and others
as rulers above you.
The US‟s reversal of its policy to support the oppressors and
the tyrants and its attempt to deal with the Muslim people
through the policy of softness, deception, and soft power are
the direct results of the blessed attacks on New York,
Washington, and Pennsylvania. Since those attacks, the US and
all Western countries have started to redraw their policies.
Page 2
(I am afraid that this sentence might be inappropriate and might
be perceived by many people as braggadocio and an attempt to
monopolize the accomplishment. I think that our best and closest
to the truth speech should include words. such as
“participation” and “contribution.” We should say that this
change was caused by the unity of the efforts of the children of
this nation ,including al-Mujahidin. God knows best.)
The US‟s concession and reversal is not sufficient and will not
please any free and honest Muslim or anyone who wants justice
among the non-Muslims. Therefore, your Mujahidin brothers
promise you that they will continue to attack the US and her
partners until they leave the lands of the Muslims and stop
supporting the tyrants and the oppressors through the help of
God. God is my witness.
My free and honest brothers in Egypt, this is a very sensitive
phase, and you have to make sure that you are protective of your
faith, honor, and dignity. You should insist upon your
principles, beliefs, and faith ,and you should work on
strengthening them.
There are many who are watching and would jump on the
opportunity to derail your movement so as to achieve their
aspirations and goals.
My free and honest brothers who are loyal to their faith and
their nation, your blessed movement erupted to confront the
oppression and the corruption of the ruling regime and to change
it. So when we talk about change, let us present the issue in a
medical approach by talking about the disease and then about its
What is the disease that the corrupt regime most recently
represented by Egypt?
Egypt suffered from the authority of a secular regime that
fights Islam, corrupts, steals the country‟s treasure, is
defeatist in front of Israel, and is loyal to the West, which is
headed by the US.
In previous parts, I talked in detail about that regime.
Here, I want to point out that secularism in our Muslim world in
general and in Egypt in particular, was not the choice of the
Egyptian people. The Egyptian people have repeatedly demanded to
make the Islamic Shari‟a the source of law and legislation and
to have an Islamic regime. Al-Sadat deceived the Egyptian people
by adding the second article to the constitution which states
that Islamic Shari‟a is the main source of legislation in Egypt.
With this deceitful text, the secularist approach in Egypt
continued. Secularism was imposed by the occupier through his
cannons and spears and was imposed once again by those who
replaced the occupier through fake elections, oppression, and
cruelty. I explained some of these details in previous parts.
The demand of the Egyptian people for a Shari‟a-based regime is
considered one of the most obvious truths about Egypt.
The Shari‟a-based rule was and continues to be the demand (TN
Arabic grammar correction) of the overwhelming majority of
Egyptians. Since the „40s, hundreds of lives were lost, tens of
thousands were imprisoned, and twice that number were tortured
for the sake of achieving it.
Page 3
External powers (TN Arabic grammar correction) and their local
agents in Egypt made sure to demote the Shari‟ah-based rule
through oppression and deceit. The demotion of Shari‟a-based
rule and the strengthening of secularists were among the most
important instructions by the American administration,
especially after the events of 9/11. Whoever wants evidence of
this should read the RAND Center publications, especially the
books “Civil and Democratic Islam,” and “Building Moderate
Muslim Networks.” These books emphasize that the US‟s interests
are with secularists and reformists because they are the true
allies. They also talk about the importance of attacking and
demoting Islamists in general and Jihadists in particular.
These Western powers that invaded our countries, stole our
resources, and violated our independence, realized that their
main enemy is an Islam that is capable of mobilizing Muslims to
form a superpower that would challenge their control and
confront their crimes.
The West encouraged and continues to encourage the robbers and
corrupt tyrants and oppressors to seize power in our countries,
because they are obedient and useful for accomplishing interests
and because they are easy to bribe in exchange for dangerous
concessions that affect our security and sovereignty. In return,
the West will get whatever it desires from our independence and
resources. They turned a blind eye to the crimes of the rulers
and the corrupt elite that surround them and join them in
For 30 years, the US was silent toward the corruption and the
embezzlement by Mubarak, his family, and his inner circle. It
did not start talking about transition of power in Egypt until
the security forces failed to suppress the uprising of the
Egyptian people who are starving for dignity and freedom.
Anyone who monitors the statements of the US administration and
its president and the statements of Western leaders would notice
the gradual shift from talking about protecting stability in
Egypt to asking Mubarak to resign. They were not only saying
that they want Mubarak to resign; they were asking for an
orderly and controlled transition that would allow change of
faces, and perhaps regime, but would maintain the current
policies. They want to continue with the policies that fight
Islam and demote the Shari‟a, even if the overwhelming majority
of Egyptians demand it, and policies that do not oppose to the
American and Western military presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, the
Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf, and the Islamic Maghreb. They want
to continue with a policy that helps that presence and supplies
it with whatever it needs, including supplies, fuel, airports,
seaports, bases, information, forces, and polices that ensure
the survival of Israel, continues the pressure on the
Palestinian people in Gaza and elsewhere in order to give in to
the Israeli aspirations and accept a government headed by
compromisers and defeatists, and ensures the continuation of the
Zionist project for the destruction of al-Aqsa and the
Judiazation of Palestine.
Page 4
This is the democracy that the US wants for us; a democracy that
is especially designed for the Third World in general and the
Islamic world in particular. We witnessed this democracy in the
election of the Rescue Front in Algeria, and we witnessed it
when the US and the West boycotted the government that was
formed by Hamas, and in the US‟s appointment of Karzai as
president even after it admitted that he rigged the election.
At first glance, it might seem that the US and the West have
contradiction and double standards in what they are allowed to
do and what they forbid other from doing. This democracy that
they claim and what they brag about is not appropriate and not
allowed for others. However, a deeper look would reveal that
this is true democracy, for democracy is in actuality a religion
that worships an idol called “the mood of the majority” with
total disregard to religion, morality, values, or principles.
For them, everything is relative and can be changed depending on
the number of votes (and depending on the wishes of financial
powers, pressure groups, and large companies. The reality is
that democracy is a game of lies because it lacks honesty). He
who looks at Western history in general and American history in
particular would find scandalous examples of this. The US and
the West imposed Israel on us and brought an entire nation and
settled it in Palestine and uprooted an entire nation from its
land and refused to allow it to return to it with total
disregard to the opinion of the majority and the right to self
determination for the uprooted.
The majority in the US and the West wanted to expel the
Palestinians from their land; therefore, they were expelled.
“This is democracy and let these people go to hell.”
Democracy is not a principle, morality, or values. Democracy is
a religion based upon honoring the mood of the majority. The
mood of the majority in the West, the US, and Israel does not
want for our countries to have governments that represent their
people; instead, they wish to have submissive governments that
follow their orders.
More specifically, they want our countries to have a democracy
that will allow the continuation of their occupation of Iraq and
Afghanistan and will allow their armies and fleets to continue
to control the sources of oil. They want a democracy that will
accept the Israeli military supremacy with nuclear weapons,
which al-Barad‟i did not dare to demand that they be inspected
or impose any sanction against Israel because of them. They want
a democracy that bans Shar‟ia-based governance even if the
overwhelming majority of our people want it. They want a
democracy that accepts the confiscation of most of Palestine and
giving it to the Zionist entity. They want a democracy that will
continue the siege on Gaza and the suffocation of the resistance
against Israel. They want a democracy that will fight jihad in
the name of fighting terrorism.
Page 5
They want a democracy that will impose secularism on us and will
prohibit us from committing to Islam, such as the democracy of
Turkey that they try to market to us. They want a democracy that
will change the foundations of our social behavior so that we
will accept perversion and accept a family that is not based on
a husband, wife, and children; instead, it would be based on a
very ugly image of filth. They want a democracy that will change
our educational curriculums to make us accept the occupier, the
aggressor, the robber of our resources, and the fighter of our
faith. They want a democracy that will promote an Islam that is
without Jihad, Shari‟a, promotion of virtue, prohibition of
vice, loyalty and disavowal, and unification.
This deceit by the Western governments goes beyond democracy and
applies to their complaints about freedom of press and the bad
treatment of journalists in Egypt, while they are the ones who
bombed Al Jazeera‟s offices in Baghdad and Kabul, and they are
the ones who detained Taysir „Alluni for conducting an interview
with al-Shaykh „Usama Bin-Ladin, may God protect him, after the
invasion of Afghanistan (or for sympathizing with Taliban).
To strengthen a regime that is loyal to her, the US shamelessly
and disgracefully intervenes in Egyptian affairs, issues
instructions and orders day after day, sends it representatives
for direct involvement, and contacts the government and some
opposition factions as if it is dealing with a farm or a branch
of a company that it owns. This humiliating style in the
American treatment of Egypt became deeply rooted by Mubarak and
by al-Sadat before him.
So, this is the disease that the corrupt Egyptian regime
represents. As I said before, it is a secular regime that fights
Islam, oppresses, corrupts, steals resources, is defeatist in
front of Israel, and is loyal to the West that is headed by the
So, what is the cure?
The cure is to amputate this corrupt regime and replace it with
a good, just, and Shari‟a-based regime that spreads Shura and
justice and will allow the nation to participate in selecting
their rulers and holding them accountable and will allow their
active participation in managing their affairs through their
representatives, and will work on redistributing the nation‟s
wealth and on stopping the theft, embezzlement, wickedness, and
immorality, and will confront the Western hegemony over our
countries, and will aid in ending the oppression of any
oppressed person in our nation, in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan,
and every corner of the Islamic world, and ending the oppression
of every oppressed person in the world, because oppression is
forbidden to Muslims and non-Muslims.
The Prophet said, “God said, „My people, I banned oppression for
myself and I banned it amongst you, so do not
oppress.‟”(Footnote 1)
The removal of the tyrant and the amputation of the corrupt
regime is nothing but a step or steps on the path to a cure. It
is like a surgeon who cuts open the abdomen of a cancer patient,
who will not heal until this cancer is removed and the abdomen
is stitched back together and the patient is cared for until he
(Footnote 1) I suggest that at the beginning you should include
the poem that I attached to you in a file named “Good News.”
Page 6
The removal of the tyrant is like a doctor cutting open the
abdomen of a cancer patient and leaving him (it is not a good
The honest, free, and the zealots for their faith, honor, and
dignity should not be satisfied with the removal of the regime
that deserves to be removed; instead, they should continue to
with jihad and struggle until the Islamic regime that achieves
justice, freedom, and independence is established.
The free and honest should not allow the US or others who are
waiting to pounce and steal the fruit of their uprising and
At the beginning of the demonstrations, the US tried to preserve
the tyrant and hoped that he would be able to suppress the
popular uprising. Then, it moved to the second option, which is
being implemented at this time, to remove the tyrant and to
transfer power to other trusted members of his regime. The third
option is for the US to work on getting rid of the regime and
transfer power to a democratic or undemocratic regime, as long
as it is loyal to her.
The US‟s and the West‟s greatest fear is a rise of Islamic
regime in Egypt and other Muslim countries that will achieve
justice and confront their supremacy.
The free and the honest should not accept the remnants of the
regime or a secular regime that is loyal and submissive to our
enemies. You should not be deceived by „Umar Sulayman, for he is
Mubarak‟s man and a loyalist, the trusted man of the American
intelligence, and the one who was praised by Israel. Also, they
should not be deceived with Husayn Tantawi, for he is Mubarak‟s
man and a loyalist and is trusted by the Americans. Didn‟t Obama
praise the Egyptian Army? Didn‟t the American politicians
consider it the guarantor of the so-called “stability”?
The Egyptian Army has many free and honest people who are loyal
to their faith and nation. Wasn‟t it the Egyptian Army who had
within its ranks Khalid al-Islambuli, „Ata Tayil, Husayn „Abbas,
„Abd-al-Hamid „Abd-al-Salam, „Isam al-Qumari, and Sulayman
Khatir (may God rest their souls)?
Unfortunately, Mubarak and the Americans appointed a leadership
for that army that is loyal to them.
Wasn‟t it the Egyptian Army leadership that allowed the thugs to
come in with their horses, camels, and weapons to attack
demonstrators on the Bloody Wednesday?
Before that, wasn‟t it the Egyptian Army who supervised the
military trials and who issued more than 100 death sentences
under Mubarak and put many times that number in prisons and
jails? It is aiding the American military and intelligence
effort against our nation.
Page 7
It also provides military bases for the Americans and
facilitates supplies and storage for those forces.
Isn‟t it the entity that participates in the joint training with
the American forces and NATO, including Bright Star, in which
the joint forces train on occupying Egypt for when an anti-
American regime gets established there?
Isn‟t it the leadership that receives American military aid of
about 1.5 billion dollars each year so as to make sure that the
Egyptian Army is at the service of the American interests?
Isn‟t it the leadership that ordered the siege on Gaza?
From the American perspective, the leadership of the Egyptian
Army is the guarantor of the surrender treaties with Israel and
cooperation treaties with the US, the guarantor that Sinai will
continue to be demilitarized, and the guarantor of the safety of
the southern Israeli border and the continuation of the siege on
Speaking of the military courts, I should remind every free,
honest, and zealous in Egypt to not forget his detained brothers
in Mubarak‟s prisons, for they sacrificed their treasure, life
with their families, and were tortured, humiliated, violated,
and detained for a long time in their struggle against that
corrupt and corrupting regime. Free and honest people, saving
those detainees is a responsibility on your shoulders and you
will be held accountable for it in this life and in the life to
I call on every free and honest person in Egypt to continue his
struggle, Jihad, and resistance until the corrupt regime falls
and an Islamic regime rises. I specifically call on the lions of
al-Azhar, and I tell them, “O lions of al-Azhar and Islam, this
is your day. Rise and lead the nation in her struggle for
establishing the Islamic regime. You can lead the nation if you
unite, insist upon and grab onto the truth, and you get rid of
the dwarves that Mubarak imposed upon you. The roar of the lions
of al-Azhar is starting to echo loud, so continue, be patient,
and spread patience.”
Lead a campaign by your nation to rise and topple the corrupt
regime and build the Islamic regime upon its ruins. Prove to
them that there is no safety without faith, no peace without
Islam, and no freedom without unification.
Regain your freedom that was stolen from you, for it is your
right to have the endowment of al-Azhar returned (TN Arabic
grammar correction) and the right of the scholars of al-Azhar to
choose their shaykh from among them, and not by a tyrant. Regain
your right to have an independent union that represents your
opinion and defends every persecuted amongst you. Why is it that
every profession, even dancers, has a union and organizations
representing them except for al-Azhar?
(TN: The following is a poem)
Get up and greet al-Azhar and let the world hear it,
Page 8
For it deserves our praise.
They are more important than kings and have more authority.
There would be so much fear and uncertainty if it were not for
They know so much about Shari‟a and the are great examples of
Al-Azhar became the center of the Muslim world.
Awareness of Muslim issues started in al-Azhar.
You are doing God‟s work on Earth.
You are the defenders of the Muslim world.
Because of you, no ignorant will be allowed to roam the lands.
(TN: end of poem)
My free and honest brothers in Egypt, there are some who want to
become the rulers of Egypt by making a deal with the Americans.
A deal that would guarantee that her interests and crimes
continue in exchange for fake political life and false freedoms
that are convenient for the US and would take us back to the
fake political life at the time of the monarchy.
There are some who would like to solve Egypt‟s problems by
submitting to the US and seeking her help. These people are
intentionally ignoring the fact that the US is the root of the
The free and the honest in Egypt should understand the nature of
the conflict and that the local enemies are agents (TN Arabic
grammar correction) for the external enemies. Political freedom
cannot be achieved away from liberating people from polytheism
and submission to the foreign invaders. It cannot be
accomplished except through expelling the occupation forces from
Egypt, Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and
other Muslim countries. It cannot be achieved except through a
just redistribution of wealth so that the bite does not get
stolen from the mouth of the poor in order to be deposited in
the accounts of the thieves abroad.
They need to understand all of this to make sure that the fruit
and the gains of their uprising do not get stolen.
Before I finish my words, I want to send three messages:
Page 9
My first message is to the people of our beloved Tunisia, the
Tunisia of Qayrawan (TN: Cyrene), the Tunisia of Jihad and
steadfastness. I say to them: The tyrant ruler is gone, but the
tyrant regime is still there. Continue your Jihad and struggle
until you remove all the tyrants in your country and have the
banner of Islam, freedom, pride, and justice fly over your
The second message is to our people in beloved Yemen, Yemen of
faith and wisdom, the reinforcement of Islam, its servant and
its supporter. I tell them: Remember your Mujahidin brothers who
are confronting the tyrant, corrupt, and corrupting regime. I
urge them to uproot this regime that turned Yemen into a base
for spying and supplying for the crusade and which filled its
pockets with the illegitimate crusaders‟ money in exchange for
killing Yemenis. You started your uprising, so continue with it
until Yemen is free from the crusaders and their agents.
My third message is to our Muslim nation everywhere. I tell her:
the US‟s defeat can be seen on the horizon, and her servants are
starting to fall. Join Jihad and aid those who wage jihad
against them.
Finally, praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon prophet
Muhammad, his family and companions.
God‟s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you (Footnote 2).
(Footnote 2) I suggest that at the end of the letter you should
include the poem that I attached to you in a file named
“Oppression, Go away and Vanish 2” with a picture of Mubarak and
his son. It would be great if you cold also include pictures of
the police beating up the people and an appeal to the Egyptian
people to break the siege on Gaza. Also, there are pictures of
the beating of demonstrators in Egypt on the first tape named
“Gaza‟s Sacrifices and the Conspiracies.” Also, there are
pictures of Mubarak at the end of it. May God grant you success.

From Shaykh ((Mahmud))/(TN: Report on) Senior shaykhs and other
issues pertaining to the Arabian Peninsula
(TN: In red lettering) This file contains messages from one of
the trusted brothers who is a middleman for me in the Arabian
Peninsula and is a religious student with ties to the senior
shaykhs and clerics.
My Dear Shaykh ((Abu 'Abd-al-Rahman)),
Peace be upon you, and God's grace and his blessings. I met
with a group of well-known senior shaykhs who signed on to the
recent Statement of Victory of the Sunnis in Iraq over the
Safawis (TN: derogatory reference to the Shi'a-majority
government). I asked them their impressions of your latest
statement and of the statement by the brothers in the Islamic
State of Iraq (TN: ISI). I also showed your message to them to
all but one person, and I have begun building bridges with them.
I met other people, as well, and showed them the statement.
The senior shaykhs with whom I met included Shaykh 'Abd-al-
Rahman al-((Barrak)) (who was very moved by your message to
him); Shaykh ((Abu Zafr)); Shaykh Sa'id Al ((Zu'ayr)); Shaykh
Muhammad al-((Habdan)); Shaykh 'Abd-al-'Aziz al-((Jalil));
Shaykh Yusuf al-((Ahmad)); and Shaykh Muhammad al-((Farraj)) (I
went to his home twice and prayed at his mosque, but it was
unable to meet with him).
They shared with me important information and their reflections
on current events. The most important thing of value pertained
to Shaykh Abu Zafr; we agreed to meet together over several
sessions to determine the structure of several reports about
certain matters that must be brought to your attention after I
return from the pilgrimage, God willing.
There are many details that I will share with you regarding the
statement about supporting the Sunnis in Iraq and the story
behind it, as well as what precisely took place during the
meeting, and who wrote it. I will also tell you about who
wanted to have a statement issued about the attacks against the
ISI saying it's not a legitimate organization, etc.
Page 2
I have indeed begun writing the report and I've finished the
main point in it and the beginning of it. All that remains is
writing the bulk of the details and drawing the connection
between what was said by the various shaykhs. I will begin
wrapping up the report after my return from the pilgrimage,
because I'm traveling tomorrow, God willing.
There is an urgent piece of information that Shaykh Abu Zafr
asked me to relay to you: He wants you to ask your friend, whom
you will send to Abu Zafr, to stop demanding the report about
the senior shaykhs in the Arabian Peninsula. This is because
the shaykh says that the courier that you use is good, and we
consider him a good man, but he cannot be trusted with such
secret information because he is weak when he is in custody.
The shaykh asked around about him, and was told that when that
brother was in jail, he gave up all the brothers' secrets in no
time. He cannot keep secrets, and with the slightest bit of
pain, he gives up everything he has. There may be someone in
Medinah who could be called upon for a favor and the blessings
of whose worthy prayers would be sought, but the person who told
this story would not allow them to be spoken of. So the shaykh
doesn't mind if the brother comes, but he is not to be given any
secret information of any importance. Many casualties resulted
from this brother having been in jail in the past, and from his
many confessions and his having revealed the secret of our
activity. So ask him quit asking the shaykh for the report for
the time being, because the shaykh is busy and doesn't have the
time right now to write it, so he shouldn't keep insisting on
In general, Shaykh Abu Zafr and I agreed that we will prepare
the complete report about the senior shaykhs and then they
shaykh will put the final touches on the main points. I will
then put it in its final wording. The shaykh mentioned to me
his position regarding your statement and the statement from the
brothers in the ISI. In general, the shaykh did not support
their recommendation because they will be turned against you,
particularly the statement from the brothers in the ISI, which
included the general vouching that was at odds with your
statement, in which you vouched for only two people who had no
Naturally, the shaykh knows my true name and my home address. I
agreed with him on a code word for communicating in the future.
None of those senior shaykhs knows my alias, the one by which
you know me. I am very careful to make sure neither side knows
the other name, be it my true name or my alias. It's enough
that each side knows one of the two, for reasons of security.
There is currently no benefit in their knowing both names. I
also met with someone close to Shaykh 'Abdallah al-
((Ghanayman)), who told me some new information about the
At any rate, I will begin the report about the response from the
senior shaykh to your message and the news they're hearing.
These meetings lasted several hours, so I will try to summarize
what was said as best I can.
(TN: new message)
My Dear Shaykh Abu 'Abd-al-Rahman,
Peace be upon you, and God's grace and his blessings. May God
accept your best works along with ours.
(TN: in blue text) What is the brothers' assessment of Harith
al-((Dari)) and the Association of Muslim Scholars?
Page 3
Thank you for your explanation about ((Fadl-al-Rahman)), the
Politician and Ultimate Holy Warrior. I met a good brother from
Sarhad who is a close friend of Fadl-al-Rahman, and I was going
to meet The Politician during the pilgrimage, but I ran out of
time and wasn't able to meet him. I was deceived by what I'd
heard, and your explanation helped. Praise be to God that I
didn't meet him. During the pilgrimage, I met two Shaykhs:
Muhammad al-Hasan Ould al-((Dadu)) and Safr al-((Huwali)).
These were quick meetings, not much more than greetings asking
how things were, because circumstances weren't conducive to
more. The reason for meeting The Ultimate Holy Warrior was to
ensure coordination so that some brothers I know could join the
father's group, because I'd heard he had some ties to them. He
promised he would do that, but after winter. I wanted to go
through you to make them religious students, or just new
brothers through him. If you know any trusted brothers who
could help them get there, that would be great. There is a
group of brothers that want to join with the brothers in
Khorasan. The best of them is a religious student in a European
country who has wanted to join the brothers ever since things
got more difficult for him in his country. The last one, I know
only from the network, because he is a deputy of the Amir (TN:
senior leader) of the Worldwide Islamic Media Front. Do you
have a way to help in this matter for brothers with no
Is there a trusted brother from among the Mujahidin who can
record tapes of the brothers in the Arabian Peninsula in his own
voice? They need to provide commentary to videos, but everyone
is afraid to reveal his voice. So is there anyone suitable for
this on your end whose voice is suitable for commentary during
films and whose accent is that of the peninsula region?
I want to ask you a question about the veracity of what a very
close friend of Shaykh Yusuf al-(('Ayiri)) told me. He said
that Shaykh Yusuf was expelled from al-Qa'ida, or to be more
precise, that he was removed from al-Qa'ida leadership in the
Arabian Peninsula after rejecting the bombings. I was told he
sent a secret letter of counsel to ((Abu 'Abdallah)) about the
matter. The decision to remove him was made by ((Sayf al-
'Adl)), and news was handed down via the Doctor. Shaykh Yusuf's
friend told me that this news reached him from Shaykh Yusuf via
a middleman working between the two men. Do you have any
information about this? He vehemently denied it.
How true is what I hear from people aligned with religious
students, who may be biased, that Shaykh Ayman al-((Zawahiri))
is the most influential man in the organization, and that Abu
'Abdallah is like a puppet on his hand, and that Abu 'Abdallah
has given authority to Zawahiri to run everything, though the
former disagrees with some of Shaykh Ayman's behavior? (This is
what some of the enemies or hated families in the peninsula and
elsewhere are saying). This really has me agitated, and I don't
accept it. But I wanted to verify with you the role of Shaykh
Ayman. Has al-Qa'ida been tinged with his ideology and
opinions, and is Abu 'Abdallah not the most influential man in
the organization?
Thank you so much for the explanation about the senior shaykhs.
If you don't mind, I would like you to include among them Shaykh
'Abd-al-Qadir (('Abd-al-'Aziz)) and Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-
((Maqdisi)). I have been eager to ask you about this, because I
recognize in you a balanced judgment of character, and I trust
your opinion and think of you thus, though God is the ultimate
judge, and my recommendation of you does not come before His.
While I was on the pilgrimage, God deemed that I should meet two
people: Muhamamd al-Hasan Ould al-Dadu and Safr al-Huwali, but
they were quick meetings that consisted of little more than
greetings and small talk about goings on. I had wanted to meet
a group of senior shaykhs during the pilgrimage, but I didn't
get the chance.
Page 4
What is the truth in what is being said about Harith al-Dari
having been targeted more than once by my brothers in the
Mujahidin Shura Council? Is this only between Harith al-Dari
and myself?
(TN: in red text) Very important explanation about the statement
in support of the Sunnis in Iraq against the Safawis, for which
I praised you:
The statement was adopted by the senior shaykhs of al-Qasim, led
by Shaykh 'Abdallah al-Ghanyman. It was written in
approximately ten pages that have been abridged to roughly four.
The part about denouncing differences and arguments and the
importance of closing ranks was written by Shaykh 'Abd-al-'Aziz
al-Jalil, as he himself told me (this portion was supposed to
appear in a separate statement, but because of the disagreement
about the wording, they decided to add it to this statement).
The statement was signed during the meeting that takes place
every four months that included the most well-known of the
peninsula's senior shaykhs. 70 senior shaykhs attended the
meeting, where they were presented with the statement. Only 38
agreed to the statement; the rest refused to sign it for various
reasons, including an objection to the wording or fears that it
would lead to greater pressure on them, along with other
reasons, despite the shared apprehensions regarding the State's
fears about Iran's intentions. The statement had included four
lines containing an attack against the ISI, saying it was an
illegitimate state, that sort of thing. A group of the senior
shaykhs, chief among them al-Barrak, were adamant that the lines
be removed, and the rest of the shaykhs were forced to oblige
their wishes because of the importance of the signatures from
the dissenting group, especially that of al-Barrak.
In truth, there was much talk from the shaykhs in these meetings
because they lasted for so many hours. I will give you a
heavily abridged presentation of the finer points:
The shaykhs with whom I met included:
1. Shaykh 'Abd-al-Rahman al-Barrak
2. Shaykh Sa'id Al Zu'ayr
3. Shaykh Bashr al-((Bashr))
4. Shaykh Muhammad al-Habdan
5. Shaykh Yusuf al-Ahmad
6. Shaykh 'Abd-al-'Aziz al-Jalil
7. Shaykh Muhammad al-Farraj (I wasn't able to meet with him; I
prayed in his mosque and went to his home several times, but he
wasn't there)
They all welcomed further contact and each read the message,
with the exception of one to whom I did not show the message or
bring up its subject because the situation wasn't appropriate
for it. This is a positive indication, in addition to what al-
Jalil and al-Habdan both said about how happy they were with
your statement and the statement from the brothers in the ISI.
1. Al-Barrak: The shaykh was quite moved by the message and
said, "May God keep you well, Brother 'Atiyah. Really, you have
lifted me above my home, and I am but a lowly worshipper." He
prayed for victory and ability for the ISI, which is being
hounded by worshippers of the cross and their lackeys, and he
said he will work on the matter of Shaykh (('Umar)) as much as
he can.
Page 5
2. Bashr al-Bashr: He was pleased with your message and appeared
comfortable when he was dealing with me. He said, "I would
recommend that Shaykh 'Atiyah and the ISI not post a statement
praising those men. They will turn on you. They are generally
against you, as is a majority of the Senior Shaykhs in the
Arabian Peninsula. Shaykh (('Atiyatallah))'s statement is
better because it praises al-Barrak and al-Ghanayman, unlike the
other, more general one that praises those undeserving of
praise." I have a lot of important, secret information that the
Shaykh will record, and which I will send to you, God willing.
He will give me the main points, and I will take care of the
wording. He mentioned that there is a wicked campaign to have a
statement issued against the ISI laying bare its practices, and
saying that it is expanding its takfir and killings and that you
issued a fatwa to the nation unilaterally announcing them to the
State, etc. However, this campaign met failure, praise be to
God, as both he and Shaykh Sa'id bin Zu'ayr informed me.
Several senior shaykhs in Riyadh are taking over developing the
campaign, along with representatives of the factions in Riyadh.
I will send you a report explaining this matter further, with
exactly what was said, etc.
Tell me everything you want me to relay to al-Bashr, because I'm
going to go see him soon, God willing.
The two most watched people in Riyadh are al-Bashr and Abu Malik
'Abdallah al-((Rays)). The latter is the biggest supporter of
the Jaysh al-Islami (TN: Islamic Army), and his opinion of al-
Qa'ida is well-known: Shaykh al-Bashr was assigned full time to
secret work roughly a year ago.
Shaykh al-Bashr told me that three senior shaykhs - 'Abdallah
al-((Sa'd)), Yusuf al-Ahmad, and Muhammad al-Habdan - supported
the Mujahidin, but he doesn't think they are able to be of much
benefit to the Mujahidin at present in consultations, etc.,
because some of them are more concerned with accountability,
denouncing vice in the marketplace and the media, and other such
He mentioned that he met the Amir of the Jaysh al-Islami in Iraq
on two occasions, and that he also met with a delegation from
the Islamic Courts, whom me advised to crush the transitional
government in Baidoa before Ethiopian support could arrive.
Shaykh Bashr is with you, heart and soul, and he told me that he
would inform me of any updates he had, which I will send to you.
The name of Shaykh 'Abd-al-Rahman al-((Mahmud)) was recommended
to me by al-Jalil, and Shaykh Bashr agreed to go see him. He
told me not to go to Abu Malik al-Rays because of his well-known
position, which I had not known of.
Meeting with one of al-Ghanayman's students: I met with a
student of Shaykh 'Abdallah al-Ghanayman, and he told me that
the shaykh was in good health and was one of those who had tried
to hasten the dissenting statement. The shaykh relies on the
students close to him for help, as he is an elderly man and
needs people to move him. The biggest problem facing al-
Ghanayman is that his students aren't devoted to their shaykh.
Otherwise, if this weren't the case, I would have seen something
else, and the shaykh's signature would have been put on it. The
shaykh had promised himself that his books wouldn't be printed
until after his death, but his students recommended to him that
the books be printed, and all the money be sent to the
Mujahidin. The shaykh was really happy with this suggestion,
and said that if the money was going to be sent to the
Mujahidin, then he would recent his earlier position. It is
said that he had refused to welcome Shaykh Salih al-((Fawzan))
into his home, but I think that's unlikely. But perhaps he
didn't welcome him in the usual way, or not in a way suitable to
man of al-Fawzan's notoriety, because Shaykh 'Abdallah thinks
that al-Fawzan has gotten more involved with the Sultans than is
necessary. On a sidenote, I asked one of Shaykh
Page 6
Salih al-Fawzan's students about the shaykh's relationship with
the State, and he told me that the shaykh was terribly afraid of
the Salul family. I told him that was strange, and that the
shaykh was a man of conviction, particularly when it comes to
the Mujahidin and the Islamic groups, and to sticking to the
Salafist path. What he was saying about matters of jihad was
completely unacceptable, and he was supposed to be a man who
stood firm in confronting the Sultans. The student said I was
right, but the reality was that the shaykh was totally unable to
confront the State.
Perhaps I will have a private meeting with Shaykh 'Abdallah al-
Ghanayman, God willing, about matters, and maybe I'll also meet
with students of Shaykh 'Ali al-((Khudayr)). There is a famous
quote from Shaykh Nasir al-(('Aql)), who is well-known for his
knowledge of doctrine. He said he didn't know anyone under the
sun who knew more about Salafist doctrine than did Shaykh
'Abdallah al-Ghanayman.
3. Sa'id Al Zu'ayr: He prayed for Shaykh 'Umar, and he said to
me, "Tell Shaykh 'Atiyah that the reason the brothers have
stopped is the lack of a practical means on the horizon to
achieve victory for the shaykh, and statements do no good." The
shaykh was advising consulting the senior shaykhs of the Arabian
Peninsula because most of their hearts were not with the
Mujahidin, and because those who are sitting should be sending
their questions to the Mujahidin.
It was strange when he told me a bit of information that differs
from what I know. He told me that there is a need for Mujahidin
in Khorasan and Iraq, and that no one says there isn't a need
except for the failures. The shaykh told me there are
representatives from Khorasan and Iraq that he meets with
He also said that there are many religious students on the front
lines in Iraq; Shaykh Bashr had mentioned this same point to me,
and had advised that I doggedly peruse the volumes of fatwas and
true believers.
He said there are three pieces of advice that he thinks are very
important for the brothers in the ISI: The first one is to be
very wary of newly-joined members. No matter their status or
capabilities, they must not be placed in leadership positions in
the shura council, as there are many dangers lurking. Victory
lies ahead, so one must remain on the lookout for penetrations
and be extremely wary of newcomers. Benefit from them, but just
don't put them on the shura council, for example.
The second piece of advice is to remain eager to draw in the
largest number possible of soldiers from other factions to the
Promised State. Honor their arrival and know that the base of
jihadist groups wants what God has, and wants martyrdom. These
groups have no particular ambitions or special opinions. So
honor their arrival and the arrival of any of their commanders
that come, so that we might not lose victory. Whoever of the
senior shaykhs of Riyadh tries plainly to ruin this will see
their efforts met with failure, praise be to God.
The third piece of advice is to not consult the senior shaykhs
of the Arabian Peninsula. There is no good in consulting them.
They rest on your victory, and they let you down. It is a
sinister person who lowers the necks of the Mujahidin for
someone sitting around to ride upon them. Put the affairs of
the Jaysh al-Islami in order now with Safr al-Huwali and Nasir
al-'Umar, who got in trouble when their necks were lowered.
4. 'Abd-al-'Aziz al-Jalil: He really responded when we started
communicating, and he asked me a bunch of questions to be sure
of me. He prayed for Shaykh 'Umar and for Muslim prisoners, and
he said that they had reached the stage in which they hope there
will be a brother with whom they can meet to confirm some
things, and so they can convey some things. I was supposed to
meet him in Muna, as well, but things didn't work out then,
Page 7
5. Muhammad al-Habdan: He responded when we started
communicating and told me that he has an open channel with al-
Barrak at a moment's notice to stay in touch with him, and he is
prepared to serve you as he is able.
6. Yusuf al-Ahmad: He is the one person I didn't show your
message to because circumstances didn't allow, and it wasn't a
suitable time. But I did ask him about the dissenting
statement, and he told me some of the information I mentioned
above, which I gathered from the senior shaykhs to better
explain the issue of writing the statement.
He said that there are representatives from some of the factions
that attended the meeting, or more precisely some senior shaykhs
who support well-known factions and have close contact with
their representatives. They told them some stories against the
ISI, saying they did this and that, and that Abu Hamzah al-
((Muhajir)) is the problem and ((Zarqawi)) is heaven compared to
him. They said Abu Hamzah is much more bloodthirsty and more
enthusiastic about takfir, is tyrannical in his dealings with
others, and has no patience for anyone who disagrees with him,
etc. The stories say that they kill shaykhs and proselytizers
who disagree with them, be they from different factions,
brothers, or what have you. Unfortunately, the ISI messenger
did not come to respond. On a separate note, Shaykh, the
brothers have a representative and he went to several of the
senior shaykhs like al-Barrak and al-Bashr. But to the pro-ISI
shaykhs, any word they say can be counted against them. So the
Jaysh al-Islami or the 1920's Revolutionary Brigades, etc., are
not like the ISI. The accusation of supporting al-Qa'ida is
In order to better illustrate the position of some senior
shaykhs who support jihad but oppose al-Qa'ida, I give you an
article written by one such shaykh who follows this approach.
May God help you as you read this; it will require effort and
patience. The words will raise your blood pressure and arouse
your anger; in fact, a draft of the article before the final
copy even included an unconfirmed accusation that takfir book
used by the Taliban and Bin Laden was written by Zarqawi, and to
which ((Abu Qatadah)) responded. It was supposed to be
published in Mufakkirat al-Islam, and they agreed to do so, but
then they decided against publishing it before the Eid holiday,
saying that the ISI would kill all the publication's
correspondents if it published it (this is the essay that was
called the Essay on the Family of Perversion).
Shaykh 'Abd-al-'Aziz (('Abd-al-Latif)) was recommended by one of
the brothers as a good person to visit.
For your benefit, here are the links to the web pages of senior
shaykhs mentioned in this secret report:
Muhammad al-Habdan
Page 8
Sa'id al-Zu'ayr
Yusuf al-Ahmad
Your student and admirer in God.

Page: 1
In the name of God most merciful
To Shaykh Mahmud, may God protect him,
I hope that this letter finds you while you and your family are in good health
I offer my condolences to you for the death of our beloved brothers. May God have mercy on their soul
and consider them among the martyrs.
This is the path of Jihad. God said, “You will sacrifice you money and yourselves for the sake of God.”
They struck us and we will strike them back. Anyone who looks at the enemies in NATO, especially
America, will know that they are in big trouble. This year has been the worst year for them in
Afghanistan since they invaded it. The number of their dead has never been this high according to their
own reports. Their financial crisis continues. Britain has lowered is defense budget and America is
reducing the budget of the Pentagon.
Anyone who knows the world and knows politics, knows that it is impossible for them to continue with
the war. There is no difference between them and the Soviet Union before it withdrew from
Afghanistan. As for the local enemies, as you know, they are in big trouble and the government is in
danger of falling, especially after the floods and the increase in the number of those who are suffering
from the financial crisis. Their difficult situation was the reason for the crisis between them and NATO.
Page: 2
You know of the size of the disagreement between the two sides after they closed the border. Through
the generosity of God, the situation is moving in the direction of al-Mujahidin. You should be patient and
strong and God will reward us.
-Regarding the brothers in Wasiristan in general, whoever can keep a low profile and take the necessary
precautions, should stay in the area and those who cannot do so, their first option is to go to Nuristan in
Kunar, Gazni or Zabil. I am leaning toward getting most of the brothers out of the area. We could leave
the cars because they are targeting cars now, but if we leave them, they will start focusing on houses
and that would increase casualties among women and children. It is possible that they have
photographed targeted homes. The brothers who can keep a low profile and take the necessary
precautions should stay, but move to new houses on a cloudy day.
A warning to the brothers: they should not meet on the road and move in their cars because many of
them got targeted while they were meeting on the road. They also should not enter the market in their
Note: there is no comparison between the fortification of Kunar and Zabil and Gazni. Kunar is more
fortified due to its rougher terrain and the many mountains, rivers, and trees and it can accommodate
hundreds of the brothers without being spotted by the enemy. This will defend the brothers from the
aircrafts, but will not defend them from the traitors.
Also, the brothers should enter those areas to fight and attack the enemy.
-As for you, if you think that it is dangerous to move by car, then you can stay in the area, but you need
to do your work through two brothers, and only one of them should carry your messages to the
brothers. The key individuals for your work are your first deputy, second deputy, military commander,
and four or five other brothers.
Page: 3
They can through their own ways deliver the messages to the other brothers. The brother should visit
you no more than once or twice a week.
The other brother comes to you only for necessary issues only, even if this slows down the work. We
pray to God for things to change. You should know the locations of the brothers, but they should not
know your location, except for the carriers.
Note: tell the brothers that the ban is not only to those who come by car. The amir should not meet
anyone except the two carriers. The Americans have great accumulative experience in photography of
the area due to the fact that they have been doing it in the area for so many years. They can distinguish
between houses frequented by men at a higher rate than usual. Also, the visiting person might be
tracked without him knowing. This applies to locals too.
Inform the brothers that this is the arrangement for every amir at this time.
It is important to have the leadership in a faraway location to gain expertise in all areas. When this
experienced leadership dies, this would lead to the rise of lower leaders who are not as experienced as
the former leaders and this would lead to the repeat of mistakes. Remind your deputies that all
communication with others should be done through letters.
-In a previous letter I asked you to get an oath from the brothers that would include:
1-Obediance and jihad for the sake of restoring the caliphate
2-Keep the secret of work
3-Safeguad the work that they are responsible for and provide advice to the leadership
Page: 4
Take the oath even from brothers who gave the oath in the past.
Regarding the first and second deputy, send me the text of the oath and let me know which brothers
can take on this responsibility in the future.
-Regarding brother Muhammad Shawqi Abu-Ja’far, if he arrived at your location, please arrange for him
a safe place and explain to him in details the danger in moving and all security precautions.
If he is on the road, then make the arrangements for him, he might be with the brothers in Kunar.
Explain to him in details about the situation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Wasiristan. Then, he can give
you his opinion about the location that he is in. He should be informed of the nature of work and he
should be consulted on things that are being discussed.
-In your letter, you talked about your relationship with Abu-Salman al-Baluchi. I know that he is good
Mujahid and got detained in the past, but some of the Baluchi people that he knows work for the
Pakistani intelligence. Therefore, I advise you to be careful and not talk to him about your news and
secrets. Also, for that reason, my son Hamzah should not be at his place or anywhere near him.
Regarding my son Hamzah and his mother, I wish you take all the security precautions that were
mentioned before in order to disrupt surveillance on him. He should move only when the clouds are
heavy. Then, ‘Um-Hamzah goes to the middle-man on my side. I asked him to make all the remaining
arrangements. I also asked him to make sure that they read the letter before they go in order to alert
them to some security precautions including not taking with them any of the things that they had in
Iran, such as their suitcases. As for Hamzah, if you find my companion that we talked about, please send
him to Peshawar and the surrounding area and ask him to arrange a house that can hold two families in
addition to his family. He should stay there with Hamzah. If you did not find him yet, then please have a
trusted Pakistani brother accompany him. Make sure to tell Hamzah that I am of the opinion that he
needs to get out of Wasiristan if he is there, and he should not go there if he is not there. What I said
regarding Hamzah applies to ‘Uthman and Muhammad if they come from Iran.
Page: 5
Regarding the deputy position, Shaykh Abu Yahya should be the one for a year from the date of the
appointment of Shaykh Sa’id (may God rest his soul), but he should give his greatest attention to the
issue of shari’a research that we talked about in the past especially for Somalia and the Islamic
Maghreb. The brothers in the Islamic Maghreb might experience divisions. To avoid this, the research
that you said that you are going to prepare on dealing with the apostates should be sent to them. It
should be complete and comprehensive and it should include the opinions of the scholars. This is a very
important issue. I have attached a letter from myself to Brother ‘Abd-al-Rahman. You can look at and it
contains my order to him to be your second deputy. Our situation cannot accept baseless excuses from
anyone. Do the same thing with ‘Abd-al-Jalil. Appoint him as a second deputy if you need to for a year
from the date of the arrival of your letter to him with the possibility for renewal.
I have sent you also a file named Attachments for Shaykh Mahmud and it includes parts of the Yemen
message. Since you lived there with the brothers for a while, please read it and make some adjustments
in it to make it appropriate for your area. If possible, please add it to the files of brother ‘Abd-al-Wadud
or you can send it to them as part of your correspondence to them. Please let us know which sections
you will send to them. Do not send the parts that I sent to them in the letter of the general policy.
-We did not receive the letter from shaykh Abu-Yahya which mentiones the Islamic Maghreb.
-In the last letter when I used the term “external work,” I meant the work of shaykh Yunis and the work
inside western countries.
-It seems that there is a misunderstanding regarding the issue of Jihadi media. It is a main piece of the
war and I did not mean that it should be abandoned. I just wanted to point out that the level of
interviews did not reach the desired level and I called on you to do better.
-Regarding the program Witness to History (TN: a program on al-Jazirah), I do not like it because the
host of the program uses improper language sometimes.
Page: 6
-Regarding my letter to brother Basir, if you get any important comments from Shaykh Abu-Muhammad
on the letter in general, please send them to me. Also, if you or shaykh Abu-Muhammad have
comments on any of the paragraphs, you can delete these paragraphs and send the letter to brother
If you did not get anything form Abu-Muahammad due to the difficulty in communicating between you
two, and if you do not have any important comments, then go ahead and send it to Basir because it
contains a request to the brother to provide us information on the situation in their area and
clarification on some of the events that took place in the Muslim world.
Regarding the negotiations for the release of the Afghani prisoner in your area, you should be careful in
the way that you deal with the negotiators. Many mistakes can happen when you receive the money.
This also applies to donation money. You should take all security precautions. My suggestion is to rent a
house in Peshawar and the money should be delivered in it. After the mission, the brother leaves the
Make sure to get the money exchanged at money exchangers. You should also get rid of the bag that the
money was in because it might have a chip. The brother should take the money, get in a taxi, and go to
the center of the market and get to a roofed section of the market. Two brothers should be waiting for
him there and he should give them the money to bring it to you. The money should be in euro or dollars.
After that, he should evade surveillance and stay away from the brothers that he gave the money to.
Negotiators should not be met in Wasiristan (the area where the American aerial photography is active),
unless there is a perfect plan that would prevent the enemy for tracking those negotiators or the
brothers. You should know that the news of the negotiations might reach the Americans.
Page: 7
Note: the brother should not be one of the leaders.
-Perhaps you monitored the trial of brother Faysal Shahzad. In it he was asked about the oath that he
took when he got American citizenship. And he responded by saying that he lied. You should know that
it is not permissible in Islam to betray trust and break a covenant. Perhaps the brother was not aware of
this. Please ask the brothers in Taliban Pakistan to explain this point to their members. In one of the
pictures, brother Faysal Shahzad was with commander Mahsud; please find out if Mahsud knows that
getting the American citizenship requires talking an oath to not harm America. This is a very important
matter because we do not want al-Mujahidn to be accused of breaking a covenant.
-Due to the abundance of blessings, you need to establish a special section for planning military
operations at the fronts. It is should have experienced brothers and you should provide them with the
latest equipment. You should also task some brothers with summarizing books on warfare and publish
these summaries and give them to the brothers and the leaders. As for the brothers who are in charge
of planning, they should be kept in a safe location outside the battlefield. They should conduct studies
and preparations before operations. They should also film and document operations in order to learn
from mistakes and avoid them in future operations.
Also, attention should be paid to the medical aspect, especially during withdrawal after the operation.
-Please have brother ‘Azzam translate the book the Most Important Things About al-Qa’ida by Robert
Fisk and then send the translation to me.
-The tenth anniversary to the attack 9/11 is coming and due to the importance of this date, attention
should be paid to start preparing for now. Please send me you suggestions on this.
Page: 8
We need to benefit from this event and get our messages to the Muslims and celebrate the victory that
they achieved. We need to restore their confidence in their nation and motivate them. We should also
present our just cause to the world, especially to the European people. We will have a lot to show,
therefore we should not depend on one media outlet to cover that event. If al-Jazirah shows
responsiveness, we should contact the correspondent of al-Jazirah Arabic and English and tell them that
we are willing to cooperate with them in the area of covering the tenth anniversary by answering any
questions that you think the public is interested in. You can point out to them that this way they will be
showing the other opinion. Note: all correspondence, letters, and negotiations should be in the name of
We should also look for an American channel that can be close to being unbiased, such as CBS, or other
channel that has political motives that make it interested in broadcasting the point of view of al-
Mujahidin. Then, we can send to the channel the material that we want the Americans to see. You can
ask brother Azzam about the channel that you should send the tape to and let me know your opinion
and his.
I also think that you should write to ‘Abd-al-Bari ‘Atwan and Robert Fisk and tell them that the tenth
anniversary is coming and it is the harvest of a fierce war between al-Mujahidin and America. This is a
chance to explain our motives for continuing the war. The wise people would tell you to give people
their rights in order to be able to focus on other vital issues such as global warming. They have the
option to stop the war, but we do not have any option, except to defend our nation. This is a conflict
between the biggest cultures in the world at a time when the climate is changing rapidly.
Tell them that we suggest that they make a documentary on this anniversary and we will provide them
with printed, audio, and video materials.
Page: 9
Please have them give us their video material and the names of specialists that they will use in order for
us to establish a vision for the film and to be able to clarify the events. We should shed light on the fact
that In some past documentaries on a-Jazirah, some specialists confirmed that the events of 9/11 are
the main reasons for the financial crisis that America suffers from.
-Regarding what the brothers in al-Sahab-Urdu mentioned in the statement on the floods, I am in
support of giving advice and constructive criticism even when it is directed at me, for this is the duty of
Muslims. Thank you for letting me know what the brothers wrote.
I also need you to read the statement and read the comments that the brothers added, but pay
attention to the following:
A- All talk about climate change and the catastrophes that were caused by it. After the Copenhagen
conference, they stated that the main reason for these catastrophes is the sins.
B- The attack was not directed at the victims who lost their children and money.
C- We dealt with relief organization during the Afghani Jihad and we have never seen what the brother
mentioned. I am not saying that it did not happen, but I think that the brother is exaggerating. I called
on Muslims to establish an organization that would be guided by the principles of Islam. As Muslims, it is
our duty to save those Muslims.
D- Reminding the people of Pakistan to repent and return to God. This is an issue that I wanted to talk
about. During those events, I was thinking these floods were caused by sins, but I did not say it because I
wanted to be sensitive to the fact that some parents were able to save two children and watched their
third drown. For that reason I wanted to talk about helping those who are in need.
Page: 10
One of the main criticisms toward the brothers is that the brothers were saying that floods were caused
by sins.
The Prophet never told anyone that they are in pain or crisis because of their sins, but he did call on
them to join Islam. That was the case of the Jewish man with the sick child, who the prophet invited to
Islam, but did not tell him that his son was sick because he was not a believer.
E- Regarding the talk about a network of pipelines and wells in the Gulf especially in the land of the two
sanctuaries (TN: Saudi Arabia), the reality is that water is getting drained by agriculture and most
countries are getting their water from a few water desalinization stations on the gulf. Whenever a war
starts in the region and some oil tankers gets attacked, the oil will get in the water and pollute it. Also if
the stations themselves get attacked, 20 million Muslims will be at risk of dying out of thirst. You know
that rebuilding a damaged station would take a long time. For that reason, I highlighted this issue so that
people can take some steps on their own. The presence of apostate regimes should not keep us from
alerting Muslims because they could be harmed. For example, If we know that the high dam in Egypt is
about to crumble, we should inform the millions of Muslims of this danger. It is our duty to support and
save the Muslims whenever we can.
You know that prophet Yousuf warned the people of Egypt of the deadly famine that was coming at
them and he saved them from it.
You also know, that a statement should not be taken out of context s and no statement is independent
of what is before it and what is after it. In summary, talking to the Muslims about repenting and
abandoning sin is a duty, but the statement was not directed toward the victims of the flooding. Please
study the matter and let me know what you find.
Page: 11
-Enclosed are the letters to Shaykh Abu-Muhammad and to brother Abu-Mus’ab ‘Abd-al-Wadud. Please
give these letters to them.
-I want the brothers in Islamic Maghreb to know that Planting trees helps al-Mujahidin and gives them
cover. Planting trees is not expensive and it should be done immediately after rain. They should ask
people to keep animals and livestock away from them. Trees would give al-Mujahidin the freedom to
move around especially if the enemy sends spying aircrafts to the area.
It is best if they can get the trees from a plantations or they can even create their own plantation.
-Please send me the America Statement by Shaykh Abu-Muhammad. Also, please send him a copy of the
letter of Sahib al-Tayyib to me and a copy of my letter to him. Also, please send me a copy of my letter
to brother ‘Abd-al-Wadud in the exact format that you will send it to him in.
-Please send to the brothers in Algeria the file that was written by Shaykh Bashir al-Madani about the
Islamic Maghreb and which I sent to you in my previous letter. Ask him for his comments on it and see if
he has as any information on this issue.
-Please let me know regarding what you mentioned in the past about arranging a direct way to deliver
information to the brothers in the media.
-Al-Jazirah mentioned that some newspapers reported that one of the methods that al-Qa’ida uses to
kill Americans is to put razors (TN: plow) on a truck and the driver pushes it to between them. Please let
me know if this accurate and let me know the source of it.
Page: 12
-Regarding the separation of Southern Sudan, I am thinking about what you said and perhaps we will
know something about it in the coming days through the media.
-As for what you said about the chaos, I am not in favor of it and if we were together you would know
that you and I are in agreement on this. I might write to you about this in details.
-Enclosed is a special chip for the media. It contains Statement to the American People. With it is also a
letter from my son Khalid to the brothers at the media. It is important to have it and the statement
delivered to them. Tell the brothers that this statement should be broadcasted before the American
congressional election. Also, a copy of the statement should be given to the correspondent of al-Jazirah-
English. Also, another copy of it should be given to an American news agency. Tell the three channels
that we want to broadcast the statement on 29 October. If the channels do not broadcast the
statements, the brothers should be ready to broadcast it on the internet on 30 October.
-Regarding what you mentioned about informing the middle-man that you received the money that he
sent, it is OK to do that if you write on a very small piece of paper that can be folded very tightly so that
it would not get noticed.
-In your letter, you mentioned that you did not receive the chip. This true, we did not send it because of
a problem with it and due to the shortage on time, I was not able to change the letter. I apologize.
-Enclosed is the article attributed to our brother Sayf al-‘Adl.
-Regarding the money, I like for them to be in Euros. I do not see a problem in sending them all at once.
Page: 13
Finally, let me know how the widows and the orphans are doing. Also, please let me know how the
children of Al-Jufi (may God rest his soul) are doing. Please make sure to keep the children and all the
families away from the areas that are being photographed and bombed.
I pray to God almighty to protect you and protect all the brothers around you. May he grant you
God’s peace mercy and blessings be upon you.
Your brother, Zamray
21 October 2010

Page 1
In the Name of God, Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
Thanks to God, the God of all, God bless our prophet Muhammad,
His Family, and His friends.
To the Generous Brother Abu Basir, God bless you
Peace and Mercy upon you
I hope you will get this letter and all brothers and their
families are in good health and working your way to God
We received your letter and our brother‟s letter (Abu Hurirah
al-San‟ani) through our brothers (NFI). We were very happy to
receive your letter that answered our questions. The letter
provided us with information about you and your situation, and
we were following your news very closely through the media.
In reference to your statement, “If you want Sana‟a, today is
the day,” we want Sana‟a to establish an Islamic State, but
first, we want to make sure that we have the capability to gain
control of it. Even though we were able to militarily and
economically exhaust and weaken our greatest enemy before and
after the eleventh (TN: September 11), the enemy continues to
possess the ability to topple any state we establish.
Page 2
Our greatest enemy is unable to provide stability in those
countries and the mujahidin, with the help of God, are fighting
it (TN: greatest enemy) with its allies. At the same time, we
have to remember that the enemy toppled the Taliban and Saddam's
regime. Additionally, you know the experiences in (Syria, Egypt,
and Libya) and the enemies‟ alert in Yemen can‟t be compared
with the enemies‟ state of alert in Afghanistan. The enemies
considered Yemen as one of its own because of its geographical
location, which is in the heart of the Gulf where the largest
store of oil is in the world. We do not want to trouble
ourselves and our families in Yemen concerning this matter at
this time. Things needed to be prepared and will organize for it
(NFI) to be successful because if we fail, people will not help
us the second time. I believe that Yemen should be peaceful and
kept as reserved military for the Ummah (TN: Islamic State). It
is well known that wars need reserve military and to keep the
enemy in the open fronts until the enemy becomes weak, where we
would be able to establish Islamic State. Therefore, the more we
can conduct operations against America, the closer we get to
uniting our efforts to establish an Islamic State, God willing.
Page 3
Based on this, our opinion is to appoint scholars and tribal
shaykhs to accomplish a practical truce among them, which will
help the stability of Yemen. Even though we learned that „Ali
„Abdallah ((Salih)) will not be able to agree on the truce,
proving that the government is escalating the situation to an
internal fight and the government has no authority. Therefore,
the people of Yemen will continue supporting the mujahidin. The
government will be responsible for the war, not us, and it will
show the people that we are careful in keeping the Islamic Ummah
united and the Muslims safe on the basis of peace.
- We do not see escalation as necessary at this point because we
are in the preparation stage; therefore, it is not in our
interest to rush in bringing down the regime. In spite of this
regime's mismanagement, it is less dangerous to us than the one
America wants to exchange it with. „Ali „Abdallah Salih has been
unable to suppress the Islamic activity and has been considered
to be a non-Muslim man and supporter of the West during the past
years. On the contrary, the salafists and the jihadist salafists
were able to take advantage of his regime and target America
from Yemen, as some of the mujahidin went to Somalia or traveled
to us, which allowed us to assign our brothers to conduct
international operations.
Page 4
If the government does not agree on a truce, concentrate on the
Yemeni emigrants who come back to visit Yemen and have American
visas or citizenship and would be able to conduct operations
inside America as long as they have not given their promises not
to harm America. We need to extend and develop our operations in
America and not keep it limited to blowing up airplanes.
- We would not be able to send you a brother to help you at this
stage. We should keep our movement low for security reasons and
not move unless under extreme, necessary circumstances,
especially the leadership, who are in the media. They need to
avoid meeting people. If they need to move, they have to stay
away from gas stations and restaurants. The driver should have
plenty of gas and food before leaving the city to avoid stopping
on the road. The intelligence services place officers in the gas
stations, rest areas, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
- Avoid killing anyone from the tribes.
- It is crucial to have one of the organization‟s leaders in the
Page 5
- Do not target military and police officers in their centers
unless you receive an order from us. Our targets are Americans,
who kill our families in Gaza and others Islamic countries. The
soldiers (TN: Yemenis) need to be careful and not protect the
Crusaders. We have to protect ourselves, especially if they try
to stop us during an attack on the Crusaders. This is a very
important point, which allows people to support the mujahidin
and will reduce the soldiers‟ morale.
- It is important to attempt to take a vow and truce from
supporters of al-Qaida without enforcing it and accept them as
your coworkers. With time they might join you.
- The first commanders should be screened well (TN: background
- In reference to the issue of abandoning weapons, this would
never happen because, with education and iron, our religion will
be victorious. Weapons are part of our survivors and history.
Men without weapons are incomplete, and any men who leave their
weapons have no respect by others.
Page 6
I need to remind you about the general politics of al-Qaida
concerning the military sector and media. Al-Qaida concentrates
on its external big enemy before its internal enemy. Even though
the internal enemy is considered to be a greater nonbeliever,
the external enemy is more clearly defined as a nonbeliever and
is more dangerous in this stage of our life. America is the head
of the nonbelievers. If God cut it off, the wings would be
weakened as 'Umar, peace be upon him, asked al-Harmazan, as he
knows more about the land of Faris (TN: Iran). He replied, "Yes,
the Faris of today has one head and two wings." He asked him,
"Where is the head?" He replied, "It is in Nahawand." Then he
mentioned the location of the two wings. He suggested to the
commander of the faithful, "If you cut the wings, the head will
fall down." 'Umar replied to him, "You liar. You, the enemy of
God, because I will go straight to the head, and I will cut it
off, as has been said, if God cuts the head off the wings will
be weakened."
Even though these politics are clear in the minds of our leader
brothers, it is very important to remind all of our brothers
about it with a note to the new generation, who joined the jihad
road and were not advised about this issue. Thus, they conduct
separate operations rather than concentrating on the main
objective as we heard in the news about operations in Ma‟rib and
„Ataq against the government forces. I hope these operations
were important for the mujahidin‟s self-defense only.
Page 7
I provide an example to clarify al-Qaida's general political
policy in concentrating on America, which means that the enemies
of the Ummah, for example, is a malicious tree with a huge trunk
of 50 cm around and has many different sizes of branches,
including the countries of NATO and other regimes in the
regions. We want to cut this tree at the root. The problem is
that our strength is limited, so our best way to cut the tree is
to concentrate on sawing the trunk of the tree. We need to
concentrate on cutting around 30 cm in the bottom of America‟s
leg (trunk). Even though we have the chance to attack the
British, we should not waste our effort to do so but concentrate
on defeating America, which will lead to defeating the others,
God willing.
Here is an example for you, the mujahidin were able to cut the
root of the Russian tree, and after that, all the branches fell
one after the other, …
Page 8
…from the south of Yemen to Eastern Europe, without spending any
effort on these branches at that time. Therefore, any arrow and
mine we have should be directed against Americans, disregarding
all other enemies, including NATO, and concentrating on
Americans only.
For example, if we were on the road between Qandahar and Helmand
and army vehicles of Afghanis, NATO, and Americans drove by, we
should choose to ambush the American army vehicles, even though
the American army vehicles have the least amount of soldiers.
The only time you are allowed to attack the other army vehicles
is if those army vehicles are going to attack our brothers. In
other words, any work to directly defend the mujahidin group
will be excluded from al-Qaida's general politics policy because
the mujahidin group should be able to carry out its mission,
which is striking American interests.
Page 9
Anyone following up with the latest events should know that our
work and messages concentrate on exhausting and straining the
American, especially after September 11. We will continue to
pressure the Americans until there is a balance in terror, where
the expense of war, occupation, and influence on our countries
becomes a disadvantage for them (TN: Americans) and they become
tired of it, and finally withdraw from our countries and stop
supporting the Jews.
It is very important to remember that timing is very important,
as the present history confirms. We should realize by now that
in order to establish an Islamic State, we should destroy the
international infidels because they are against an Islamic State
no matter how little it (TN: State) is, as happened in Morocco.
Shaykh al-Khatabi established an Islamic Emirate in Morocco, but
the Crusaders blockaded and terminated the Emirate. The reason
they do not want an Islamic State is because they know that
Muslims are special, and for a short period of time during
Prophet Muhammad and his successors, the whole world respected
the Muslims.
Page 10
Today, the head of the infidels (TN: America) is controlling and
supporting the countries in the region. Additionally, it has the
ability to topple the Islamic State in Afghanistan and the Iraqi
regime. Even though it is exhausted, its strength to destroy an
Islamic State in the region remains high during this time. The
most important thing is that local and international
professional adversaries are planning to destroy the Islamic
movements; therefore, we need to be proactive and face all of
their plans and continue to deplete and exhaust it throughout
the open battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq to get it to a
weaken point, which will stop it from destroying the country
that we want to establish. Also, we might have to wait for a
year or longer to establish this objective (TN: Islamic State)
through the Muslims' unity and their effort to join the jihad.
Page 11
You know that many jihadist groups did not succeed in gaining
their objective because they concentrated on their internal
enemy. Therefore, the Syrian Muslim Brothers got themselves in
trouble, especially in Himah, when thirty years ago the event
(NFI) shocked the people. Additionally, other events took place
as of the Islamic group attempt in Egypt, including the
situation with our brothers in Libya, Algeria, and the Arab
Peninsula. Even though some of the work was targeting the
American centers, not the regime, and was useful in getting
America to leave its huge military bases in Saudi Arabia and in
educating young men about the jihad. Then the jihad started
facing problems for the abovementioned reasons.
Meanwhile, the resistance movements against the foreign
occupation enemy were able to accomplish huge successes during
the last ten years in the Islamic world, and the latest one was
in Afghanistan. The reason for this success is that…
Page 12
…the Russian occupation of Afghanistan allowed us to gain the
people's heart. It was very important to us to gain the
Afghanis‟ support because the people's support to the mujahidin
is as important as the water for fish; therefore, any movement
has to have the people's support in order to survive, as
happened in Gaza when all the people supported the Islamic
Resistance Movement; even though, the people are unaware of the
wrongdoing by the mujahidin. The enemy entered Iraq without any
knowledge of the area or the Iraqi people, who have a strong
tribal background; therefore, the Iraqis supported the
mujahidin. Many Iraqis joined the mujahidin against the
Americans until some mistakes happened when some of al-Anbar
tribe‟s children were attacked without a reason of self-defense
(they were not a threat to the mujahidin), but they were
registering in the security force compound. This attack resulted
in the tribe working against the mujahidin. At this time, the
mujahidin learned their lesson, which is not to kill any of the
tribe members.
Page 13
There is a very important point that needs to be addressed and
understood, which is that God‟s law needs to be obeyed by all
the mujahidin stating that there was no imminent threat from the
tribe‟s members, and they were going to join the security forces
for financial reasons. This lesson should be taken into
consideration because members of the tribe were planning to join
the security force and might be a threat in the future, but they
would not kill themselves to protect Americans. Additionally,
these people have no problem killing their own cousins;
therefore, if they attack us and we kill one of them, we will
have no problem with them. But we should avoid killing a group
of them during their presence in the security force compound to
avoid any desire for revenge against us. It is important to
study all the mujahidin's attempts and efforts to learn from
their mistakes.
It is clear that the Arabs are in the depths of intolerance and
revenge. Some of the mujahidin brothers worked with us in the
past and returned to Yemen and got involved in some of the
tribes‟ fights.
Page 14
They were unable to separate themselves from this culture
(revenge). America pressured the Yemeni government to attack the
tribal areas as happened in al-Mahfad and Shabwah, which led
some of the tribes to be against the government. On the other
hand, the mujahidin were able to work with the tribes and
establish a good relationship with them because the mujahidin
have a good understanding of the meaning of revenge among the
tribes. As Prophet Muhammad ordered Abu Hudhifah not to kill al-
„Abas Bin „Abd-al-Mutalab, but Hudhifah refused to abide by the
A friend of Prophet Muhammad, „Abdallah Bin „Abdallah Bin Abu
Bin Salul, asked the prophet if he was going to kill „Abdallah
Bin Abi and requested to kill him.
Page 15
He stated that he would not be able to see his killer because he
would kill his killer and go to hell. The prophet told him that
we will be his friend as long he is with us. When „Umar became
the leader of a tribe (Ibn Abi Majazatah), Prophet Muhammad
asked him “How things with you „Umar? If I had killed him when
you told me to kill him, you would have honor, and if you order
me now to kill him, I would kill him.” This hadith proves that
anyone fighting under the American flag against the Muslims
should be killed, but the argument here is the timing as Prophet
Muhammad stated, “If I had killed him when you told me to kill
The time to establish an Islamic State is near, and the jihadist
ideology is spreading abroad, especially among the youth and the
new generation in comparison to other Islamic movements that did
not fulfill the redundancy among the Ummah except the jihadist
Salafi ideology that works well with Ummah issues. We should
develop the speech of al-Qaida to be convincing, easy and clear.
Additionally, it has to be sensitive to the people‟s issues and
suffering and to the general public.
Page 16
Some of our brothers might have provided harsh statements to
some of the Salafists, God bless them, concerning the
establishment of an Islamic State. We need to understand our
present circumstance, which is different from theirs, and we
need to understand the difference between our strength and our
weakness. We have to concentrate our statements on the most
important, which is the meaning of only one God, and steer
people away from praying to more than one God. Also, we need to
pay attention to the words and meaning of our statements in
order to avoid words that could be used for different meanings
within the Islamic law without giving up any of our principles
by using words that will relate the intended message, for
example, using the word "clients" rather than the word "agents."
During this stage, we need to relay the truth to the people in
the easiest and nicest words. Some people do not like the word
agents and consider it insulting. Therefore, if we use the word
"clients" instead of the word "agents," and say that they
(clients) betrayed their religion and their Prophet instead of
using the traitor rulers, it would help more Muslims listen to
us. That way we would be able to alert the Muslims about their
loyalty to oppressor rulers, which is our goal.
Page 17
…We need to stay away from words that will affect the people‟s
support to the mujahidin. Additionally, the mujahidin should
feel that they are in the international Crusaders‟ propaganda
against them, which is concentrating on giving the wrong
impression about the mujahidin to Muslims. Therefore, it is
important to carefully write our statements in order to avoid
all accusation against us from the enemy, who accuse us of being
animals and killers. The Muslim people should feel that they are
part of the battle, and they are in need of speeches that fit
their conditions without forgetting that the Ummah (Muslims) are
the main supporters of the mujahidin. Thus, we should be careful
and provide statements that would be welcomed by the people and
stay away from flagrant attacks, criticism, or disrespect of the
In reference to Hamas, we should understand that Hamas has many
supporters who are supporters of Islam even though they forgot
the meaning of some of the important Shari'ah law. We do not
want to help the devil against them. As time passes, we will
explain their leaders‟ mistakes, which will help them to pay
attention to their mistakes and avoid them (NFI).
Page 18
We need to understand that a huge part of the battle is the
media, and the cable channels today play a stronger role than
the Hja‟in poets during the ignorant era. If the cable channels
concentrate on promoting a specific person, they will have
success, and the opposite is correct. If those channels do not
want that person to be successful, they will destroy him. This
shows that we are at odds with most of the channels and al-
Jazeera has a different agenda than ours. It would be better for
us to stay neutral, even though this channel sometimes commits
mistakes against us. These mistakes are limited, and if we
confront it, al-Jazeera will raise propaganda against us and
could hurt our image within the Muslim world. Therefore, it is
important not to have an enemy in the moderate poets if there is
no reason to do so.
Conclusion: Even though the government is weak and might fall,
the opportunity to let it fall and establish a different
government is open to others but not to us. The reason for this
is very simple: It is not possible to compromise on any part of
our religion or bargain on our religion in order to satisfy
America to support the new government. Many people will say
anything and leave their religion under the pretext of being in
the best interest of al-Da'wah. Please discuss the matter of
conducting a truce with government with the others.
Page 19
…If you decide on the truce, you should announce it with its
justification and its conditions, which includes the closing of
the American counterintelligence offices, expelling all American
security and military forces in Yemen, and preventing the
Americans from violating the sovereignty of Yemen through the
Yemeni scholars and the tribal shaykhs, so people will
understand your position and their position.
Finally, I would like to remind you that America will have to
withdraw during the next few years because of many reasons, the
most important of which is America‟s high deficit.
In closing, I send my greetings to all of our brothers in your
area, and I ask God to help us all for what He wants and likes
us to do, make you follow the correct directions, make you stay
in your area, keep us on the road of jihad, and give us victory
against the infidels. I hope to meet with you in the near
future, God willing. God bless our prophet Muhammad, his Family,
and his friends, and the last of our prayer is thanks to God.

Page 1
…Except that I would like to point out how important it is for
us to keep in mind the views of the Muslim Ummah (TN: Muslim
population) on getting involved in a comprehensive war against
the enemy. The Ummah is fighting an internal enemy, which are
the leaders of the Arab World. The Ummah is also fighting an
external enemy, which is America. Although the former is far
more blasphemous, the latter is clearly the unbeliever.
At this stage of our war with our enemies, America poses a
greater threat to the Ummah than any other enemy.
America is the head of the infidels. If God wills it, America’s
head can be cut off. Once the head has been removed, then it
would be easier to cut off America’s wings. This is exactly what
Omar, may God be pleased with him, said about the Persians.
When the Muslims were at war with the Persians, Omar consulted
with Hurmazan, who was supposedly the expert on Persian affairs.
Omar asked Hurmazan about the best way to attack Persia.
Hurmazan replied, “Persia’s power today can be described as a
power with a body, head, and wings.” Omar asked, “Where was the
head?” Hurmazan replied, “Nahavund.” Hurmazan also told Omar
about the two powers which represented the wings. Hurmazan then
told Omar, “Oh, Emir of all believers, I have the answer to your
question on how to defeat Persia: Cut off the wings, then the
head becomes easier to remove.” Omar immediately replied, “You
tell a lie! You are the enemy of God. I must cut off the head,
first, then the wings will be easier to remove.”
I have come up with my own scenario on the situation. I have
probably mentioned this before. The enemy can also be described
as a wicked tree. The trunk of that tree is 50cm wide. The tree
has many branches, which vary in length and size.
The trunk of the tree represents America. The branches of the
tree represent countries, like NATO members, and countries in
the Arab World. We, on the other hand, represent a person who
wants to cut down that tree. Our abilities and resources,
however, are limited, thus we cannot do the job quickly enough.
The only option we are left with is to slowly cut that tree down
by using a saw. Our intention is to saw the trunk of that tree,
and never to stop until that tree falls down.
Assume that we have cut up 30cm of the trunk of that tree. We,
then, see an opportunity to use our saw to cut into one of the
branches. Say a branch that represents the United Kingdom. We
should ignore that opportunity, and to go back to sawing the
trunk of the tree.
If we are to allow ourselves to be distracted by sawing this or
that branch, we could never finish the job at hand. We will also
lose momentum and, most importantly, waste our jihad efforts.
We want to saw the trunk until the wicked tree is down. God
willing, once the tree is down, its branches will die thereof.
You saw what happened to the Russians in Afghanistan, when the
Mujahidin focused on sawing the trunk of their wicked tree.
Their tree fell down, then its branches died out, from South
Yemen to Eastern Europe. Mind you, the Mujahidin had done very
little to help kill those branches.
We must then aim every bow and arrow and every landmine at the
Americans. Only the Americans, but no one else, be it NATO
members, or other countries.
Assume that we are on an ambush mission between Qandahar and
Helmand, and we have just spotted enemy forces. The enemy forces
consisted of three separate convoys. One convoy belonged to the
Americans. One convoy belonged to the Afghan army. One convoy
belonged to a NATO-member. Also, assume that the Afghan and the
NATO-member convoys carried far more troops than the American
What should we do? The rule is that we must only attack the
American convoy, but no one else.
Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Not to state the
obvious, if the Mujahidin knows that a non-American force was on
its way to attack their positions, and that force was not on a
regular patrol mission, the Mujahidin must intercept it.
Accordingly, the Mujahidin in every country will use force
against the local authorities only if they come under direct
attack. The Mujahidin need to preserve their strength, so they
could use it in their fundamental mission. That is to attack
Americans and their interests.
One must leave room for the possibility that Americans, or their
interests, may not be present in some countries or regions.
Also, when Americans exist in fewer numbers in a given country,
they tend to be under heavy protection. So each country or
region has its own variables as far as targeting Americans
and/or their interests.
When Americans or their interests are not found in a given
country, the Mujahidin group in that country must look for
American targets in neighboring countries or regions. The
Mujahidin group in that country should not opt to attack NATO
members and/or NATO interests, because they happen to be
vulnerable targets in their country.
Also, to avoid targeting conflicts between the al-Qaida
branches, each Mujahidin group must be certain that it is the
only al-Qaida group operating in a country where it intends to
target Americans.
You may find it suitable to target Americans in South Africa,
because it is located outside the Islamic Maghreb. Also, South
Africa is not covered by the brothers who are located outside
that region. The same can be said about other African countries.
The Muslim land has been spoiled by America’s hegemony, and the
leaders who rule that land. The leaders of that Muslim land had
totally given in to America’s hegemony, in exchange for favors
which only serve their interests. Those are the same leaders who
also abandoned the Law of Islam.
The road is open for us to resurrect the religion, and to
restore dignity to the Muslim people. To restore dignity to the
Muslim people, the Muslim land must break away from that
American hegemony.
It is that same hegemony which had forbidden any government in
its sphere to rule with God’s law.
To break away from America’s hegemony, we need to involve
America in a war of attrition. The war must be enduring,
however. The goal is to weaken America until it can no longer
interfere in Muslims affairs.
Once the American enemy has been defeated, our next step would
be targeting the region’s leaders who had been the pillars of
support for that American hegemony. These are the same leaders
who not only abandoned the Islamic Law, but also helped America
extend its hegemony all over the Muslim land.
Once those leaders have been defeated, God willing our next step
will be building our Muslim state.
Going back to the earlier question about fighting the apostates.
I say: You know that throughout history, many resistance
movements in the Muslim world had fought and won against many
foreign enemies. The last of those fights was in Afghanistan.
The reason the resistance movement in Afghanistan had won was
because it had the support from the Afghan public. The Afghan
public was highly charged, and it supported the mujahidin with
every possible means, to expel the Russian infidels who had
occupied Afghanistan.
The public support to any resistance movement is extremely
vital. A resistance movement cannot last without the support of
the public, just like a fish cannot live without water. Also,
when the movement’s public support is diminished, the standing
of that movement is diminished, too.
Most people in Gaza rallied behind the Islamic resistance
banner, because they had a common foreign enemy. Although at the
time, the Gazans had known little about the shortcomings of
their leaders.
Page 2
In Iraq, the enemy entered the country and then occupied it. The
enemy, however, made a very big mistake when it ignored the
Iraqi tribes. The enemy was also ignorant about the region and
its people.
The enemy, in one way or another, had stirred up the Iraqi
tribes, which led them to declare unification. As a result of
that unification, the Iraqi public became united against a
common enemy. Then, the Iraqi public became supportive of the
Mujahidin, who were also fighting that same enemy. The Iraqi
public had sacrificed tens of thousands of men who fought side
by side with the Mujahidin. (Translator note: Here, the author
is making reference to the Sunni tribes and Sunni public.)
The Mujahidin made a few mistakes in Iraq. The mistakes were
committed because of hasty and poor decisions by some of the
brothers. Those mistakes involved a number of military
operations. If the Mujahidin had closely examined those military
operations beforehand, the situation would have been better.
Those who were in charge of those military operations had
totally ignored anticipating the benefits or drawbacks those
operations might generate.
The biggest mistake was made when the Mujahidin targeted and
then killed members of the Anbar tribes near a police
recruitment station. The Mujahidin could have easily chosen not
to carry out that operation. The Mujahidin were not under direct
attack by those members of the Anbar tribes. Also, the members
of the Anbar tribes were not on their way to attack the
Mujahidin in their hideouts. That attack had caused the tribes
to withdraw their support for the Mujahidin. The attack also
stirred up very bad feelings.
As you know, a killing of a tribesman is taken very seriously by
any tribe and it often becomes a leading cause for all sorts of
vengeful wars.
Imagine the general Iraqi political climate at the time. Also,
imagine what was the tribes’ reaction when they first heard
about the Mujahidin killing hundreds of their tribesmen.
It is extremely important to pay close attention to timing.
Timing is everything. This saying has been proven to be true now
and then.
We must fully understand that now is the time to begin the work
toward building our Muslim state. To do that, we first need to
tackle the guardian of the universal hypocrisy, America. We need
to deplete America of its power.
The body of the international hypocrisy has always been highly
unreceptive to the creation of any Muslim state, and no matter
how small or big that sate was. There are many examples which
can attest to that.
When Shaykh Khitabi created a Muslim state in Morocco, the
crusaders quickly reacted, then reorganized their forces and
besieged that state. The Khitabi state was defeated soon after
that siege. That took place well before the crusaders had a
foothold in the Muslim world.
Despite our deep disagreement with the Algerian Salvation Front
(FIS), to make a point, the Front was also harmed by that body
of universal hypocrisy. When the Front overwhelmingly won the
first round of elections in Algeria, which meant that it was
going to win the general elections, the top French officials
drafted a plan to move in against the Front, if the Algerian
government wished it to. The United Kingdom and all of Europe
were standing by to help the Algerian government defeat the
Front and, if necessary, by force.
The West greatly worries about a resurfacing of a Muslim state.
The West understands what sorts of potential the Muslims have;
potential that has been implanted by Islam in its followers.
Such potential is not present among followers of other faiths.
Because of this Islamic potential, the Muslims were able, in a
very short period of time, to spread Islam throughout the world.
That short period of time was between the time of the Prophet,
Mohamed, may peace be upon him, and the time of the first four
Wise Caliphates.
The maps which had been drawn by the Sykes-Picot Agreement and
other more recent maps have been acknowledged by all world
leaders. However, if a new Islamic state is to emerge, these
maps will become something of the past. The Islamic state will
be seen as a threat, and the West will deal with that state as
if it had taken over some of its own territories. So, the West
and other continental and regional countries will likely band
together to defeat any new Islamic state.
Today, America, the guardian of the West, is by far the most
influential country in the region. America is the lifeblood of
that region. America is also the biggest supporter of that
region’s status quo. America is strong enough to have toppled
the Iraqi regime, and the Islamic government in Afghanistan.
Since then, America may have been weakened, perhaps,
tremendously, but it is still powerful enough to topple any
state and anywhere, particularly any newly founded Muslim state.
Our work, hence, must go on until we exhaust and weaken America
to the point where it could not threaten or defeat any state
which we create.
So, it is rather urgent to work hard at organizing the Muslim
people, to unify their efforts and resources. Some of the Muslim
people may have not experienced a call to Jihad because of one
excuse or another. Nonetheless, the Muslim people must be united
first before the preparation for building a Muslim state begins,
God willing; even if we have to put off the creation of that
state for a few years.
There is another important issue which must be fully understood.
That is the intent for applying Islamic Law is to create an
environment in which God’s codes are supreme to any other codes
in a given land. Our duty is to ensure that such a condition
exists. We also have to evaluate, and very carefully, our
decisions, which had taken into consideration the common good
perspective within the domain of the Islamic Law.
It is common among ordinary people to enlist in the armed forces
for monetary incentives. Once enlisted, if these people are
ordered to step forward to a battlefield and fight, they would
likely do so. These people, however, would not fight on behalf
of America, even if they had been ordered to do so. These people
would not have the motivation to kill their own cousins whom
America wishes to destroy!
Assume that some of those enlisted people, who often would
belong to this or that tribe, would be willing to fight us.
Also, assume that during one of their offensives, we kill one of
them. The reaction of the tribe, to which the deceased belonged
to, would likely be insignificant in this case, because the
incident only involved one person and, after all, it happened
during an offensive operation. Imagine, however, that same
tribe’s reaction if we were to initiate an attack against a
group of tribesmen, then kill many of them as they were trying
to enlist with some unit of the armed forces. That tribe’s
reaction would be undoubtedly severe. That tribe would press
hard against us.
The killing of a greater number of tribesmen often boosts
tribes’ vengeful attitudes. The Mujahidin, hence, must be
extremely careful about initiating operations to which they know
little about the consequences. The Mujahidin should also study
past mistakes so they may learn from them.
Tribal wars have often undermined the stability of many
communities. Tribal vengeful attitudes at times could be intense
and uncontrollable. Many tribal wars throughout history can
attest to that. Even some of our Mujahidin brothers had been
sucked into tribal wars. When some of the Mujahidin left us to
go back to their homeland, they found their tribes at war, and
so, they joined in. They put their faith to the side, then
joined an ignorant bunch. Those Mujahidin had always been true
to their faith, to say the least, but they could not abandon the
tribesmen’s ignorant and vengeful attitudes.
Many governments in the region also made big mistakes when they
ignored tribal attitudes. Those governments, and because of
outside demands, would often kill their own countrymen without
given enough thought to the consequences of their actions. As
outside pressure increased on those governments, those
governments, in return, intensified their actions against their
own tribes. That led many tribes in those countries to turn
against the governments.
If the Mujahidin treat the tribes well, the tribes will likely
be on the Mujahidin’s side. The tribal communities take the
spilling of blood within its community very seriously. You know
the story about Abu Huthaifa, may God have mercy on his soul.
Remember what Abu Huthaifa said during the Badir battle. When
Abu Huthaifa learned the Prophet’s instructions about not to
kill al-Abbas Bin Abid al-Mutalib, Abu Huthaifa said, “We are to
kill our fathers, our sons, our brothers, and members of our
tribes, but ignore Abbas! By God, if I am to face Abbas, I would
kill him!” Abu Huthaifa then regretted having said that.
You also know the story about Abidallah Ibn Abidallah Ibn Abi
Salul. Abi Salul, who was a companion, may God have mercy on his
soul, had this dialogue with the Prophet, peace be upon him. Abi
Salul: “I heard that you were planning to kill my father,
Abidallah Ibn Abi Salul. If you are still determined to do it,
then let me do it. I would bring his head to you. Oh, by God!
The Khazraj had never known a man to be more loving to his
father than me. I am afraid that if you let another Muslim kill
him, I would avenge my father’s killing, because I would not be
able to stand seeing a killer of my father walking freely among
the people. So, if I decide to kill the killer of my father,
that puts me in line with the sinners, because I killed a Muslim
man, because he had killed an infidel.”
The Prophet said to Abi Salul, “Instead of all of that, we need
to treat your father well and we can also have a good
relationship with him, but as long as he stays with us.”
The Prophet then instructed the tribe of Ibn Abi, the tribe of
Abi Salul, to be in charge of Abi Salul senior, and to punish
him if he did wrong. The Prophet, peace be upon him, then turned
to Omar, may God be pleased with him, and asked, “what do you
think, Omar? If I had killed Abi Salul senior, as you had
suggested, I would have started a vengeful tribal war. Look at
the situation now! If I ask the Abi Salul’s own tribe to kill
him, they would do it.”
Page 3
You know that any Muslim who fights against other Muslims on
behalf of America, NATO counties, or the apostate states, must
be fought back. This, however, should be done at the right time.
The timing issue can be understood if we look at an incident
during the battle of the Trenches. That incident involved
Huthaifa Bin al-Yaman, may God be please with him, and Abu
Sufian. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said to Huthaifa, “Go to
those people, then live amongst them. Learn as much as you can
about those people, and what they are doing. Do not talk to
anyone about this, however, until you come back to us.” Huthaifa
said, “May God be pleased with him.” While there, Abu Sufian
said, “Oh, Qurish people! Your prestige is at stake, and you are
living in a land where your livestock has disappeared. Banu
Quridhah tribe has held back, and today we have just learned
about their unpleasant stance. We are confronted with a storm
(the Muslim people forces), as you see, which appears unwilling
to die down. We cannot start our fires or protect our homes from
the strong wind. So, get ready to move, because I am.” Abu
Sufian then jumped on his camel while it was still at rest. He
struck the camel hard, then the camel stressfully stood up.
Whenever Abu Sufian’s camel stopped, Abu Sufian would not wait
for his camel to sit, instead, he would jump off, and quickly.
Abu Sufian was always in a rattled mood. If it was not for the
Prophet’s instructions `not to talk to anyone about this until
you come back to us.’ I could have easily killed Abu Sufian with
an arrow.”
Abu Sufian was the head of the infidels. Also, it appears that
there is no doubt that killing the head of the infidels at the
time would be in the interest of Islam. However, killing Abu
Sufian had proven to be not in the interest of Islam, especially
during that period of history. There were so many reasons not to
kill Abu Sufian. One of reasons was that killing Abu Sufian
would have given his tribe, Qurish, an incentive to avenge him,
then launch a war on the Prophet, and his followers. That was
mainly why the Prophet instructed his followers not to target
Abu Sufian, to spare the Muslims any additional burdens.
The same can be said about fighting the infidels, or holding
peace agreements with them. When the Muslims are strong, they
fight the infidels until they either become Muslims or pay a
penalty (the jizyah). When the Muslims are weak, our Prophet,
peace be upon him, taught us to do what is in the best interest
of the Muslim people.
The Prophet, who never uttered nonsense, taught us the
following. During the battle of the Clans (Ahzab), the Prophet,
peace be up on him, offered the Ghatfan clan one third of the
city of Medina’s harvest, in exchange for the clan not to fight
the Muslims, and to go back to their territories.
Instead of the Muslims taking the wealth of the Ghatfanis, the
Muslims gave them one third of their economy’s output! The city
of Medina where the Muslims were living at the time enjoyed a
strong economy, and its harvest was counted among the best. So,
a Muslim leader must do what the Prophet did, to compromise in
difficult time. The duty of the Muslim leader is to ensure
implementation of God’s commands, and to defend God’s religion.
Also, we need to learn about what the Prophet, may peace and
blessings be upon him, did during the Hudaybyah peace agreement
with Qurish. Qurish at the time was the head of the infidels in
the Arabian Peninsula. The Hudaybyah peace agreement produced
great and positive results for the Muslims.
As we are on the Jihad path, we need to do what the Prophet had
done and to put God’s religion above everything else. Our desire
is to do just that -- to create a Muslim state, which would rule
by the Almighty God’s commands. This is feasible, God’s willing.
Creating a Muslim state, however, cannot happen overnight. We
need to be realistic about so many factors. Some of the factors
include having to build the proper foundations for the state.
God did not send the entire holy Quran to the Prophet at once,
although the Quran had been complete in Heaven. The Sword verse,
for example, had existed in Heaven, as the Muslims were
instructed by another verse “to hold back their hands (from
fighting).” There is no doubt that God indented that “hold back”
verse to serve certain goals which were to be for the benefits
of the Muslim people.
I believe that another of God’s goals was that the Muslims at
the time did not possess the proper resources to create and be
able to defend a Muslim state in Medina. Then, when God willed
it, the Muslim state was created in Medina with the help of the
Ansar supporters. Despite the fact that the state was considered
too vulnerable and perhaps subject to what could be devastating
wars. It was the Ansar supporters, may God be pleased with them
all, who stood firm with the Prophet, and his state in Medina.
This shows how important it is to ensure having the necessary
support and loyalty of the people before building a state, be it
ordinary, or influential tribesmen.
Note that when the Ansar, may God be pleased with them, decided
to support the Call to Islam (Da’wa), they were told that all
other non-Muslim Arabs would unify against them. Note that the
Ansar had not been told that “the whole world would unify
against them!”
We must gain the support of the tribes who enjoy strength and
influence before building our Muslim state. When God sent his
prophets, may peace and blessings be upon them all, it was their
tribes who were the first to reject them. Those were the
prophets who enjoyed the support of God and His miracles!
This is part of God’s worldly reality in which His own prophets
had to experience. If God wishes to change that reality, He
would have done it for His prophets! We, on the other hand, must
understand this reality and plan our work accordingly.
If it is unfeasible to gain the trust of an influential tribe in
a certain area, we should create a new Mujahidin group within
that tribe. The basis for the tribal Mujahidin group is faith
and not financial compensation. The tribal group must be based
on similar foundations which had been used to create the
Mujahidin groups. We think it is the best option. God knows
The group should consist of as many members as possible. We must
urge members of this group to unify, and to trust one another.
Members of the tribal group should agree to pledge allegiance to
jihad, to assist in the creation of a Caliphate-based Muslim
state. If some members of the group do not wish to pledge,
however, this should not be an issue.
You must have an open mind with members of the tribes. You must
also accept the members as part of your work. With time, and as
long as the members find you inspirational and forgiving, they
will come to your side.
You must give special consideration to members who have special
status among their tribesmen. Also, you should make use of the
members’ skills and qualifications.
Creating a new tribal group, based on faith and brotherhood, God
willing, will help us establish better relationships with the
tribes. This will eventually help us build strong ties with the
tribes, similar to what tribesmen have which are, for the most
part, based on natural instinct.
It is important to study every issue that is involved in our
work. Also, every aspect of a foundation which we want to use to
build our state must be thoroughly examined. The work we want to
undertake is a just cause, but we must be realistic every step
of the way.
God has ordered us to be clever about planning for our future,
as we depend on Him for assistance. I would like to support this
point with an example.
Assume that the Mujahidin are on a Da’wa mission to spread the
word of God but they had to stop because of a river in their
path. The Mujahidin must build a bridge if they are to cross the
river. The engineers decided that, to build the bridge, they
needed the following material and labor: Two tons of iron ore,
one thousand ton of cement, one thousand square meters of wood,
two thousand tons of crude iron, two thousand tons of sand, and
two hundred workers.
Page 4
The Mujahidin, however, did not have all the materials ready,
but they decided to build the bridge anyway. The bridge then
collapsed as they were building it, due to the insufficient and
missing building materials.
What the Mujahidin has done was a double failure, because they
wasted material, as little as they were, and time. If the
Mujahidin, however, waited until they had all of the material
ready, then built their bridge, they would have succeeded.
Also, having a great number of Mujahidin laborers who are very
eager to build the bridge is not enough to do the job. Having a
good cause and the willingness to endure hardship for the sake
of God’s religion is not enough to do the job either. God is the
Almighty, most powerful!
I have to point out that one of the things the local and foreign
enemies are good at is the ability to destroy Muslim movements.
They are experts in this area. The enemies know how to weaken a
Muslim movement by provoking it to step into a fight which is
beyond its strength. The enemies understand when to lure a
Muslim movement into a fight, especially during the time when a
movement is in the process of building itself up.
When a movement gives in to enemies’ provocation, while knowing
it does not have the resources to fight, the enemies will
quickly have the upper hand in deciding the time and place for
that movement’s destruction.
Having a highly motivated force is an important factor in wars,
but it is not the only factor. The leadership should not, thus,
be driven by its force’s high motivation while ignoring other
equally important factors.
(Translator note: a poem)
“Making a decision must be made before heroes’ enthusiasm,
Making a decision is a priority, and it is
(Translator note: The word “second” in the poem was possibly in
reference to the decision being second to God’s, and to the
Prophet’s guidance.)
We must find Islamic alternatives that will help us avoid
falling into enemies’ provocations, and so not to waste our
efforts and resources. The alternatives should include plans to
help us build the future Muslim state. Also, the alternatives
should include plans to help us topple the apostate leaders and
stop them from returning to power.
That was one issue. The other issue, far more important, is to
accumulate enough resources to help defend the future Muslim
A future Muslim state can defend itself only if it has the
public support and has been meeting the demands and needs of its
people. That is an important factor in sustaining and defending
any future Islamic state.
The enemies will fight any future Muslim state that we create.
In addition, the enemies, to say the least, will impose all
sorts of sanctions against our state.
You know that most Arab populations have been living under socalled
modern states. Such states have long abandoned the Muslim
traditions of early history. Some of the Muslim state’s
functions in early history included applying the Islamic Law as
the law of the land, providing internal security, and defending
the state from foreign powers. The society, on the other hand,
provided for itself.
In a modern state, the public expects the state to provide it
with jobs and financial assistance. Indeed, this has become a
tradition in many modern state societies. Modern states
intentionally make their populations dependent on them, so as to
control them. But when the state is unable, or refuses, to
provide what is expected of it, the people in that society
revolt, and the sate becomes unstable. Also, note that many of
the things that were considered complimentary in the early days
are now part of the essentials.
A revolutionary movement today needs more than just the military
might to topple a government or control a country.
While putting aside the external enemy, a movement needs to have
the resources in place to meet the needs and demands of the
society, as it makes its way to controlling a city or a country.
A movement cannot expect, however, a society to live without for
a long time. Even if that society happens to be a great
supporter of that movement. People often change when they see
persistence in a shortage of food and medicine, and the last
thing they want to see is having their children die for lack of
food or medicine.
Also, a Mujahidin movement must remember that it needs to
provide the basics for its mujahidin fighters or so-called
logistics support.
Economic factors are very important. The Mujahidin may win a war
against the enemies, but they may lose what they gained in that
war due to economic sanctions. Imposing economic sanctions are
one of the enemy’s favorite nonconventional weapons.
As for Afghanistan and Somalia, they are the exception to the
rule. Somalis, for two decades, have been providing for
themselves. Somalis have not asked any government to step in to
provide basic necessities. Somalis live their daily lives the
same way their ancestors did, and before the creation of the
modern state. They farm, raise livestock, and trade. In
Afghanistan, 20% of its population raises livestock, which is
among the highest percentages in the world. The total
expenditure for the Muslim Emirate in Afghanistan was little
compared to what other modern and poor countries had.
The Afghan population is considered to be outside the modernstate
system, and unlike Arab populations.
When the Islamic group in Egypt (the Muslim Brotherhood) killed
Sadat, they had a plan to topple the government and then
establish a Muslim state. Their plan was to have their members
throughout the country, control government buildings, the mass
media, and so on and so forth.
If God had willed for the Islamic state to be born in Egypt, it
would have not probably lasted more than a few weeks. The
Egyptians, who were about sixty million at the time, needed
about 150 million loaves of bread, per day. That was just bread
alone! Assume that the Muslim state in Egypt had come under
international sanctions. So, what would happen when Egypt could
no longer import wheat from its major supplier, the United
States? Egypt has been dependent on American wheat for many
decades, especially after it had abandoned helping the Egyptian
farmers plant more wheat, or coming up with alternatives. Egypt
has made its citizens so vulnerable to world’s wheat producers,
mainly the United States. Egypt’s wheat reserve was good for two
weeks during that time. So, how could a newly Muslim state meet
the wheat demands of the Egyptian population while it was under
international sanctions? How long would the public tolerate
having to go without? That has nothing to do with whether the
Egyptian public liked or disliked the Islamic state. A dangerous
shortage of food causes death and people do not want to see
their children die of hunger.
Page 5
Before building a Muslim state, the Brotherhood could have
thought about food security for the Egyptian people. Sudan, for
example, would have been an ideal supplier of wheat, considering
that Sudan was controlled by a Muslim government. The
Brotherhood could have worked with the Sudanese to help it grow
more wheat well before it thought about toppling the government.
The Brotherhood could have also maintained a two-week reserve
system for wheat.
The same can be said about the rest of the Arab countries. Most
Arab countries are totally dependent on world’s wheat suppliers.
I would like to point out that it is rather important not to
expect people, and tribes in particular, to endure more what
they can handle. For example, we cannot expect the public to
endure constant enemy’s air bombardments. We are not talking
about a war in which men can show off their prowess, but a war
in which air bombardments do not differentiate between a man, a
woman, or a child.
Our Waziristani brothers, for example, said that they were
frankly exhausted from the enemy’s air bombardments. The enemy
has been given almost a worldwide approval to violate the air
space of other countries and to attack anyone whom it views as
its enemy. The enemy does all of that under the pretense of
chasing al-Qa’ida. The time will come, and soon, when the enemy
will not be allowed to violate other countries’ airspace.
It is known that they teach in military and war science that if
a war breaks out between two countries, the two countries do not
send all of their forces to the front line. Instead, they hold
back some forces, especially forces with special training.
Today, the Muslim Ummah as a whole can be viewed as an army with
several regiments. The Ummah uses these regiments in a wise
manner. So, if an opponent attacks the Ummah with tanks, the
Ummah then advances its artillery regiment, to counter the
opponent’s tanks. If an opponent begins an air strike campaign,
the Ummah then advances its anti-aircraft regiment. The antiaircraft
regiment must also deceive the enemy about the location
of the other regiments since they would be most vulnerable to
the air strikes.
Praise be to God, the jihad war is ongoing, and on several
fronts. The Mujahidin work, and may God give them the strength
to endure on the jihad path, will continue to target the
guardian of universal apostates, America, until it becomes weak.
Once America is weak, we can build our Muslim state.
The more operations are carried out against America, God
willing, the closer the time will be to organize the resources,
and unify the efforts to establish the state of Islam. Only
then, the Ummah will be able to change its status quo of
weakness, degradation, and disgrace.
The Ummah should put forward some, but enough, forces to fight
America. The Ummah must keep some of its forces on reserve. This
will be in the Ummah’s best interests. The Ummah will use the
reserve in the future, but during the appropriate time.
In the meanwhile, we do not want to send the reserves to the
front line, especially in areas where the enemy only uses air
strikes to attack our forces. So, the reserves will not, for the
most part, be effective in such conflicts. Basically, we could
lose the reserves to enemy’s air strikes. We cannot fight air
strikes with explosives!
We have plenty of time to view and examine the appropriate time
to begin our jihad work against the apostate regimes in the
region. God says, “Against them make ready your strength to the
utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror
into the hearts of the enemies, of God and your enemies, and
others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know.
Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of God, shall be repaid
unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.” (60).
We still have a powerful force which we can organize and prepare
for deployment. The organization process and the preparation for
deployment will need time.
Let us assume that the ideal time to build a Muslim state in the
region will be three years from now. So, it would unwise to
begin fighting the apostate regimes in the region now when the
pre-requisites and conditions for the Muslim state have not been
Our main goal, and yours, is to resurrect the religion of Islam,
and to build a Caliphate-based state in every Muslim country.
So, for now, we do not need to be diverted from our goal by
going to war with the apostate regimes in the region. This is
not the time for it.
Our goal is to build our state, then spread God’s Call to the
rest of the world. We can, God willing, accomplish this goal, as
long as we stay put on the path of jihad.
We need to concentrate our jihad efforts in areas where the
conditions are ideal for us to fight. Iraq and Afghanistan are
two good examples. We do not have to rush to other areas of
conflict, especially in areas which appear to have unfavorable
jihad conditions.
We just do not want to see our jihad become fruitless. We need
to fight in areas where we can gain points toward the creation
of the Caliphate-based state. A state which has the essential
foundations to function and defend itself. If our state is not
supported by the proper foundations, the enemy will easily
destroy it.
Building a state without proper foundations is like building a
house in the middle of a torrential stream. Every time the water
destroys the house, we rebuild, then we rebuild until those who
help us with the rebuilding give up on us. So, our state must be
built on strong and proper foundations. Otherwise, the trust the
mujahidin put in us to build a state will disappear.
The impact of losing a state can be devastating, especially if
that state is at its infancy. The devastation would be even
harder on those who had been directly involved in the building
of that state.
The public often has all sorts of interpretations for the word
failure. Nonetheless, the public does not like losers. The
public is only interested in the results and it often ignores
the details and conditions which led to one’s success or
failure. If the public stigmatizes a group, the group will
likely fail to rally that public for support, be it to build or
defend a state.
In Yemen, they often read a poem which says:
“If Ali Bin Salim wins, they say: He is a marvel!
And if Ali Bin Salim loses, they say: He is ignorant!”
The point is that people tend to be in favor of a winner rather
than a loser. Accordingly, in the poem, people described Salim
as a “marvel” because he had won and as “ignorant” because he
had lost. Salim’s characteristics in both situations, however,
were the same. Salim cannot be both marvel and ignorant at the
same time.
One must look closely at all requirements and suitable
conditions. This is a very important and necessary step.
Accordingly, it appears to me that the requirements and suitable
conditions for building a strong Muslim state have not been met
in many of the Muslim countries.
Those requirements and suitable conditions will fall into place,
however, only if America becomes weak. In other words, a weaker
America means a weaker apostate regime in every Muslim country.
The Mujahidin, then and only then, will be able to build a
Muslim state and defend it. A state in which Muslims can live
under the umbrella of a Caliphate-based authority.
Keep in mind that what the enemy fears the most is to see the
Mujahidin succeed in creating a strong Caliphate-based state, in
which God’s code is being enforced.
The Muslim populations throughout the Muslim world will likely
support the Mujahidin when they declare their intent about
creating a new Caliphate-based state. The Muslim populations
will see the Mujahidin as part of them. Some of the Muslim
populations, however, may become subject to hostilities, due to
their support for the Mujahidin. The worst part of those
hostilities may include indiscriminate and persistent air
strikes against their communities.
Again, the Mujahidin must have all the requirements and suitable
conditions in place before attempting to declare their intent
about building a new Muslim state anywhere. The Mujahidin cannot
begin a new war in a country just because they hope that the
population in that country will support them. If the Mujahidin
only rely on that hope, they will likely fail in that country.
This happened, for example, in Syria, Egypt, and Yemen.
In Yemen, the communist group failed there, because when they
declared their new state in South Yemen they had not sought the
support or approval of the local Yemeni tribes and communities.
The communists had all the necessary institutions to run a
government. The communists had the military, security forces,
and major financial institutions on their side. The communists
even had the political as well as the economic support from the
Page 6
West (headed by America), and from the Arab world (headed by
Riyadh). One of the reasons the communists rushed into declaring
a new state was because their leaders were being assassinated,
and fast. Some of those assassinations were carried out by the
Mujahidin. Another reason was that the communists were paying
too much money to the President, to buy his support.
We must not get involved in conflicts, especially conflicts
which may drag us in deeper. If a few of our brothers happen to
get killed in a given place by a given opponent (may God have
mercy on the souls of all of our brothers), we are not to rush
in and declare an all-out war in that area.
Again, the requirements and suitable conditions must be met
before we get involved in any conflict and in any country.
Remember what Khalid had done during the Mu’ta battle, may God
be pleased with him. Khalid withdrew his troops during the Mu’ta
battle when the Muslims needed him most. Khalid even took with
him a few of the Prophet’s companions, may God be pleased with
them all. Also, Khalid left behind Zaid (the Prophet’s
favorite), Jaafir (the Prophet’s cousin), and among others, may
God be pleased with them all.
The reason Khalid withdrew his troops from Mu’ta was to assist
another Muslim army, the Companions Army, which was fighting the
Romans. When Khalid got to the Companions Army, he helped them
safely withdraw from the battle with the Romans.
Khalid’s decision to withdraw from Mu’ta led to the rescue of
the Companions Army. The Companions Army was too small compared
to the army which the Romans had put forward on that
battlefield. Indeed, without the help of Khalid, the Romans
could have crushed the Companions Army.
The Prophet, peace be upon him, had instructed Khalid to go to
Mu’ta. The Prophet never instructed Khalid to withdraw from
Mu’ta or to help the Companions Army. The Companions Army, on
the other hand, was unaware that Khalid was on his way to help
Based on the above, it appears that Khalid had defied the
Prophet’s instructions, but this was not the case. Khalid had
made the right decision. This was what the Prophet, peace be
upon him, said after everything was over and done with.
The Prophet, peace be upon him, said this about Khalid: “He won
when he withdrew his army.” Khalid had made the right decision,
despite the possibility that the Muslims could have lost Mu’ta,
and conditions worsened thereof.
Khalid saw a priority in rescuing the Companions Army, and that
Mu’ta was important; but it was not a battle, if lost, which
could bring devastating results upon the Muslims. Also, when he
helped the Companions Army withdraw from that battlefield, he
knew that the Romans were not dangerously close to vital Muslim
positions. In the end, the Prophet praised Khalid and his troops
for what they did. The Prophet said, “They withdrew, but they
did not run away.”
Khalid then participated in many battles which led to the defeat
of the Romans in the Fertile Crescent region.
On the Day of Hudaybyah, when the Prophet heard that Othman, may
God be pleased with him, had been killed, he said, “We will not
rest until we punish the killers.” The Prophet decided to go to
war right there and then. When the Prophet came to Hudaybyah, he
had no intention in going to war. On that day, the Muslims only
had their swords, but no other fighting gear.
I say that this incident resembles an analogy with difference
(TN: An “analogy with difference” is a jurist’s term which means
deduction by analogy based on two similar but different events.
The second event being the incident with Khalid). The minimum
requirement for the battle existed, which was the availability
of fighters. On the day of Hudaybyah, the Prophet had a total of
one-thousand four-hundred people. The unbelievers’ army (who had
been accused of killing Othman) had twice as many men as that of
the Prophet’s army. The Muslims were allowed to fight the
unbelievers, and whoever agreed to fight the unbelievers had to
take on ten men. Also, the Muslims had their swords, which were
considered the fighter’s main weapon.
I would like to say that the time to resurrect the Muslim state
is getting closer. Also, the spread of our Jihad thought,
especially among the younger generation, in comparison to other
Islamic groups and movements, has been to our advantage. Other
Muslim groups and movements have been unable to satisfy the
demands of many of the Ummah’s youth. Our Salafi jihad thought,
on the other hand, has been appealing to the youth, simply
because it tackles the Ummah’s causes.
Many American reports, aside from stating the obvious, are
talking about a decline in America’s economic, military, and
political powers. The decline of the United States, and the
advance of the Mujahidin, God willing, will lead us to reach an
equilibrium point with the enemy, during which time we could
build and defend our state.
Based on the above, it is clear that the time to build the
Muslim state is not here yet, because we still have other
greater duties to complete, which include making suitable
preparations for that future state. God willing, the state will
be the nucleus for the Caliphate ruler-ship model.
It is also clear that the goal of the Islamic Maghreb’s freedomfighter
Mujahidin, who are spread throughout the Islamic
Maghreb, is to build the foundations for the Islamic state. The
Maghreb Mujahidin should not, however, jump any of the stages.
Also, the Maghreb Mujahidin should not get distracted by
indulging in any conflict with the apostate governments.
The most important objective at this stage is:
To spread our ideas, especially important ideas on teaching
fellow Muslims about Islam. People should understand what their
religion says about the meaning of, for example, “there is no
God, but one God.” This should be the backbone to all of our
appeals to the public. People should learn about how to avoid
falling victim in the hands of the unbelievers. People should
learn about what other Muslim groups think, and how they had
given in to apostate leaders. People should learn about some of
other Muslims groups’ perspective on authority, which is in
contradiction to the Islamic codes, as well as to the scholars’
views on judgeship-and-jurisdiction (Hakimaya).
You should exercise caution, and calmly approach the public. You
do not want to turn people off, especially people who may
already think highly of other Muslim groups. We need to build
wide public support, and as much as possible.
What we want is to resurrect a state which rules with the
Almighty God’s codes. You know how important it is to have
public support if we are to accomplish this goal.
There has to be a wider and greater call for public support. For
the most part, the call should be directed at people who appear
to be far more accepting of our ideas.
We should not just seek the support of people who live in
difficult terrains, which would be hard on the enemy to
penetrate, but other areas as well.
You may want to find someone who enjoys doing call-to-Islam work
(Da’wa). Ask this person to help you reach out to the public.
You should use books, video, and audio material, and as needed,
publish them in different languages, so you could reach all the
populations of the countries in your region. The written
material must be clear and in concise language, so the public
can understand it. We must pay close attention to the Da’wa
work, which is to explain to people the need to understand the
Unity of God and other Muslim concepts.
This, for now, is our strategy for the area. Our work must focus
on the long-term objective. A quick work might be fruitful in
the short run, but it is not what we need to do. The outcome of
any work must be viewed within the overall long-term plan. That
plan is to create a Muslim state. So, the Da’wa work is a start
toward that end, God willing.
For every country where the materials are to be disseminated,
you should pay close attention to the overall public taste and
opinions. The considerations to public taste and opinion must be
weighed within the Islamic Law, however.
The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, had done the same
thing. The Prophet said, “If it was not for the fact that your
people have just emerged from the age of ignorance, I would have
renovated the Ka’aba, and gave it two doors.” (Narrated by al-
All public announcements must be carefully evaluated. When
issuing a public announcement, ask the question of what sort of
positive or negative impact this announcement will generate for
us? Being careful and considerate in our public announcements
will also widen our appeal and boost our image among the Muslim
populations. We want to ask the Muslim people to stop living in
the shadow of the oppressive leaders.
Page 7
The brothers must understand that their job is to educate the
public, but not to incite it to a general call to arms. As you
know, the situation in the mountains, particularly now, cannot
take in more people, especially in greater numbers.
Having to bring in more people to the mountains, and now, will
be a burden, rather than a help to the Mujahidin. So, those who
sympathize with our views must be told that “we want what is
best for you. Our most important message to you is to live a
Muslim life, similar to the life which our most favorite
generation had lived (the Prophet’s companion generation.) You
must stay put, and if we need you, we will call on you. For now,
you should call upon God to help us, God willing.”
View the list of countries which had deployed troops to
Afghanistan, to help the Americans there. Then, kidnap citizens
of those countries, especially diplomats. The kidnapping of
diplomats of a country is far more embarrassing to that country
than the kidnapping of ordinary citizens. The pressure on that
country to free its diplomats is far greater than to free
ordinary citizens.
The negotiation must be based on the demand: Withdraw your
troops from Afghanistan, then we release the hostages. The
intent is to leave America with as little support as possible,
and, God willing, will push it to depart Afghanistan for good.
The announcements containing the terms of negotiations must be
clear and concise, so that impartial and independent spectators
judge for themselves. The announcements should also include the
unjust acts which had been committed by those countries whose
citizens are being held hostages, and that the hostages are
servants of those countries. The announcements should also point
out that a war is a joint responsibility, and that Muslims are
not interested in harming anyone whose country was never
involved in hostile activities against the Muslim people.
Other public announcements on operations which involve targeting
Western interests should point out the unjust acts of Western
countries in Afghanistan, too.
It is absolutely vital to study and analyze the Arab revolutions
against the apostate governments in the region. The analysis
should focus on the reasons behind the successes, as well as the
failures of Arab revolutions. The majority of the revolutions
that had succeeded in the area were secular. The secular
revolutions succeeded because they had, for the most part, the
support of the military. In any country, the military is
considered to be a power breaker. The secular revolutions crept
out of the military, then turned the military power to their
advantage. The Islamic revolutions, on the other hand, mostly
failed, because they had far fewer resources than their
opponents. The Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, for example, had the
support of the army, and it was able to topple the government in
a quo d’état. It soon became apparent, however, that only the
army personnel had taken charge of the country, but not the
Muslim Brotherhood.
Other examples of failed Islamic revolutions include the attempt
made by Shaykh Marwan Hadid, may God have mercy on his soul, to
topple the Syrian regime.
Hadid began his jihad life when he went to Jordan to train at
one of the Palestinian Fida’in’s camps. Hadid wanted to use his
training to fight a jihad war against the Jews in Palestine.
During his training, the September Event took place and the
ruler of Jordan attacked the Fida’in camps, then killed a big
number of them. The majority of the Fida’in left Jordan after
most of their training camps had been destroyed. Hadid, may God
have mercy on his soul, decided to go back to Syria.
Whatever military experience Hadid had learned in Jordan made
him feel confident about himself. Hadid wanted to use his
training to do something for his religion. Hadid decided that
he could no longer live under the Syrian apostate regime. His
little experience and his age did not help him make the right
decision, however. Hadid was able to recruit a number of people,
so he could begin his work against the Syrian regime. Hadid did
not want to wait for the right time. Also, Hadid did not have
the essential resources to topple the regime. A few more people
joined his group, and among them were members from the Muslim
The Hadid group was able to assassinate a number of Syrian
officials. When the Muslim Brotherhood leadership found out that
some of its members had been involved with Hadid, they decided
to terminate their membership.
As Hadid succeeded in launching more operations against the
regime, the fear factor among his followers began to dissipate.
Even the Muslim Brotherhood started to take Hadid seriously, and
it thought of ways to turn his work into its advantage. The
Brotherhood felt that it, too, could help topple the Syrian
regime. The Syrian government, on the other hand, saw this as an
opportunity to demolish the Muslim Brotherhood, and forever.
That was what one of the Syrian officials said at the time.
Indeed, the Syrian government began a national campaign to
demolish the Brotherhood. The Syrian regime treated the
Brotherhood as if it was the one who assassinated its officials.
The regime knew though that it was not the case. The regime also
knew that the Brotherhood members who had joined Hadid had been
terminated by the Brotherhood’s leadership.
The conflict then entered a new phase. The Brotherhood became
serious, and it called for the removal of the regime, and to
create an Islamic government. The Brotherhood never bothered to
calculate, however, what it needed to accomplish all of that.
The Brotherhood had not been realistic about its own resources,
and capabilities, in comparison to what the opponent Syrian
regime had. Even by looking at the number of people the
Brotherhood had compared to what the Syrian regime had, there
was a huge difference between the two.
The Almighty God says, “O Apostle! Rouse the Believers to the
fight. If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering,
they will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, they will vanquish
a thousand of the Unbelievers: for these are a people without
understanding. For the present, God hath lightened your (task),
for He knoweth that there is a weak spot in you: But (even so),
if there are a hundred of you, patient and persevering, they
will vanquish two hundred, and if a thousand, they will vanquish
two thousand, with the leave of God. for God is with those who
patiently persevere.” (65-66, al-Infal.)
The Brotherhood’s calculations were unrealistic. The Brotherhood
even thought that after it was able to topple the regime, it
would take on Israel. Also, the Brotherhood did not have enough
personnel who had the expertise or prudence to lead their
military operations.
The Brotherhood went to war and it lost big. The Syrian regime
used missile launchers to destroy the Brotherhood’s threshold in
Hama. The regime killed about twenty thousand people in Hama
alone. Many people were arrested, including women and children.
The regime had also used all sorts of torture methods against
the Brotherhood. There is no might, nor power, except with God.
After that awful experience, many members of the Brotherhood
went into shock, and jihad became their last resort. Many
thought that they had to make the best of it while living under
the regime.
The Brotherhood in Syria had lost an entire generation, which it
could have wisely deployed for jihad work under better
conditions and times. After the Hama experience, the Jihad work
had totally stopped, and for twenty years. With the birth of a
new generation, which had not lived that awful experience of
Hama, a new light of hope emerged. We saw that most of the
Syrians who joined the Mujahidin in Afghanistan and Iraq were
young. Most of them had not experienced the Hama shock. Other
older Syrians, who probably wanted to join the Mujahidin, could
not do it because the Hama experience was still on their minds,
even thirty years later.
One cannot ask people to bear more than what they can handle.
Otherwise, the results might be devastating, and more people
would fear going to jihad.
A Muslim movement, in particular, should not ask people to bear
more than what they can handle, especially in areas where the
movement is anticipated to be met with unrestrained violence
from its opponents, just like what happened in Hama. Any
movement must keep this in mind, either during the process of
building a new Islamic state or afterwards.
The failure of the Brotherhood in Syria was not surprising, and
that was the view of many experts. For example, experts like
Shaykh Abid al-Aziz Ali Abi Usama. Usama thought that the
Brotherhood would fail to topple the regime. The Brotherhood, on
the other hand, was in a dream world. The Brotherhood thought it
could build a Muslim state which would become a model in the
Fertile Crescent region.
Page 8
There was also the Libyan experience. The brothers in Libya
failed because, firstly, they did not listen to any of the
advice they were offered. The al-Qa’ida advised them to wait, so
did the Jihad Group and the Islamic Group. All the brothers
advised the Libyan Mujahidin that they did not have the basic
resources to topple the Libyan regime. Not to mention, the
timing did not add up.
As you know, jihad is a duty, but it does not require Muslims to
launch jihad battles everywhere and anytime. Also, jihad does
not require Muslims to fight in areas where the conditions are
obviously not in their favor.
Jihad is a means by which the sustainability of the religion is
ensured. Jihad can be put aside as an option, due to lack of
resources. Muslims, however, must continue to accumulate
necessary resources until the conditions for jihad are improved.
The Shaykh of Islam -- Ibn Taymayah -- may God have mercy on his
soul, agreed with the above view on jihad. Ibn Taymayah wrote,
“… that is so, if the jihad experts agree that the conditions
for jihad had not been met. Experts often analyze the jihad
variables against these conditions, then draw conclusion to
whether the outcome is positive or negative.”
The excessive enthusiasm among the Libyan brothers about
creating a Muslim state in Libya made them lose focus. Then, the
Libyan brothers suffered tremendously as they entered into a
conflict with the Libyan regime. Thousands of our Libyan
brothers went to jail. Many of them were tortured and
persecuted. May God grant our Libyan brothers a speedy release
from prison.
(TN: End full translation)

Page 1
In the name of God the most merciful
Honorable shaykh,
God‟s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you
This is a letter from a loving brother whom you know and who
knows you and who accompanied you on some business and programs,
but conditions prevented us from communicating. My heart is full
of love and appreciation to you; it gets happy for your
happiness; and it hurts for your sadness; it longs to meet you,
and still loves you in God. If we disagree on some of the
issues, this disagreement should not keep us from communicating
and offering each other advice. Instead, it should strengthen it
and make offering advice an obligation.
Based on that, I wrote to you this letter, which I hope that you
will receive with love, appreciation, and an open heart,
especially when you know who the sender is. Regardless of the
hardships and adversities, brotherhood in God will always grow
You know that previous crises showed that loyalty between the
faithful continues, and admiration and forgiveness continue
regardless of the differences in points of view.
Honorable Shaykh,
At this era, everyone knows about your unprecedented
contributions and great efforts in the field of jihad, the
revival of the spirit of jihad in the nation, and mobilizing its
energy and cadres to carry out this obligation. You have indeed
become the chief innovator in this field at this day and age.
Among the most prominent landmarks of accomplishment is breaking
the American illusion, uncovering the truth about its fake
strength, reviving the confidence of the nation in itself and
its capabilities, and targeting with precision the greatest
enemy and the head of the snake without getting distracted by
opponents and enemies who are only some of the poison and
secretions of that snake.
As your Eminence knows, the greatest thing that one can win in
this life is God‟s pleasure; anything less than that would be
considered limited gains that might have bad consequences. One
does not leave his homeland, money, and family behind except for
seeking God‟s pleasure. We consider you one of those who
dedicated his life and his money for the sake of God, but God is
the ultimate judge. Careful consideration, self-examination,
requesting guidance from God, and striving to reach truth and
virtue and abiding by them are among the greatest reasons for
Also among the great reasons for success are consulting others,
getting to know their opinions, even if they different from
yours, and considering those opposing opinions because some of
them might lead to the right path and truth.
God said, “Consult with them on the matter.” Here you notice
that even the one who received the revelation and who
communicated with the angel Gabriel ordered consulting others
and seeking their opinion.
No doubt that one‟s distance (due to security situation and
other reasons) from reality can weaken his precise vision, and
it makes it harder for him to detect reality in a subjective
manner, which sometime might affect the accuracy of his opinion.
Page 2
The reason is that he bases his opinion on general information
given to him by admirers and sympathizers who mix up wishful
thinking and reality.
This is like asking people to give you their opinion regarding a
specific event. They might give you the number and identities of
those who agree with them and understate those who disagree with
them. We have noticed something similar among those who agree
with you and who inform you of the situation.
You can overcome this problem by listening to the opinions of
those who are neutral on the issue or even those who disagree
with you in order to get a clearer picture of people‟s points of
view and evaluation of the event. Getting various vantage points
is in our interest and can serve the decision, opinions, and
positions that we form.
Being chased, besieged, and distant is not the best environment
for thinking and for forming the right opinion and decision. In
this case, one should seek the opinion of brothers who are
outside of the hardship that he is in and should be wary of his
own opinion, which could be subject to influences that he is not
aware of. None of us believes that he is immune from making
mistakes, and we should apply this belief by reexamining and
reconsidering our opinions.
One can see his weakness and deficiency when he examines old
decisions that were later proven to be mistaken or assumptions
that turned out to be wrong. Returning to the truth and backing
away from an opinion once you discover its falsehood is a reason
to be proud and is honorable. That is the tradition of the
companions of the Prophet, the faithful scholars, and leaders of
our nation. Retraction does not take away from the person; to
the contrary, it elevates him in this life and in eternity.
One can make a mistaken decision, but he will be excused for it.
However, once he becomes aware of the mistake, but insists on
his decision, there will be no excuse, and that might be a
reason for his failure in what he does.
A quick review of the journey of work and the changes in it
during the last twenty years reveals the effects of
circumstances and variables that are out of one‟s control, but
which one had to deal with based on the facts that were
available to him at that time. Sometimes one makes the right
decisions and sometimes does not, but one should benefit from
this enormous experience (including the right and the wrong) in
future work and correcting the course.
To complete the picture, here is a short review of the journey
of work and the accompanying changes and transformations over
the last twenty years.
-Work started with supporting the Afghani jihad, sacrificing
everything, deploying youth to the fields of jihad, and placing
great hope on the Islamic state in Afghanistan, which was
considered a starting point for moving to all other countries in
the world.
-After a period of Afghani jihad and the attrition of many of
the cadre and money, the idea of establishing an international
Islamic force, which is not only based in Afghanistan, and
Afghanistan is not its top priority, came to being.
Page 3
Most of the work in Afghanistan turned to the goal of luring and
preparing youth.
-Then the Gulf crisis and Iraq‟s invasion of Kuwait took place.
You offered your serves to Saudi Arabia to defend it in
confronting the Iraqi regime in order to not use the foreign
forces, and you asked the youth from the peninsula (Yemen, Saudi
Arabia, and other Gulf countries) to return to their countries
to participate in confronting the Iraqi invasion.
-After that phase, the goal became more precise and your
approach and focus turned to attacking the head of the snake,
America. You abandoned all jihadi work for the sake of this.
America became the main enemy, and you declared a war against it
and demanded it to get out of the lands of the Muslims and stop
its dominance over Muslims.
-Immigrating to Sudan and calling on others to do the same and
placing great hope on the Sudanese regime, which subsequently
pressured you to abandon the political and jihadi approaches.
During this phase, your approach was:
--This phase was not conducive to jihadi work due to the many
challenges, pressures, pursuits, and siege. Instead that phase
was a phase of spreading the faith, building the culture,
instilling the doctrine of “there is no god but God” in the
hearts of the nation, and teaching renunciation of worldly
things in order to prepare for jihad. Based on this conviction,
the Association of Mus‟ab Bin-„Umayr for Preaching was
established and headquartered in Sudan.
--As pressure increased, you decided to move to Afghanistan. You
were not keen on fighting alongside Taliban or supporting them
until Taliban took control of Jalalabad, Kabul, and the rest of
the country. You got to know them better, you accepted them and
got comfortable with their approach, and pledged allegiance to
Mullah „Umar. That phase was the phase of working on completing
the control over the rebellious north and deepening the roots of
the infant Islamic emirate, which revived the ambitions that
were on the verge of collapsing.
--Before the state was able to stand on its feet and complete
its control of the entire country, you started to operate
externally by targeting the head of the snake. You were moved by
the youth who were gathering, eager, ready for sacrifice, and
whose numbers at training camps were increasing. Then came the
operations of Nairobi, Cole, and then 9/11, which ended the
government of Taliban (the Islamic Emirate) on which many hopes
were hanging.
These phases were accompanied by ideological changes and
transformations that I do not wish to talk about or evaluate
because this is not the place for that. My intention is to talk
about the phase that we are in, which is the phase of work in
Muslim countries in general and the Peninsula in particular.
Page 4
Before I get into the details of the matter, I wish to ask a
question here: Why the peninsula only? Do you only care to
protect yourself and your security and let the entire world burn
I wish to say:
First: We think that you should not work inside Muslim
countries, even if it is directed against the head of the snake,
because this can cause great harm to Muslim people and can
inflict great damage on various areas, including preaching,
charitable work, dependence on God, and other areas. It also
gives a chance for the head of the snake to get stronger and
spread its poison in a greater manner.
Second: We think that the best places and most effective places
for attacking the head of the snake are the locations in which
it explicitly got involved militarily, such as Afghanistan and
Iraq. Concentrating efforts in those areas is better than
dispersing them and prevents the harm that could accompany them.
Third: There is no doubt that the peninsula is unique and
different in terms of supporting jihad through cadre,
financially, and morally. The peninsula is considered the rear
base for all jihadi work in the world, starting from Afghanistan
and Chechnya, all the way to Iraq and Palestine. Attacking this
base has a very clear and apparent effect on all jihadi work.
Fourth: The best way to prevent the shedding of impermissible
blood and not killing faithful people is to not work inside
Muslim countries. I am sure that your Eminence knows that God
said, “If it were not for faithful men and women among them, we
would have punished them harshly.” If faithful swords stopped
fighting for fear of hurting the few faithful in the nonbeliever
society, can you imagine the ruling when we talk about Muslim
population in a Muslim society?
Fifth: Some of the brothers, who were among the veteran
mujahidin and who dealt with some of the leaders of the
organization, feared that the events in the peninsula might be
influenced by anger, envy, and hatred toward citizens of the
peninsula because of some past positions.
Sixth: When looking at the justification for the events, one has
to wonder why this is not taking place in Pakistan in spite of
the fact that it is closer geographically, easier to reach,
known for its strict position toward the mujahidin, handed over
some leaders and others to America, overtly supported the
American occupation, and actively participated in toppling the
Islamic emirate. I do not think that you should target Pakistan,
but I am just saying that to make my point clear. Why didn‟t
this take place in Kuwait and Qatar when they are the greatest
agents and collaborators for the Americans?
The phase of working in the Arabian Peninsula:
It seems that those who know you well say that you did not
support working inside until recently. Perhaps the start was
based on personal efforts and initiatives that you were not
aware of, especially because when we wrote to you in the past,
you expressed that work inside would be inappropriate and would
cause great harm. At any rate, events showed that it was a
mistaken decision that had very dire consequences, including:
Page 5
-Harming jihad and the mujahidin in all arenas.
--The nation lost many of the leaders and cadre who were killed
or arrested because of these operations.
--Pressuring those who support jihad in Chechnya, Iraq,
Afghanistan, Palestine, and other places and completely cutting
off the funding, which caused great damage to jihad there.
--Banning youth from joining jihad and tightening the security
on all passage points that lead to jihad, and arresting people
going to jihad and returning from it.
--Detaining a large number of youth and sympathizers around them
and exposing them to temptation that might be detrimental.
--Going after and perusing anyone who has ties to jihadi work.
--Suffering by many families of killed, detained, and wanted
--Banning any talk or promotion of jihad through lectures,
sermons, and forums.
--People repulsed by the word jihad and its enemies continue to
defame it.
--The jihadi stream lost many of its honest and faithful
scholars and preachers who defended jihad and adopted it causes.
- Damaging the charitable work around the world and in all
--Shutting down several charitable organizations that were
carrying out relief work all over the Muslim world, such as al-
Haramin Charitable Organization.
--Banning the collection of donations from individuals,
organizations, and companies under any name and for any
--Freezing bank accounts of charitable individuals and
organizations. These accounts had great amounts of money that
the poor were deprived of.
--Arresting anyone who is suspected of collecting money and
supporting a charitable project that does not belong to an
official organization.
--Stopping many charitable and relief efforts that were vital
for needy Muslims all over the world (digging wells, building
mosques, orphanages, education, health, clothing, and so on).
-Damaging the spread of the faith and fear of God.
-Giving an excuse to the deviated approaches to attack Islam in
general and jihad in particular and push forward the projects of
Westernization and secularism.
-Giving the enemy a chance to get involved more than before and
pushing the state to jump into the lap of the enemy.
Page 6
-Force official entities to deal with counter-terrorism in a
much stricter way, change curriculums, and impose censorship on
media in accordance with the so-called American campaign on
-The great damages inflicted on Muslims‟ lives, properties, and
Things are moving for people in a way that they did not want or
seek. They even used to condemn people if they did any of the
You used to condemn any act that did not target the head of the
snake and used to consider it unjustified and a waste of
capabilities, but now because of the latest events, the battle
has shifted from the head of the snake to its tail and from
America to the regimes. This was a colossal strategic error that
caused many losses in exchange for a very limited number of
gains. These gains do not compare to what was sacrificed for
One can notice the lack of precision in predicting the position
of scholars and the public toward the events inside. Perhaps the
picture that is being conveyed to you is different from reality.
I would like to say to you in all honesty, I do not know anyone
who is a scholar, an intellectual, or a preacher who supports
these actions or views them as legitimate. Many of the veteran
mujahidin and the public stand against these actions. The most
that is happening is some sympathy toward those who are innocent
but were arrested and somehow hurt, or for believing that these
youth were falsely accused of carrying out these actions.
The reality is that many of the actions of the youth and your
statements, such as your call to target oil, turned people
against you, especially scholars and intellectuals. If criticism
against you would not be viewed as support to your crusader
enemy, you would have seen much stronger open positions against
you. Many of those who are quiet are doing so because they do
not want to cause more problems.
Public opinion polls in the Muslim world prove that support to
you among the Arab and Muslim people has shrunk after you
targeted the peninsula.
It is not appropriate for an honest person to think that he is
always right and that those who disagree with him are ignorant,
hypocrites, or agents. Perhaps these people are correct on some
Such belief leads a person to have hatred, bad intentions, and
suspicion toward brothers. I told some brothers more than once,
“You are more worthy of the accusations that you throw at those
who disagree with you. You would not like it if those whom you
insult for disagreeing with you, responded to you in the same
way in terms of suspicion, insults, and accusations of being
The solution:
Honorable Shaykh, I suggest that you get out of this crisis by
conducting a review of this past experience and its apparent
negative consequences.
Page 7
You should go back to the principle from which you started and
that is focusing on the head of the snake and targeting the
greatest enemy of the Muslims, and not scatter the efforts and
strength outside the target. The process of targeting should be
governed and should not be conducted inside Muslim states in
order to prevent the negative consequences I talked about
The regimes do not get hurt by targeting Americans in their
countries. Instead, these attacks are confirmations that they
are with the Americans and that they are working against the
enemies of America and that they are being targeted like
As you know, one of the countries was about to be listed as a
sponsor of terrorism and was about to be listed in what Bush
calls the “Axis of Evil,” but after the events, it went on to
top the list of countries fighting terrorism and won the
recognition and praise of the Congress for its efforts in this
Also, the political jurisprudence, which expanded to include
dealing and having common interests with the Safawis who have a
dangerous Persian project that threatens the presence and the
future of the Muslim nation, will not be hampered by
marginalizing and weakening the collaborating regimes that do
not have any control. Any attacks on those countries negatively
affect the Muslim people in the first place.
Some observers think that these acts help the interests of the
head of the snake because they give legitimacy and justification
to many of the projects that have been in the planning phase for
a while and gives it (TN: the head of the snake) a chance to
implement them. These acts convinced the world and the people
that the American war on terrorism is just.
These acts did not only target infidels and enemies of Islam,
but they target security and sources of energy. These sources of
energy are one of the most important sources of income and
source of prosperity that that Muslims in these countries enjoy.
If these sources of energy are damaged, all people get hurt and
their religious and worldly interests get damaged.
As for your statement about targeting oil because the ones who
benefit from it are the enemy, it was not a good or an
acceptable statement, unlike your statements and your talk in
support of the persecuted and to incite attacks against the
occupiers of Muslim lands.
Targeting oil can lead to great negative consequences,
1-It is the property of the nation and does not belong to a
segment or even the ruling regime, for it is the main source of
income. Establishing beneficial service projects for all Muslim
people, hospitals, roads, communications, salaries, and
infrastructure, depend on revenues from it. To make this picture
clearer, you can compare between the infrastructure and
prosperity in oil-producing countries and those in non-oil
producing countries.
The enemy benefiting from oil and the regimes taking a large
amount of the revenue from it are not a justification or a
reason that would make the people accept and support targeting
2-The targeting of oil creates an excuse for foreign powers to
intervene and impose international dominance over energy
resources and get involved the country‟s security affairs and
beyond, to include intellectual, cultural, minority, and
sectarian affairs.
Page 8
3-The damage inflicted on innocents working in these facilities
and those around them in terms of their lives, property, and
honor as result of targeting them was prohibited by God.
Therefore, I suggest to you:
1-Issue a clear and unequivocal statement to anyone who listens
to you and accepts your opinion to direct the work and focus it
on the head of the snake in its home or in areas that it
occupies, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, and to dedicate all
capabilities toward this goal. Also, stay away from operating
inside Muslim countries in order to protect the reputation of
the mujahidin, protect their acceptance within Muslim societies,
prevent any harm to the mujahidin and supporters of jihad,
prevent the secularists and liberals from exploiting these
events, and direct the souls of the youth for the great battle
against the head of the snake.
2-Issue your orders to your cadre to immediately abandon all
work inside Muslim countries and move on to conduct jihad
against the occupier in Iraq and Afghanistan.
3-Call on Muslims, especially the scholars, intellectuals,
dignitaries, and businessmen, to stand beside the mujahidin
against the great enemy that directly or indirectly stands
behind every catastrophe inflicted on the Muslims.
This would also show the truth to all Muslims about the regimes
that claim to be fighting terrorism because they are getting
attacked and the regimes that pretend to be crying over the
Muslim blood. This would place these regimes in a position where
they will have to choose between standing in the trenches of the
enemy and continuing to support them against the mujahidin or
stand on the sidelines and open the way for the mujahidin to
deal with their enemy.
In closing:
1-Hopefully God will give you honor in this life and in eternity
and use you for improving the situation of the Muslims in
general and the mujahidin in particular. I am writing to you
based on my knowledge of you, your desire for the truth, and my
intention to not see you accused or blamed by anyone. I pray to
God to guide you because you went for jihad on His path, seeking
His pleasure. God said, “We will show our paths to those who
conducted jihad for us.”
2-The mistaken decision by Khalid Bin-al-Walid (may God be
pleased with him), which led the Prophet (peace be upon him) to
say, “O God, I am innocent of what Khalid did,” did not prevent
Khalid from becoming God‟s sword against the infidels. Also,
Khalid‟s stature did not keep the Prophet (peace be upon him)
from criticizing him openly. Also, „Usama Bin-Yazid, who made a
mistake and the Prophet (peace be upon him) criticized him and
scolded him, was later chosen by the Prophet (after making a
mistake and admitting that he made a mistake) to lead the first
army to leave Medina after the death of the Prophet (peace be
upon him). The army included the shaykhs of immigrants and
Page 9
We salute those who help secure Muslims, keep harm and fear away
from them, win their prayers, and support the oppressed and
defend them from harm.
O God, the lord of Gabriel, Michael, Israfil, the creator of
heaven and earth, you know the unknown, and you are the judge of
your worshipers when they disagree with each other, guide us to
the truth and to the right path.
I pray to God through His generosity to protect you, guard you,
preserve you from the harm of the infidels, bless you wherever
you are, use you to support His faith, and make you one of His
victorious loyalists who have no fear or sadness.
The one who loves you,
14 September 2006

Page 1
(TN: Religious opening, then:)
Dear Brother Shaykh Mahmud, God protect him,
Peace be with you, and God's mercy and blessings.
I hope this letter finds you, your family and all the brothers
well and in good health, and closest and most obedient to God
I begin this message with condolences for myself and you on the
death of our dear brother Shaykh Sa'id, God rest his soul. May
the Almighty honor him with what he desires, accept him as one
of the martyrs, and count his forbearance and steadfastness
among his good deeds.
God bless him, he spent nearly three decades in the theater of
Jihad aiding the religion of God.
(TN: Rest of paragraph is a eulogy of the life and deeds of the
above Shaykh Sa'id.)
I also offer condolences on the deaths of our dear brothers Abu-
'Umar al-Baghdadi and Abu-Hamzah al-Muhajir and those who waged
Jihad with them until they died. We ask God Almighty to
compensate us for our hardship and bring some good from it for
us, and that he
Page 2
accept them among the martyrs and let them dwell in Heaven, for
He is most capable of that.
(TN: Paragraph seeking God's protection and guidance for all the
Mujahidin, then:)
In keeping with the words of the Prophet on forbearance, and to
fulfill our duties regardless of the hardship faced, I begin my
words with you on Jihad activities in general.
First, I wish to inform you that you have been appointed
successor to the departed Shaykh Sa'id for a period of two years
from the date on which you receive this letter. I ask Almighty
God to help you carry out this responsibility well, and augment
your success, forbearance, piety and good character which if the
leader possesses, his followers will benefit all the more so.
As you well know, the best people are the ones most agreed on by
the people, and the key attributes that bring people together
and preserve their staying behind their leader are his kindness,
forgiveness, sense of fairness, patience, and good rapport with
him, as well as showing care for them and not tax them beyond
their ability.
What must always be in the forefront of our minds is: managing
people at such times calls for even greater wisdom, kindness,
forgiveness, patience and deliberation, and is a complex task by
most any measure.
Page 3
But, to begin again talking about Jihad activities:
We are now in a new phase of assessing Jihad activities and
developing them beyond what they were in the past in two areas,
military activity and media releases. Our work in these two
areas is broad and sweeping, encompassing the headquarters and
regional areas.
I put before you some ideas in my mind that time has enabled me
to, so we can brainstorm and improve on them, in addition to a
document that was attached to your message under the name
"attachment for Shaykh Mahmud," which contained some of what I
had sent to Shaykh Sa'id, God rest his soul, about this new
Regarding military activities:
The conditions that grew more serious after the attacks on New
York and Washington and the Crusader campaign against
Afghanistan filled Muslims with sympathy toward their fellow
Mujahidin, as it became patently clear that the Mujahidin are
the vanguard and standard-bearers of the Islamic community in
fighting the Crusader-Zionist alliance that has caused the
people to endure various forms of pain and degradation.
One indication of that is the wide-scale spread of Jihadist
ideology, especially on the Internet, and the tremendous number
of young people who frequent the Jihadist websites—a major
achievement for Jihad, through the grace of God, despite our
enemies and their efforts.
On the other hand, after the war expanded and the Mujahidin
spread out into many regions, some of the brothers became
totally absorbed in fighting our local enemies, and more
mistakes have
Page 4
been made due to miscalculations by the brothers planning the
operations or something that arises before it is carried out, in
addition to some who have expanded the "barricade argument" (TN:
on whether it is acceptable to kill Muslims being used as human
shields by the enemy) which has resulted in the killing of
Muslims (we ask God to have mercy on them and forgive them, and
compensate their families). I reckon that the barricade argument
was been debated centuries ago amid circumstances different from
those of today, and it needs to be revisited based on the
modern-day context and clear boundaries established for all the
brothers, so that no Muslims fall victim except when it is
absolutely essential.
Amongst the mistakes made were the killing of some, the Muslims
did not understand the justification behind allowing their
killing. As you may know, one of the principles of Shari'ah is
to bring in the interests and repulse evil. This is what the
Messenger of Allah, Peace and Prayers be upon him had done with
the head of hypocrisy 'Abdallah Bin Abi; not to underestimate
the fact that these issues, amongst others, led to the loss of
the Muslims sympathetic approach towards the Mujahidin. What
also led to the loss of the Mujahidin was exploitation of the
foes to several of their mistakes and tainting their picture
before the crowds of the nation; the purpose was to split them
from their popular bases, and needless to say that this issue
involving the loss of the nation's audience paralyzed the
Jihadist movements.
Here is an important issue that we should pay attention to;
carrying out several attacks without exercising caution, which
impacted the sympathy of the nation's crowds towards the
Mujahidin. It would lead us to winning several battles while
losing the war at the end. It requires an accurate criteria for
the ramifications of any attack prior to carrying it out; also
weighing the advantages and disadvantages, to then determine
what would be the most likely to carry out.
Page 5
There is the need to collect anything within the capacity to
collect - such as information, especially the Afghanistan
commando operations carried out by the Mujahidin or others, the
Palestinian Liberation Organization; also to study the
advantages and disadvantages as the study would include two
The aspect of the operational steps required to ensure the
success of the operation, or the hindrances leading to its
failure, as well as the impact on the foe.
The other aspect involves the impact on the nation's impression
towards the Mujahidin and being sympathetic towards them. The
operations that bear extreme negative impact on the partisans of
the Jihad include targeting the apostates in mosques or nearby –
such as the assassination attempt of Dustum during the holiday
worship location, and the assassination of General Muhammad
Yusuf in one of the Pakistani mosques. It is extremely sad for
an individual to fall into the same mistake more than once.
I would also like to seek your advice on an opinion as follows:
whatever exceeds our capability or what we are unable to
disburse on attacks inside America, as well as on the Jihad in
open fronts, would be disbursed targeting American interests in
non-Islamic countries first, such as South Korea. We shall avoid
carrying out attacks in Islamic countries except for the
countries that fell under invasion and direct occupation.
There are two major reasons to avoid carrying out attacks in
Islamic countries as follows: the first involves attacks amongst
the Muslims which would increase the possibility of victims
amongst them; even though the brothers were previously warned
not to expand the shield issue (TN: possibly killing Muslims who
are being used as human shields by the enemy), that was not made
clear to them. The operational fact continues to expand in terms
of the shield.
Page 6
Firstly, it holds us responsible before Allah, praise and glory
be to him, while in reality it holds us responsible for the
losses and damages in the call to Jihad.
The second reason is the extremely great damage that impacts the
brothers in the region where the work begins, following the
alert of the state against the youths who are engaged in the
Jihad work or even the preaching work. Tens of thousands are
being arrested, similar to what happened in Egypt, and the
arrest of thousands such as in the country of the two holy
sanctuaries (TN: Saudi Arabia), while the issue is one involving
time. The fact requires that we maintain the attrition of the
head of disbelief (TN: Kufar) and the life artery of these
apostate organizations on open fronts without bearing additional
losses on the Jihad; by that, eliminating the ruler's despotism
with these large numbers of devoted youths and Muslim prisoners.
When the global disbelief reaches the level of attrition, it
would lead to its collapse; we would then engage in a conflict
with the rulers, after they have been weakened following its
weakness. We would then find the brothers there with their
entire strength and energy.
Some of the disadvantages in carrying out attacks against the
Americans in Islamic countries, where the components for success
had not been prepared and the removal of the ruler is in an
effort for the Americans not to accuse it of failing, the regime
shall have a huge reaction towards the Mujahidin; this would
lead to defending themselves and avenging the regime. The
brothers and the regime would then engage in a war which we did
not begin against it, because the power of the brothers is not
ready for it, as such it would be one result.
The disadvantages in engaging as previously mentioned would
change the general line – meaning to avoid wasting our energy
with these regimes at this stage; that, in addition to losing
the sympathy of the Muslims towards us.
Page 7
This is when we lose the perception of the Muslims towards us,
which is that we are the ones defending the Muslims and fighting
their biggest enemy, the Crusader Zionist alliance - without
killing those that the general public consider Muslims.
So, if we fight the rulers while being in this situation, and we
do not respond other than with direct defense during their
offense against us, and this issue is being repeated several
times, it would appear that we are wronged and the rulers are
the tyrants; it would increase the hatred of the people towards
them and make them feel that the rulers did not defend our
brothers in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. They were not
content with that, but they fought the Mujahidin that defend our
people there.
However, if we engage in a fight against the rulers outside the
direct defense, we would have eliminated the damage the rulers
would have carried out in their fight against us; the reason is
that it would reveal the truth, and the media shall demonstrate
to the people that we are the ones fighting the government and
killing the Muslims. Between the roar of the killing and the
fight, the people shall forget who began the fight against the
other – as such we shall lose the people and strengthen the
stance of the government without cutting its hostility against
What aids the success of our fight against the Americans in non-
Islamic countries and reducing its cost, is for limited groups,
distanced from the Muslim and devout circles, to launch from
countries with the Mujahidin presence without announcing their
launching location; this is to avoid the reaction against the
Mujahidin in that country. Given the potential for the foes to
reveal that issue, it would be better for the training to be
carried out and launched from the open fronts where naturally
the foes would be exerting their utmost efforts.
Page 8
Amongst the opportunities to be exploited in targeting the
Americans is the state of security laxity found in countries
where we had not carried out any attacks.
Given that the difference of the impact of attacks against the
foes inside or outside of America is substantial, we need to
confirm to the brothers that every effort that could be spent on
attacks in America would not be spent outside of it.
The overflow of the work (TN: meaning attacks) outside of
America and the work in non-Islamic countries could be spent in
targeting the U.S. interests in the Islamic countries where we
have no bases or partisans or Jihadist Islamic groups that could
be threatened by danger. The Islamic groups there would express
their stance against us and renounce us – a fact that would
prevent the regime from retaliating against them following our
attacks. The condition is to be extremely cautious and take
necessary measures to avoid misleading the Muslims in these
With respect to the media publications, I would say:
It is important for you to focus a portion of your interest on
the Mujahidin publications; provide them with advice and
guidance to avoid the mistakes that would impact either the
reputation of the Mujahidin and the sympathy of the nation's
masses or that would impact the mind and the character of the
youths - who rely mainly in their culture on the publications
issued by the Mujahidin and their partisans. Needless to say,
the substantial damages that this fact would have and the loss
of great opportunities from a proper care and valuable guidance
to millions of youths who listen to what the Mujahidin have to
say in their lectures, movies and writings.
Page 9
Based upon the aforementioned: I request that you prepare a
memorandum that would include general guidelines on how the
Mujahidin publications should be; focus on the basics and the
Shari'ah literature (TN: rules) such as violation of the Muslim
blood and their honor, as well as the importance in committing
to the Hadith of the messenger of Allah, peace and prayers be
upon him (not he who believes in stabbing, in blasphemy, the
obscene, and the disgusting) as narrated by al-Bukhari.
Once the memorandum is prepared, we shall discuss it and send it
to all the regions, along with sending the general policy in the
military work. We shall then inform you of the committee that we
are in the process of forming (I sent its formation to Shaykh
Sa'id – May God have mercy on him); that committee will have the
privilege of reviewing and postponing any publications assessed
to be outside the general policy that we sought to keep in
conformity with the Shari'ah teachings and which, God willing,
would achieve the interest of Islam and the Muslims.
We ask every emir in the regions to be extremely keen and
focused on controlling the military work and not to expand the
barricade, due to the several attacks carried out by the
Mujahidin whereby several Muslims had fallen; we could have
reached the target without injuring the Muslims with some effort
and deliberation. Also the need to cancel other attacks due to
the possible and unnecessary civilian casualties – for example,
the attacks targeting several infidel Imams during their visits
to public locations where most of the Muslims are located, as
they should be targeted away from the Muslims.
Making these mistakes is a great issue; needless to say, the
greatness of the Muslim blood violation in addition to the
damage impacting the Jihad. As a result, the alienation of most
of the nation from the Mujahidin.
Page 10
For the brothers in all the regions to apologize and be held
responsible for what happened. They would be questioned about
the mistake causing the flaw that occurred and about the
measures to be taken to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
With respect to the human error outside the human will, as it is
repeated in wars, the need to apologize for these errors and be
held responsible, as the aspects of the flaw would be explained.
Perhaps some of those killed and who were killed mistakenly were
amongst the immoral; there is no need to reveal their immorality
while the people are wounded and the foes are keen in
demonstrating our indifference about them.
Should some of the brothers in the regions fail to carry out
their duties in this respect, we should then assume the
responsibility and apologize for what had happened.
The need to confirm to all the Mujahidin brothers the importance
of clarity, honesty, loyalty and promises and be cautious of the
The emirs in the regions would also be requested to task one of
the qualified brothers with them, to follow up on the media
section from all aspects as mentioned in the memorandum: from a
Shari'ah standpoint - care for the general taste of the nation's
crowds, so long as it does not conflict with the Shari'ah.
The same brother would be requested to always seek the
development of his aptitude and his knowledge in all arenas
associated with his mission, such as: reading books on dealing
with the people because he would be largely dealing with the
brothers, reading books concerning the production.
Page 11
The purpose is for the Mujahidin publications to be a good
potential for the competition and to gain the crowds. The main
goal is to spread awareness amongst the people of the nation, to
rescue them from the aberration of the rulers.
He, in turn, would seek to improve the aptitude of the brothers
contributing in the media section; he would also provide advice
in general for those issuing the statements, lectures, books,
articles and those who comment on the Jihad films. He would be
appointed as the Jihadist media individual in this region,
characterized by objectivity and accepted by the people of the
This brother would be in charge of the media as is the case in
the regions – otherwise the position of the General Manager of
the Media divisions would be updated in every region; no
publications would be made unless he reviews them, to include
the leadership speeches. He would have the right to stop any
publication that includes a term considered outside the general
policy, whether in the context or timing. The subject would be
reviewed with the individual who issued it, and he would be
informed of its conflict with the general policy; as well as the
dispersion of the nation's views from the larger Mujahidin
goals, such as the case of Palestine, while appointing the foe
to defame the reputation of the Mujahidin – therefore the fear
of the Mujahidin during this phase is substantial with respect
to their conduct and expressions.
Some of the examples to this was when the general populace were
in the peak of dealing with the Freedom Fleet heading towards
Gaza to break the blockade and deliver the civil relief to our
people there, and at the time when the Jews stopped it with an
armed force and killed several of those in it, activating Turkey
in this respect.
Page 12
The Freedom Fleet attack dominated the media in a very large
way, as the western politicians were forced to discuss it; they
criticized the Israelis for publishing on one of the websites a
speech for the deputy of Abu Basir in Yemen, our brother Sa'id
al-Shahri. What was shown in the media was his speech concerning
the arrest of one of our sisters in the country of the two holy
sanctuaries and the Mujahidin demanding to carry out kidnappings
against the westerners, the princes of Al Sa'ud (TN: the Sa'ud
family) and the senior security employees in exchange for her
Following the issuance of this speech, al-Arabiyah Television
channel exploited it widely and focused on it. It made it the
number one piece in its news reports and hosted men and youth
from the general populace on the streets as they had claimed.
That to include (TN: the hosting of) several ill-informed
scholars and state men – no doubt they accept each other,
especially those who ignore their status amongst the people; the
purpose was to discuss the tape, showing honesty and each
mentioning individually that the Mujahidin are not interested in
the Palestinian cause, and the blockade of our brothers in Gaza
- rather that their concern is to fight, corrupt and argue with
the security men and not with the usurper Jews.
No doubt, issuing this lecture was driven by jealousy of the
blood and honor of the Muslims; however it was not in
conformance with the events. The reason was because there were
one and half million Muslims at that time under siege, and most
of them were women and children. They have more than ten
thousand prisoners with the Jews, many of whom are sisters and
children in tragic circumstances. The issuance of this speech,
especially at this time, conflicted with our policy of focusing
on the bigger foe, and concealed our interest in the main issues
that were the main reasons in initiating the Jihad.
Page 13
It announced to the people that we are in a fight and argument
with the rulers to avenge our brothers, those that were killed
and detained far from the cases and interests of the general
nation, due to which it held our brothers responsible for the
killing and imprisonment. It also gave the Muslims an impression
of us that we were overcome by the region-like command or
parties or both; they heard our brother talk about the sister
from the Arab Peninsula and from al-Qa'ida organization, but
they did not hear him talk about our sister in Palestine – this
is contrary to our reality and our general policy, as it weakens
our stance when we say that we are an international organization
fighting for the liberation of Palestine and all of the Muslim
countries to erect an Islamic caliphate that would rule
according to the Shari'ah of Allah.
This mistake was repeated, in a statement in which the brothers
in Yemen adopted the big operation, the operation of 'Umar al-
Faruq – May God release him when they said, it was a reaction to
the U.S. bombing of al-Mahfad; linking this large operation with
other than the Palestinian cause covers some of the stances that
show the victory of the brothers in Yemen for the Palestinian
cause. That, in addition to their absorption on a daily basis in
the fight against the Yemeni government and the strong focus on
the key figures of the Peninsula rulers in their lectures; it
drew the people's attention, that the first and biggest foe of
the Mujahidin in the Arab Peninsula are the rulers of Yemen and
the country of the two holy sanctuaries.
This was repeated in the comments of the brothers concerning the
attack of our brother Humam al-Balawi, may God have mercy on
him, when they mentioned it was a revenge for the murder of
Mahsud, may God have mercy on him. It was necessary to discuss
Palestine first.
Page 14
In an effort to avoid such stances the international perception
and the general policy should be present and clear in our minds;
as such we would avoid being distracted or absorbed in its
expansion at the expense of what is more of a priority and
The priorities in the preaching work are to clarify the meaning
of the term al-Tawhid (TN: monotheism) and its requirements and
to warn the people from falling in its contradictions; that, to
include the instigation of the Jihad against the Crusader
Zionist alliance.
The priority in the military work is to focus and provide the
lion's share for the head of international disbelief or to focus
on the apostate and excessively talk about them which the people
of the nation do not understand; consequently they would not
react to it, as many of them would repel from it. This would
make us the splinter in an environment that does not harbor the
Jihadist movement, and does not provide us with support to
pursue the Jihad and its continuity.
I believe there is a need to look into publishing pictures of
the apostates' killing those of the apostate organizations who
deal with the Americans against the Muslims.
Once the brothers in the regions are committed to the
memorandum, it would be advisable for you and for Shaykh Abu
Yahya to write some articles and provide advice to those working
in the Jihad media in general to include the author partisans to
the Mujahidin on the internet. Shaykh Yunis wrote to me about
the importance of preparing a memorandum indicating our stance
on the Takfir issue without the Shari'ah criteria. I wrote to
him and told him I would send him what you had sent. I had
attached it in the last letter, and asked him to follow up on
sending his comments to you so you could write it in your style,
in light of the fact that the foes know his true personality
through the prisoners who also recognize his style when they
peruse his articles on the internet.
Page 15
Before concluding the discussion concerning the media
publications, I would say:
We are in need of an advisory reading, with constructive
criticism to our entire policy and publications at the center
and in the regions internally; as such have two available
brothers ready for this mission.
From abroad, seek safe routes to achieve a contact with one of
the knowledge seekers so long as he is credible and trusted;
inform him that we are in a new phase of amendment and
development and require an advisory reading and development of
our entire policy and publication at the center and in the
regions. The purpose is to amend our mistakes and develop our
Jihadist work according to their suggestions and opinions,
especially in corresponding with the masses of the nation in
context and shape.
Taking into consideration the importance not to publish it and
the importance of the secrecy in all of that, as we ask God to
grant us success.
Important comment: After you provide me with your opinions and
suggestions, and after we consult amongst each other, we need to
send what we agree upon to the brothers, the leaders of the
regions and ask them for their responses to what we would be
sending them.
I intend to issue a statement, in which I would discuss starting
a new phase to amend what we have issued – as such we would
regain the trust of a large portion of those who had lost their
trust in the Mujahidin; we would increase the lines of
communication between the Mujahidin and their nation.
This would require, prior to telling and reassuring the people
that the intent from all aspects would have become clear to the
brothers in the center and in the regions – that it would be
established and implemented on the ground; the purpose is not to
contradict our statements with some of our conduct. First, for
all the brothers contributing in the media of al-Qa'ida in the
center, the need to commit to avoiding everything that would
have a negative impact on the perception of the nation towards
the Mujahidin; also ensure everything possible that would bring
the Mujahidin and their nation closer.
Page 16
The basis for that is to take into consideration the general
opinion or the general taste within the Islamic Shari'ah
criteria; it is a very important issue that the Messenger of
Allah, peace and prayers be upon him had done – as was said in
the Hadith (if your people were not newly ignorant, the Ka'bah
would not have been destroyed and would only have two gates)
narrated by al-Tarmazi.
The issues taking over the public opinion are the alienation
from harshness and leaning towards friendliness and objectivity;
also repulsion from repetition in lectures unless it is
absolutely necessary.
It is therefore necessary to focus on expansion, and increase
the knowledge in factual jurisprudence and developments of the
events; the purpose is for our lecture to touch the crowds of
the nation and their aspirations, while treating the important
doctrinal issues.
In summary: committing to the general lines, designed according
to the Shari'ah policy in our Jihadist operations and our media
publications is an extremely important issue; it will achieve,
God willing, great gains for the Jihadist movement – most
importantly gain the crowds of the nation, correct the wrong
impressions in the minds of the Mujahidin. Additionally, an
increase in the attrition of the head of disbelief, because the
plan was to focus more on it.
I add here two issues that appear important to me in the
stability of the Jihadist work and its progress. I would like
for you to research it amongst you- first: the need to circulate
a new administration arrangement, sent to all the regions after
we discuss it amongst us, and which would include the following
Page 17
A. If any contingency situation results in the absence of the
Emir from his leadership of the Mujahidin, the Deputy Emir will
automatically and temporarily take on the responsibility of
managing the affairs of the Mujahidin for several days, with his
title being "Acting Emir". The Mujahidin in his territory will
be informed of this, and he is not to be called "The Emir".
Furthermore, he will not be announced in the meeting except
after consulting with the brothers and gaining their agreement
to that or some other action.
Consultation among brothers in any region will take place
internally, though they will also consult with "Central al-
Qa'ida). This term was coined in the media to distinguish
between al-Qa'ida in Afghanistan and Pakistan and al-Qa'ida in
the other territories. In my opinion, there is no problem with
using this term in principle in order to clarify the intended
B. The term of an Emir chosen by the influential people in each
territory, in consultation with the central group, shall be two
years, with the potential to be renewed. If there is delay in
consulting with the central group due to a difficulty in
communications, the term shall be one year, also with the
potential to be renewed. It shall be taken into consideration
that this term is most similar to the leadership of a Wali (TN:
governor) in Muslim territories during the time of the
caliphate, and is not like the grand imamate.
C. The Shura council in each territory will provide the Emir
with recommendations and will write an annual report to be sent
to the central group detailing the local situation, to include
the progress of the local Emir in his activity and his dealings
with the Mujahidin.
Page 18
I also think that if the brothers in any territory deem to
elevate the position of any of the brothers to a position of
importance, such as First Deputy or Second Deputy, then that
should be done in consultation with the central group. If there
is a problem with communications, then the matter will be
temporary until consultation can be completed.
This is with the stipulation that the CV of the brothers
nominated to the position is sent.
Second: Attention should be paid to creating command structures
and devising plans to develop and refine the energies called
upon for Jihad. The Muslim Nation, in general, suffers from a
lack of qualified leadership, and it comes as no surprise to you
that the fields of Jihad are where leaders are made.
Finally: I want you to inform me of your recommendations that
will help with elevating the level of activity on all fronts and
in all territories. You no doubt understand the great importance
of the progress of our work in the territories through general
policies that are controlled by Islamic law in order to achieve
our interests and reject corruption.
I reviewed your opinions regarding the issue of establishing an
Islamic state before the elements of success have been completed
and the issue of escalation in Yemen. I wanted to share with you
my opinion in these two matters in order to establish a fruitful
and constructive discussion, God willing.
However, talking about them brings sorrow, and I am compelled to
talk at length about them and their importance and the risks in
them. If I am unable to give these matters their due time within
these pages, then perhaps I can finish the discussion in the
next message. I'll begin with the matter of escalation in Yemen.
To begin I would say that Yemen is the Arab country most suited
to the establishment of an Islamic state, but this does not mean
that the necessary fundamental elements for
Page 19
success for such a project have yet been realized. Henceforth,
we must increase our efforts to preserve Yemen and not drag it
into a war before the necessary preparations are made on a
number of important fronts. I anticipate that we will not
escalate in Yemen for the following reasons:
A. Escalation in Yemen would siphon off a large portion of the
energy of the Mujahidin without doing the same to the head of
the infidels (America) directly. Thus, the majority of harm
would be inflicted on the Mujahidin in general, and would impact
the greater war between the infidels and Islam. Yemen represents
an important center of gravity in supporting fronts with men,
and if war broke out there, then the supply lines to other
fronts would be disrupted or weakened.
Furthermore, Yemen represents a focal point in terms of
supplies, as a reserve force for the Mujahidin, and it has
become a proven fact in military science that in a war between
two sides, neither side should commit all its forces to the
fight; rather, it is important for a force to remain as a fork
with several prongs in reserve. It seems to me at this point
that Yemen remains a force of supplies and reserves for the
Mujahidin at the open fronts, and a powerful tool to restore the
caliphate when circumstances are conducive to doing so. Thus
far, circumstances are not yet suited to opening up a front in
Yemen that would bring about the desired results. The Islamic
nation, as an army, has several battalions. So when the enemy's
tanks advance, we need to advance anti-tank battalions, and when
the enemy's aircraft conduct raids, our anti-aircraft battalions
must show themselves, all the while camouflaging and concealing
our other battalions in order to protect them from being bombed,
so as to not lose them.
Page 20
So this is the state of things in our battle with the infidels
of the world. We want to cause him to only bleed in this
mission, while preserving the other armies as a reserve force
that enters the battlefield at the appropriate time.
B. The emergence of a force in control of the Mujahidin in Yemen
is a matter that provokes our enemies internationally and
locally and puts them on a great state of alert, which is quite
different from the emergence of the strength of the Mujahidin in
any nation not in the heart of the Islamic world, despite the
enemy's increased alert posture at the appearance of the
Mujahidin in any location.
Thus, their situation in Yemen would be like that of anyone
fighting for his life, for Yemen is the launching point toward
all other oil nations. Control of these nations means control of
the world, so they are willing to die and make every effort to
break the backs of the Mujahidin there. At the same time, the
capabilities of our brothers there are not yet such that they
can enter this sort of struggle, neither in terms of their
administration or their financial resources. The finances do not
permit them to provide the basic life support services to
whomever would take on the burden, whether they want to or not,
particularly since Yemen is suffering from a food and health
services crisis even before entering into a war, and all that
this implies. The issue of providing for basic needs is a matter
that must be taken into consideration before taking control of
nations or cities. If a controlling force, that enjoys the
support of the majority where it has taken control, fails to
provide for the basic needs of the people, it will lose their
support and will find itself in a difficult position that will
grow increasingly difficult with each passing day. People will
not bear seeing their children die as a consequence of a lack of
food or medicine. This is in addition to providing necessities
to fighters and what we call logistical support.
Page 21
I would add that the initiative is in our hands, and we have the
room to look for the appropriate time to begin Jihad in Yemen.
In the words of Almighty God, "Against them make ready your
strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war,
to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and
your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom
God doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of God,
shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly."
(60). We still have a large force we are able to gather and
prepare, and if we suppose that the suitable conditions for
establishing an Islamic state in Yemen that can be preserved are
realized in three years, for example, then beginning Jihad
before that time is unwise because the forces would be
squandered and it would take longer to prepare, all while not
achieving their primary goal, which is to establish the
It is our desire, and the desire of the brothers in Yemen, to
establish the religion and restore the caliphate, to include all
the countries of the Islamic world. God willing, that will be
followed by other conquests that we are able to achieve by
continuing to wage Jihad at the fronts that are prepared for
combat, while holding off at the fronts that are not yet
prepared, such as Yemen, until they become prepared and until
combat at those fronts will produce results that aid in
establishing a guided caliphate, God willing. What demonstrates
the dangers in beginning a fight before the necessary elements
have been put in place is the failure of the coup attempted by
the socialists in Yemen, which was due to their haste in
beginning before putting in place the elements necessary to
success. These included securing the loyalty of the surrounding
tribes and other such items, despite the fact that what pushed
them to do this was the increase in assassinations among their
cadre, be it assassination by way of murder at the hands of the
Mujahidin or the assassination by granting money from the
president, which drew them to him.
As you know, the duty of Jihad does not mean establishing it in
every territory, including the territories in which the elements
of success have not been achieved. Jihad is a means to establish
the religion, and it might
Page 22
be brought down by an inability to do so without being brought
down by the preparation for it. This would be the case if most
of those with experience in Jihad decided that the elements
necessary for success had not been achieved such that the
desired results could be realized.
By God's grace, Jihad is underway at several fronts, and these
are sufficient, by His will and His glory, as well as by the
steadfastness of the Mujahidin there, to perform the function of
bleeding the head of the infidels, America, such that it is
defeated, God willing. Then, the Islamic Nation will be able to
expel that which has stricken it with weakness, servility, and
The interest of the Mujahidin in knowing that which effects the
enlightenment of the people of the Islamic Nation and is met
with acceptance by the people is sufficient, God willing, to
rescue the nation from the oppression of the ignorant and the
Thus, the plague that exists in the nations of Muslims has two
causes: The first is the presence of American hegemony and the
second is the presence of rulers that have abandoned Islamic law
and who identify with the hegemony, serving its interests in
exchange for securing their own interests. The only way for us
to establish the religion and alleviate the plague which was
befallen Muslims is to remove this hegemony which has beset upon
the nations and worshippers and which transforms them, such that
no regime that rules on the basis of Islamic law remains. The
way to remove this hegemony is to continue our direct attrition
against the American enemy until it is broken and is too weak to
interfere in the matters of the Islamic world.
After this phase comes the phase in which the second cause -
rulers who have abandoned Islamic law - are toppled, and this
will be followed by the phase in which God's religion is
established and Islamic law rules.
The focus must be on actions that contribute to the intent of
bleeding the American enemy. As for actions that do not
contribute to the intent of bleeding the great enemy, many of
Page 23
dilute our efforts and take from our energy. The effect of this
on the greater war in general is clear, as is the resulting
delay in the phases leading to the establishment of an Islamic
caliphate, God willing.
Based on this, there is no overriding pressure or great need to
exhaust and deplete the front in Yemen before the elements of
success there have been achieved. Putting reserve forces and
supply lines for the Mujahidin into the quagmire is a difficult
thing, for the reasons I've already mentioned, including that
the scope of the struggle will be greater than the capabilities
in a number of ways.
So it seems to me that halting the escalation in Yemen is in the
general interest of the Mujahidin and is similar in many ways to
what took place in the Battle of Mu'tah, as the Prophet
described it, and the actions of Khalid Bin al-Walid. He
achieved victory when he withdrew the army; the victory in the
circumstances of that battle came in his rescuing the companions
(TN: of the Prophet Muhammad) from the destruction of their army
in the battle. Their army was completely outnumbered by the
Roman army, and there were no elements in place for success, and
they weren't on the verge of a complete disaster. They had the
ability to go and regroup, much like we do now. They even had
the ultimate Prophet, who eventually praised them, telling them
they were fighters, not fleers.
As for the matter of establishing the state before putting in
place the elements necessary for success:
A. It seems to me that being deliberate in this matter is a good
thing, and to explain further, establishing the state before the
elements necessary for success are put in place most often will
lead to aborting the effort wherever it takes place, because
establishing a state and then toppling the state represents a
burden that exceeds the energy of the people.
Page 24
Weighing people down with something that exceeds their energies
is fraught with negative results and leads to the shock of Jihad
for the people of a territory in which the movement is
suppressed, and it may exceed them. This is true whether the
movement was suppressed after establishing the state or while it
seeks to do so, as was the case in Syria when the Muslim
Brotherhood tried to begin their Jihad and establish an Islamic
state before they were prepared to do so and before the elements
necessary for success were in place. This led to a shock for the
Muslims in Syria at the emergence of Jihad, and many people
decided it was less harmful to remain with the current regime
than what would happen to them if they took part in the Jihad.
Following this shock, Jihad lost a generation of men who had
been passionate about the victory of the religion, including men
who had given their lives for this cause. The winds of Jihad
were still for nearly twenty years in Syria until a new
generation came along that had not experienced that shock. The
overwhelming majority of those who answered the call to Jihad in
Afghanistan and Iraq were those who had not witnessed the Hamah
experience and the murder committed by the regime there.
B. Jihad as a means to bring down countries and to gain control
of them does not require beginning such a plan based on the hope
that people will fight to establish a nascent state. Instead, it
requires close study and inspection and confirmation that the
elements necessary to success are in place. And it requires
searching for the appropriate time. So we cannot waste a golden
opportunity, and we must not begin before the appropriate
opportunity is at hand. A man might measure the results of
establishing an Islamic state before toppling its enemies
against the results of the fall of the Islamic emirate in
Afghanistan, which we pray to God does not happen again. Such a
comparison shows a big difference, due to a number of factors.
The first factor is that the people of the Islamic world are
divided into
Page 25
two groups, the Arabs and the non-Arabs. Given that the enemies
have knowledge of and experience with the Arabs and their
history, they have learned that Arabs have dangerous qualities
that make them suitable to quickly carry out the call to Jihad,
and that the Qur'an and the Hadith are sufficient to justify
that. On top of that is the speed with which they comprehend the
texts of these without the need for translation. Based on this
knowledge, the enemies have focused the bulk of their campaign
against the Islamic world on the Arabs, particularly in the
destructive media bombardment against Arab culture and their
characteristics. This all serves the interests of the west;
sufficient proof of this lies in the fact that the first
language in which BBC broadcasts are transmitted after English
is Arabic. This, when Arabs represent 2.5% of the world's
population, while other people, including China by itself,
represent a fifth of the world's population. The same is true
for the Indian sub-continent, which represents another fifth of
the population, while the number of Muslims in India is greater
than the number of all the Arab Muslims. It was possible for the
voice of the British Empire to reach 40% of the world's
population through just its broadcast, but their primary concern
was with destroying the Arabs via the media.
The second factor is the continued American occupation
manifested in military forces on the ground. This is a very
important factor in awakening people and inciting them to
continue fighting, as opposed to the situation in countries in
which the external enemy brings down the Islamic state
established there without putting its military forces on the
ground. Instead, they are satisfied to support the local or
regional enemy, particularly if the country hasn't been
destabilized by significant internal dispute, as is the case in
Page 26
The third factor is that the Afghan people are religiously
devout by nature and live spartan lives. They are extremely
sensitive to the presence of foreigners in their country, where
there are many primitive villages in the mountains and rural
areas cut off from the cities. The residents in such areas are
aware of their freedoms and their strength, and know they are
far from the control of the security forces that are weak even
in the major cities.
These factors are important in completing the elements necessary
for successfully establishing a Muslim state, but they do not
apply to all countries in the region. The people in many of
these countries are still not prepared to enter the fight
against governments and to bring them down. Many people have no
idea how they would respond, and those who do understand that or
who want to do away with these governments for some other
reason, such as poverty or administrative corruption, do not
believe that the solution is to fight them and to bring them
down, because America is the dominant force in the region and
will bring down any state that is established after its
representatives are toppled.
In this phase, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia are exceptions to
the countries in the region.
Here we have an important issue, which is that one of the most
important factors that will aid in the success of Jihad and its
continuation is calling on Muslims to fight the enemy whose
hostility they know and whom they know it is permissible to
fight against, as is the case with the American enemy. As for
the local enemy, such as if the Yemenis were to begin a long
battle against the security services, this is a matter that will
weigh on the people. As time goes by, they will begin to feel
that some of them have been killed and they will start to want
to stop the fighting. This would promote the ideology of secular
governments that raise the motto of pleasing all sides.
Page 27
Our goal is not to expend our energy in Yemen, to use the
greater part of our strength in supplies and reserves, and to
wear down and ultimately topple an apostate regime, only to
establish another apostate regime.
This is on the assumption that the people would revolt with us
to topple that regime. However, while it is the nature of tribes
to be daring in fighting among themselves, they are cautious and
hesitant to enter a struggle against a sizeable opponent. (They
will do so only) after they make sure that the force and timing
sufficiently predicts that the revolution has a good margin of
success. This is when one of the most important factors for
establishing a stable Muslim country in Yemen is dependent on
substantial tribal support and adoption and gaining their trust
so that they enter the struggle and contribute to establishing
the government and protecting it. It is worth mentioning here
that the entity that the tribes are going to confront in their
fight will be just the Yemeni government, it will be
international and regional apostasy.
It is also worth mentioning that the situation on the ground
imposes the importance of differentiating between the North and
the South, as the situation in the South cannot wait any longer.
This is due to the people's intense anger toward the government
and the huge amount of injustice inflicted on the people by the
government, in addition to the mobilization conducted by al-
Hirak. These two factors made large sectors of the people in the
South dare to revolt, prepare for armed confrontation, and fight
against the government. As for North Yemen, I see that it is in
the same condition as the rest of the countries in the region,
as far as the people not being ready to fight against the
government. So I see that we do not seek a truce in the South,
as it goes against the fabric of the people in their movement to
lift off the injustice put upon them. It will lead to us losing
most of the government opponents; we should not follow their
lead, but we benefit from the tense atmosphere in spreading our
call to Allah among the Muslim ranks in the South.
Page 28
This is because the current anger is led by al-Hirak, and it is
allied to the United States and the Gulf states. Accordingly,
not declaring a truce does not mean that we escalate against the
government in the South and enter into a fight against the
military, as it would not bring the desired outcome. This is
because the sons of the northern tribes will be targeted in the
fight. The commoners in these tribes do not realize that the
military are apostates. So the tribes will think that we
increased the bloodshed, and people will talk among the tribes
saying that al-Qa'ida kills a lot. This would distance many
people from us and might lead to a tribal uprising to fight
against us in revenge for their sons. This also means that we do
not jump to establish an Islamic state in the South at the first
chance of the government losing control in the South. The reason
for this is what we mentioned earlier, that we are not yet ready
to cover the people with the umbrella of Islamic rule. The
reasons are that the people have needs and requirements, and the
lack of these requirements is the main reason for their revolt
against the ruler. We cannot provide for these needs in light of
the battle and siege of the whole world against us. It is human
nature that they will go with whoever better provides them with
these needs and requirements. The animosity of the world and its
siege against the Mujahidin is well known to the people, so no
matter how much they love the Mujahidin, they will not stand
beside them under these circumstances.
It is apparent from this that most people in Yemen, if given a
choice between a government formed by al-Qa'ida or a government
formed directly or indirectly by any of the Gulf states - such
as if they give support to 'Ali Salim al-Bayd or any other who
has administrative ability - they will choose the government
that is formed by the Gulf states, either in the North or the
South. The simple reason for this is
Page 29
that they think that these are Muslim governments and that they
have the ability to provide them the necessities of their
livelihoods. These are the demands of the people.
To stay away from wishful thinking and hope, we have to look at
the people's revolution in the South like it is a boulder
rolling down the side of a mountain. It is a benefit to whoever
takes it; however, stopping it to our benefit is difficult, as
it naturally will end up with the person who has the ability to
control it, and who is at the current time, the Yemeni
opposition, which is supported by the Gulf states.
However, looking at the indications, it seems that at the time
the US is weakening - and accordingly, its agents are weakening
- the Mujahidin are preparing to cover the people with the
umbrella of the Caliphate. We will be the prime choice nearest
to them, as they are Muslims in Muslim countries, and it is
natural for that environment to receive the Mujahidin to
reestablish the Caliphate and rule with Allah's Shari'ah. This
is what scares the adversaries more than the Mujahidin; they are
scared of the rejectionists (TN: the Shi'a).
Based on the above, we should not begin to attempt to establish
a government in Yemen, even if the people revolted against
government and toppled it, either in South Yemen or in all of
Yemen. This is regardless of how bad the nominees to control
that government are, because the outcome will be worse on Islam
and Muslims if we start something that does not have all factors
of success put together. This would put us in trouble with the
people and put the Mujahidin forces in the sights of the enemy
fire. This is because in the view of the rulers of the Land of
the Holy (Mosques) (TN: Saudi Arabia), we are their worst
enemies and our presence in Yemen threatens their royalty's
existence, in addition to their abiding by the American wishes
for them to fight us, so they will pump huge funds into
recruiting the Yemeni tribes to kill us.
Page 30
They will win over the swords of the majority, which will put
the Mujahidin force in Yemen under enemy fire and in a very
serious situation.
Miscellaneous Points:
1- Please give me the news about the condition of the sons of
our brother Shaykh Sa'id, Allah have mercy on his soul. (Tell
me) how he was martyred and how the enemy discovered his
location. I had been planning to mourn him and talk to the
nation about him; however, I did not get a confirmation of the
news from your side.
Please relay my regards and condolences to Shaykh Abu Muhammad,
and give me the news about his condition. For several months, I
have been sending messages to him, and Shaykh Sa'id told me that
he had not yet received a courier from him. It then became
noticeable that he has not been heard in the media in recent
times. I hope that the problem is something good, and I advise
that he get a companion (TN: bodyguard) from the Arab brothers.
2- I had mentioned in several previous messages to Shaykh Sa'id,
Allah have mercy on his soul, the importance of the exit from
Waziristan of the brother leaders, especially the ones that have
media exposure. I stress this matter to you and that you choose
distant locations to which to move them, away from aircraft
photography and bombardment, while taking all security
precautions. Also work on bringing out the brothers who have
distinguished talents after they have been battle hardened,
either by exposure to a big battle or by staying at the front
for approximately one month.
Page 31
3- It would be nice if you would send me the names of some who
are qualified to be your deputy.
4- It would be nice if you would nominate a brother to be
responsible for the general duty of the external work in all the
regions. If it is not possible to nominate someone for this,
then you take over that responsibility.
Knowing that Shaykh Yunis (Var: Younis) is the official
responsible for external work in Africa and west Asia, please
inform him of that.
I sent a message in the past to Shaykh Sa'id and to you about
the importance of external work, I hope it has reached you. In
any case, I have attached it to your messages.
5- It would be nice if you would nominate one of the qualified
brothers to be responsible for a large operation in the US.
6- It would be nice if you would pick a number of the brothers,
not to exceed ten, and send them to their countries
individually, without any of them knowing the others, to study
aviation. It would be better if they are from the Gulf states,
as study there is at the government's expense. They have to be
picked with the utmost care and with very accurate
specifications, one of which is that they are willing to conduct
suicide actions and are prepared to do daring, important, and
precise missions that we may ask of them in the future.
Page 32
So please pay top attention to this matter due to its utmost
importance. Establish a mechanism to monitor and follow up on
the brothers going to study aviation so that we reduce the
chances of them slackening from conducting Jihad.
7- It would be nice if you would ask the brothers in all regions
if they have a brother distinguished by his good manners,
integrity, courage, and secretiveness, who can operate in the
US. (He should be able to) live there, or it should be easy for
him to travel there. They should tell us this without taking any
action and also tell us whether or not he is willing to conduct
a suicide operation.
8- It would be nice if you would send the message to the
brothers in all regions, without exception, that whoever has an
operation outside the region where he is located must coordinate
with you. This is so there will no conflicts between operations
or failures where the brothers could be exposed or captured.
9- It would be nice if you would send two messages - one to
Brother Abu Mus'ab 'Abd-al-Wadud, and the other to Brother Abu
Basir Nasir al-Wahishi - and ask them to put forward their best
in cooperating with Shaykh Yunis in whatever he asks of them.
Hint to the brothers in the Islamic Maghreb that they provide
him with the financial support that he might need in the next
six months, to the tune of approximately 200,000 euros.
These two messages are to be coordinated with Shaykh Yunis, and
arrange a name for him that does not divulge his nationality.
Arrange for a secure method of communications and coordination
between them and Shaykh Yunis. Stress the utmost secrecy in work
and restrict
Page 33
the knowledge of Shaykh Yunis affair to the leadership in the
regions in which he has to work with the brothers.
Also indicate to the brothers in Yemen when talking about
coordination before conducting any work outside the peninsula,
that working in the sea, even within the territorial waters of
the peninsula, is to be considered external work that requires
coordination with you.
Pay attention to explaining the importance of coordination, as
well as the dangers of neglecting it, to all the brothers in all
the regions. In general, it would be good to clarify the wisdom
or the reason behind this in most of what we ask the brothers
for, unless it exposes operational secrets.
10- Please write a report about Brother Shaykh Yunis at the
first opportunity. Include (information on) his birth,
education, social status, his best qualifications and
experiences, as well as his manner and dealings with the
Mujahidin and his relationship with them, the date of his
becoming religiously adherent, and his joining Jihad. If it is
not easy on you that the report be complete and comprehensive,
it is alright to ask the brothers in the Islamic Maghreb for
help after you send me whatever you already have.
11- In a previous message, we asked the security official,
Brother Abu al-Wafa' and also his deputy for a report about the
conditions on your side; however, we have not yet received them,
it would be good if you would follow up on this matter.
12- Please report to me in detail about the financial situation
on your side and about your vision and plans to improve it.
Page 34
Your earmarking of the budget should set aside enough salaries
for the brothers and the families for a year, regardless of the
finical forecast for the coming days.
13- It would be good of you to provide us with detailed
information about our brother Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was
appointed as a replacement for our brother Abu 'Umar al-
Baghdadi, Allah have mercy on his soul, and his first lieutenant
and deputy al-Nasir Lidin Allah, AKA Abu Sulayman. It would be
better for you to ask several sources among our brothers there,
whom you trust, about them so that the matter becomes clear to
us. I also would like that you ask our brothers in Ansar al-
Islam Organization where they stand on the new Emirs, Abu Bakr
al-Baghdadi and his brothers.
I do remind you to put forward your maximum effort to achieve
unity and resolve any conflicts between all of the Jihadi
entities in Iraq.
In these efforts to achieve unity, there should be a special
message directed to our brothers there that stresses the
importance of unity and collectiveness and that they maintain a
basic foundation of the religion, so it must get precedence over
names, titles, or entities if they obstruct the achievement of
that great duty.
14- I want to remind them of the importance of the people's
first impression of who is addressing them, especially when he
bears great responsibility. Since we carry the responsibility of
a call that we want to deliver to the people, this takes care to
find out what suits the people and the path from which you can
reach them, deliver the faith to them, and convince them with
Page 35
Part of this is to eliminate any strange appearance that will
make them wonder and to adopt what they are used to, such as
appearing in the media in true name, even if just a first name,
and also appearing in Arab dress, as it is closer to the people
than the dress of the people in these areas. (I also want to
remind you that) people like short audio and video speeches and
to disseminate what you can on the Internet.
These are just opinions and I am open to your opinion.
15- You should send (a message) to the brothers in all the
regions saying that a minimum of two brothers should be sent for
suicide operations; they should not send a single suicide
brother. We have experienced this in many operations where the
percentage of success was very low, due to the psychological
effects that overcome the brother in such cases. The most recent
of which was the operation in which our brothers targeted the
British Ambassador in Yemen, and one of our brothers, Allah have
mercy on his soul, conducted it. Regardless of the heroism of
the brother and his steadfastness, the psychological factors
that affect the person in such cases necessitate the presence of
a companion that will support and bolster him.
Some people will say that some of the Prophet's companions
conducted operations alone. This is a very different example:
They were not suicide operations, and that is where the big
difference lies.
16- I asked Shaykh Sa'id, Allah have mercy on his soul, to task
brother Ilyas to prepare two groups - one in Pakistan and the
other in the Bagram area of Afghanistan - with the mission of
Page 36
anticipating and spotting the visits of Obama or Petraeus to
Afghanistan or Pakistan to target the aircraft of either one of
them. They are not to target visits by US Vice President Biden,
Secretary of Defense Gates, Joint Chiefs of Staff (Chairman)
Mullen, or the Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan
Holbrook. The groups will remain on the lookout for Obama or
Petraeus. The reason for concentrating on them is that Obama is
the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make
Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term, as
it is the norm over there. Biden is totally unprepared for that
post, which will lead the US into a crisis. As for Petraeus, he
is the man of the hour in this last year of the war, and killing
him would alter the war's path.
So please ask brother Ilyas to send to me the steps he has taken
into that work.
17- It would be good if you coordinate with our brothers of the
Pakistan and Afghanistan Taliban in regards to the external
work, so that there is complete cooperation between us, and tell
them that we started planning work inside America many years
ago, and gained experience in that field, and we and they are
brothers so we should not fall into the error that hurts the
Muslims and benefits the enemy, due to lack of coordination
between us. So, for example, the operation of brother Faysal
Shahrazad, Allah release his imprisonment, was possible to avoid
his capture and the errors that happened easily by one who had
Page 37
in that area, so if a brother purchased the vehicle and then
travelled from America to Waziristan before the operation, it
would have made it difficult to capture the brother that fast,
and based on that, draw their attention to the importance of
cooperation among us and the possibility of the two sides
adopting the operation reduces the possibility of these errors,
after which the Americans commented that the Mujahidin have
become unable to conduct a large operation that is well planned.
18- You have to keep in mind the possibility, though remote,
that the journalists may be involuntarily monitored, in a way
that we or they do not know about, either on ground or by
satellite, especially Ahmad Zaydan, and it is possible that a
tracking chip could be put into some of their personal effects
before coming to the meeting place to conduct any business with
them, or to conduct an interview with one of the brothers, and
as you know Ahmad Zaydan has interviewed a number of the Taliban
leaders and also with Shaykh Sa'id Allah, have mercy on his
soul, and the Americans did not kill any of them or know his
location from surveying Ahmad Zaydan except that it may be a
matter that might attract their attention, as they identified
the house where the brothers Abu 'Umar al-Baghdadi and Abu
Hamzah al-Muhajir Allah, have mercy on their souls, were staying
in, across satellites, by monitoring some brothers who were
released from prison and who went to them after that.
And based on that, it would be prudent and a defeat to the enemy
to avoid any meetings with journalists.
Page 38
And paying attention to aircraft and satellite surveillance
cannot be avoided with training on counter surveillance or
changing vehicles or conducting meetings with journalists in a
place away from the location of the Mujahidin, or bringing the
journalists by night so that they do not find the way and the
other procedures like that.
But you should use the secure means in contacting the media and
journalists which are using the mail.
So please inform our brothers of the Taliban in Pakistan and
Afghanistan about that for fear on their safety.
19- It is obvious that remaining on the same M.O. in
communications between us makes it weak from a security point of
view, as it makes it easy on the enemy to find out the method
that we use in communicating, so initially we have to employ the
following steps:
A- That the two brothers' couriers from my side and yours should
not meet to exchange messages except in a closed market or mall.
B- That the brother who is bringing the messages out of
Waziristan report to you after every trip to inform you if the
security situation is normal or elevated and changed, like
increased scrutiny, questioning, or photography, whether aimed
at specific persons or at all the passersby
Page 39
or that the search elements have been replaced with elements
that are more alert and attentive.
20- Regarding our brother Abu Talhah al-Almani, Shaykh Sa'id
Allah, have mercy on his soul and accept him among the martyrs,
told me that the brother was on his way to a suicide operation,
so if he has executed the operation, we ask Allah to take him
among the martyrs and put him in paradise, and if his operation
has been delayed and you see that he has a special talent that
is lacking in the external work section, then it would be good
to tell him that, and that if he postpones his desire to conduct
a suicide operation that he write to me his vision of external
21- It would be nice to ask our brothers of Pakistan Taliban to
deny their connection to the recent operation in Lahore against
(phonetic: al-Briluwiyah). (TN: possibly referring to: (The News
Online, 2 Jul) Lahore: Two back-to-back suicide bombings and a
cracker blast killed at least 42 people and injured over 175
inside the crowded shrine of Data Gunj Bukhsh in Lahore on
Thursday night.)
And also ask them about the truth in the news that talks about
beginnings of negotiations and truce talks between them and the
Pakistani government, and what is theirs and your opinion on
that, knowing that much of what I have said about Yemen can be
applied to the situation on your side.
22- It would be nice to inform us of the truth about what was
mentioned of arresting our brother 'Azzam al-Amriki.
23- It would be nice if you can send us the book of Shaykh Abu
Yahiya (Enemy Usage of Bystanders in Present Jihad), and his
book (Studies in Decisive Unanimity) and it would be better that
you provide us with each theological work published by you.
Page 40
24-Enclosed is a message for Shaykh Yunis, please deliver it to
him if he is on your side or if he has travelled, but there is a
secure mode of delivering it; and if there is no secure method
to deliver it, then please destroy it.
25- It would be nice to inform me of whom you have of the
brothers who have no objection to accompanying me, and they are
natives of this country and their situation is suitable for that
matter. I asked Shaykh Sa'id Allah, have mercy on his soul, to
tell me who he has and he mentioned some of the brothers, except
that their situation, security wise, was not suitable to our
conditions, and it seems that he had limited choices, so please
continue the search and provide me with names and resumes of the
brothers that you think are qualified. You know the features
that they must have, like being tested until there is no doubt
and that he is not wanted by the authorities for lawsuits or
crimes, and that he owns an official ID card that is valid or
can renew it if it has expired, and that he is able to rent
houses and purchase requirements.
And that he be secretive even from his family and friends, and
to be well-mannered, quiet, patient, aware, and knowledgeable of
the enemy tricks, and able to stay away from his family if that
becomes risky.
And that he is not from an area known to have many Mujahidin and
that he does not inform you of his real name or the location
where his family lives.
Page 41
And please pay attention to that subject and inform me within
two months, as the notice that my companion has given me is
26- Brother 'Abdallah al-Halabi ('Abd-al-Latif) informed me that
my family in Iran is on the way to come to the brothers in
Pakistan or Waziristan, so as a precaution and to safeguard
everyone, we have to assume that their arrival will be different
than what we are used to when our brothers arrived who were
coming from Iran in the past, for several reasons of which is
that my son Ladin has been allowed by the Iranians to exit Iran
and go to Syria as a show of good will to the rest of the
detainees, and that they will be released, and he will be keen
on informing the family that his brothers will be exiting soon
from Iran. No doubt that such news will exchanged over the
phone, while the phones are monitored, thus the information will
be available to the adversaries. Accordingly, if the
intelligence commander in the area is aware, he will think that
they are headed to me and will survey them to find the place
that they will settle in.
And regardless of the possibilities in monitoring them, we have
to be on the cautious side and take the following steps to break
the surveillance:
They will go to the tunnel between Kuhat and Peshawar, and
arrange a meeting between them and another brother. The meeting
must be precise in timing and it will be inside the tunnel, and
they will change cars inside the tunnel, so they will ride in
the car with the brother that they will meet instead of the car
they were riding in, and the brothers who are going to drive the
car must be instructed on the strict adherence to the timings.
Page 42
After changing cars, the brother who is driving the car that is
subject to surveillance will drive to an area that is
unsuspected, and the people coming from Iran will go to
Peshawar, go to one of the closed markets, and change cars
again, then head to a safe place in Peshawar until we arrange
for them to come, with Allah's will.
The main thing about succeeding in avoiding surveillance is to
go to the tunnel and to move after getting out of it in overcast
weather, even if that would lead to them waiting for some time,
knowing that the Peshawar area and its surroundings is often
They also should be warned on the importance of getting rid of
everything they received from Iran, like baggage or anything,
even as small as a needle, as there are eavesdropping chips that
are developed to be so small that they can even be put inside a
medical syringe; and since the Iranians are not to be trusted,
then it is possible to plant chips in some of the coming
people's belongings.
This process will be done only with Um Hamzah. As for my sons
'Uthman and Muhammad, it would be nice to arrange a safe place
for them in Pakistan.
Page 43
And it is preferred that we communicate with the Iranians if
they release my family and do not release my daughter Fatimah,
as they promised that after the release of their prisoner with
us that they will release my family, which includes my daughter
Fatimah, and she is connected to her husband, and it is not fair
to separate women from their husbands, so she should be released
with her husband and his wife Um Hafs (TN: his other wife).
As for what concerns my son Hamzah, you had an opinion that the
arrival of the brothers to us be stopped due to the current
difficult situation, so after thinking it over, I sent to Shaykh
Sa'id Allah, have mercy on his soul, an opinion that he agreed
on with me, which is that we receive all the brothers arriving,
so that they remain as a lifeline and replenishment for what we
lose of talents and cadres, and to limit the time that they
remain in Pakistan to two or three weeks, whereby they are given
a quick training course that is heavy on ideology in addition to
weapons usage basics, and through that we get to identify the
talents and abilities of the coming brothers, so that whom we
find is distinguished and capable on call and recruitment. We
will send him to his country to conduct specific missions like
inciting for Jihad over the internet, collecting donations, or
recruiting some distinguished brothers, and we will keep a
limited number of them to develop their energy with you in
Waziristan. As far as the rest of the youth, you send the ones
that show toughness and discipline, and adherence to Islamic
manners to the front with the Taliban, and you tell him that he
will live like they live and those that you notice who do not
have it, then you apologize to them and tell them that when the
conditions improves, we will send a call out for him and his
like to respond and join.
Page 44
And based on that, there is an issue that I wanted to consult
with you on, which is that my son Hamzah be sent to Qatar, where
he studies religious sciences, and perform the duty of informing
the nation and delivering some of what we ask him to deliver to
the nation, spread the Jihad doctrine, and refute the wrong and
the suspicions raised around Jihad within the freedoms allowed
There is no doubt that the nation needs to be approached and
closely interacted with, and the knowledge of its realities and
the approaches that need to be used in delivering the
information, while the Mujahidin do not get that opportunity
because of their distance and the apostates chasing them
worldwide, which denies them the chance to find out the needs of
the nation and to respond to these needs.
Except that Hamzah is one of the Mujahidin and he bears their
thoughts and worries and at the same time he can interact with
the nation, as it is difficult to indict him and to ask Qatar to
extradite, him because he was imprisoned when he was a child, so
there are no crimes outstanding against him.
27- In the past, I watched some of programs about me, the most
recent of which was ―al-Islamiyun‖ program (TN: the Islamists).
In one of its episodes was a repeated matter that relied on
incorrect information, and in some case inaccurate information,
and as you know, if the person does not disclose his history
then the media people and the historians will make up some
history for him with whatever information is available to them,
whether right or wrong.
So in order not have a mix-up on that subject, I thought that
you could arrange with Ahmad Zaydan to prepare a program
documented by us with real information, which I might send to
you in a future message.
And part of the agreement is that the work would be joint
between al-Jazeera and al-Sahab, so that they have the
copyrights preserved to them.
In closing: We wait to hear your news and messages, and we pray
to Allah to guide us all on what he likes and on what pleases
him, and to get us together with his help and will, and cover us
with his mercy, and praise Allah.
Page 45
Your brother Zamrai.
--The attached is what Shaykh Yunis wrote:
Our status and the two pitfalls endangering us which we need to
Presently we are experiencing the most favorable atmosphere in
the history of the Islamic nation. There is a base of youths
adopting our teachings and following our path without any
efforts on our parts to teach them the faith. They are ready for
anything posted for them on the ―spider web‖ (TN: Internet),
after validating the source.
Page 46
It is the main principle of the empowerment strategy, as the
saying goes; swords conquer and knowledge enlightens; and
capturing the hearts comes before controlling nations. It makes
the establishment of the religion easier; and the best example
is the model of Fayruz al-Daylami, who accomplished his task
without seeing the Prophet Muhammad. Also, because Fayruz knew
in his heart what was needed to be done, and did it. Therefore,
spreading our cause and simplifying its principles so it is easy
to understand and clarify its applicability in answering all the
mundane and religious questions. The model will speed up the
conquering, the victory, and uncover any hidden surprises from
the unexpected in our midst, which is a point realized by the
enemy of God among the Christians. They have found a class of
followers in our countries who are educated in their culture to
work for them. It behooves us to facilitate the Jihad road
before our ores in unimaginable, easy, and clean-to-achieve
ways; and to protect against two dangerous pitfalls: one is
security related and the other is inflexibility and narrowmindedness,
on which I will elaborate later.
Having the youth base represent the right soil for our cause,
without having to publicize our activities. The leadership cadre
here in Khurasan has been praised and trusted by everyone, and
it is doing that on our behalf, allowing us freedom of movements
and innovation in the methods, the ways of smuggling, and
counterfeiting; and mastering these skills, will allow us to
teach the art of mingling among the people executing our strikes
and hiding without a trace.
Now the pitfalls:
1- Security pitfall: I will issue a small guideline, signed by
the organization, for awareness and directions for anyone
thinking about Jihad to prevent the brother from burning himself
before burning the enemy. I will also add a suggestion to
indicate they are preparing the stage for the coming nation, to
Page 47
disguise our intentions from our enemy, leading him to thinking
it is a dream attributable to the demise of our cadres and the
adversity we are under. We will utilize the right individual at
the right stage, either before or after the creation of the
nation. The format of the guideline will be video, audio,
written and translated to all languages available to us. It will
save time in training and make any newcomer an arrow ready to
2- We have to make our position unequivocally clear on the issue
of inflexibility and narrow-mindedness; and must have concise,
written instructions published for all of the awakening youths
to know our stand. The benefits are undeniable on having a
guideline to abide by, for ourselves as well as our friends, and
to rid ourselves of the accusation of inflexibility and narrowmindedness,
and it will also broaden the horizons of our
brethren. We are approaching a stage where narrow-mindedness is
a killer, and ignorance of Shari'ah is damning. Lately, the term
―the Salafist approach to Jihad‖ is spreading on the Internet,
accusing individuals of not following the approach. It is a very
dangerous situation, especially because it is attributed to us
and the rise of new groups advocating for a stringent form of
the faith.
The certainty in issues related to Jihad is mere guessing used
to typify and classify people in a way that is not free from the
hands and intervention of state security apparatus. It is a
possibility that cannot be ruled out. This typifying (TN:
religious stereotyping), boasting with titles, isolates and
segregates us from the
Page 48
nation. You have experienced it in Peshawar and have seen its
outcome in Algeria. If this concept gains footing, it will put
the individuals in a situation where they refrain from speaking
the truth for the fear of typifying (TN: religious
stereotyping). Therefore, it is a must to eliminate it while in
its infancy, and expand peoples' horizons, guiding them gently
to the truth. We are not monopolizing the Salafi way or any
other doctrine, but we are members of the entire nation,
reciting the words of its scholars on righteousness, and we do
not hold any grudges or are unreachable by the followers of any
dogma. We are all from one nation and we are all held by our
words, and none but the ones descried in the Cow verse are left.
The matter of the practical Jihad operations is vast, and the
issues we are facing now are agreed upon by the prominent
scholars of our nation.
We must avoid the stigma of being a one-dimensional sect,
opposed to all others. We are Muslims following the teachings of
Islam and we are not the owners of the Salafist way, and must
avoid typifying (TN: religious stereotyping) each other. It is
important to have a memorandum issued from Shaykh Abu-Yahya and
Shaykh Mahmud clarifying the issues of penitence, atonement, and
the virtue of patience; refraining from accusing and judging
without being qualified to judge; in addition to expanding the
awareness of the followers in the arenas of politics and
Shari'ah, which I believe publishing a letter in the form of
questions and answers well help greatly.
(TN: No signature, or date)
Page 49
(TN: Blank)

Lettres de Ben Laden - texte | 4 mai 2012
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